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Open Species Lists

Discussion in 'ZooChat Community & Website' started by birdsandbats, 26 Mar 2018.

  1. birdsandbats

    birdsandbats Well-Known Member

    17 Sep 2017
    I mentioned this on this thread: Open - ZooChat Wiki? , but I thought we could have a new one to discuss it. The thread I linked is the suggestion of adding a wiki to the site. I personally think it is a great idea, but I think we could simplify it a little. Right now, we have three sections devoted a zoo on this site. I'll use the Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo & Adventure Park as the example, because it's my home zoo.

    We have:

    I think we should a new section of the site, where each zoo has a species list, that can be edited every time someone visits the zoo. Then we could have Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo & Adventure Park - Species List, with an updating species list.

    • We can view the current list of species at the zoo.
    • It can be edited by everyone, and stops us from having them in the forums, where they can't be edited except by moderator.

    • Kind of useless for European zoos, as Zootierliste exists.
  2. Mayki

    Mayki Well-Known Member

    5 Mar 2017
    Gwynedd, Wales / Cheshire, England
    This is a good alternative to zootierliste for the other continents, I like the idea. I wouldn't mind using this for Europe instead of zootierliste as I wouldn't have to learn the German words like 'zucht' for example. Also, it would all be fully integrated which could be nice.
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  3. Simon Hampel

    Simon Hampel Administrator Staff Member

    18 Oct 2003
    Sydney, Australia
    I've added a note to my "ZooChat v4 suggestions" thread: ZooChat v4 suggestions

    In short: because it requires additional software beyond the core forum software, this isn't something we'll be able to implement until after we upgrade to the next version of the forum software. It is functionality I am keen to look at adding though and I think the species list suggestion is a good one.
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  4. TinoPup

    TinoPup Well-Known Member

    17 Jul 2016
    I LOVE this idea! I personally try to keep lists - I have lists of mammals for every AZA zoo in the USA, though some I didn't write down specific species, especially with primates (ex. "3 lemur species"), but they're all based on what websites have. Some don't list any, and my limited lists are based on maps, adoption pages, things like that. Omaha is a huge example of not having any lists. Others are sometimes incorrect - the Bronx Zoo still lists walruses but hasn't had them for a while and it isn't sure if they'll be back, according to the Bronx thread, which I otherwise wouldn't have known. I'm hoping to do a few big trips to specific zoos and having species lists is crucial to making my decision on where I want to go.
  5. Elephants and Alligators

    Elephants and Alligators Member

    21 Feb 2017
    United States
  6. James w

    James w Active Member

    2 Jul 2018
    As someone from the industry, and who toured lots of zoos for work as well as fun, great idea. Zooterliste isnt always up-to-date. I was looking for an african crowned eagle in the U.K. and a collection was wrongly listed. When I was studying and training for the first few years as a keeper, I had use of a great zoo library. Great study aid, didnt have internet access all the time. Full of scientific papers..and old and new guide books worldwide..loved it. I read the species lists on here whilst on cardio machines training (that require 1 hand lol).
    Love to see more species list. I used to make them on zoo tours, personal and paid..
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