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Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Species on Exhibit 5-25-16

Discussion in 'United States' started by Pleistohorse, 27 May 2016.

  1. Pleistohorse

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    30 Jan 2013
    The following species were on show during visit to the AWCC earlier this week:

    Wood Bison - 15 (herd on display is much diminished after 90% of the animals were reintroduced into the wild---which is cool)
    Rocky Mountain Elk - 26
    Brown Bear - 3
    Musk Ox - 9
    Moose - 3
    Sitka Black-tailed Deer - 3
    Red Fox - 2 (including a pie-bald animal that had been kept as a pet---it looks similar to the specimens in the experiment in Russia documenting the domestication process of Red Foxes)
    Canada Lynx - 2
    Bald Eagle
    Great Horned Owl
    American Black Bear (only one on display...there are usually two)
    Wolf (a new addition this last year. Pretty much completes the plausible large mammal ecological balance at the AWCC. The center apparently plans to acquire additional wolves.)
    Caribou - 6

    Additionally the center has a Wolverine off exhibit. According to a recent story in the Alaska Dispatch News the center is experimenting with training the animal to perform avalanche rescues...

    With the Bison and the Elk, this collection compliments The Alaska Zoo's very well. The facilities are about 40 miles apart. Viewed together and aside from marine mammals, the occasional Cougar, and the Canadian Beaver...these two facilities display every species of large mammal currently living in Alaska.