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Species that you've seen

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by lowland anoa, 15 Feb 2015.

  1. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    I always take a notebook and lists the animals in zoos. But I don't write down species I've already seen. I seen over 100 species but it will increase because I will go on a road trip with my dad in April. I saw many of wild species including Mexican agouti. I would love your species list
  2. longleat diego

    longleat diego Well-Known Member

    25 Sep 2012
    This would be quite hard for most of us as it would be a very long project and some of us including myself dont keep species lists and they are unavailable due to changes in zoos:(
  3. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    No, I mean different of zoos
  4. Hix

    Hix Wildlife Enthusiast and Lover of Islands Premium Member

    20 Oct 2008
    Christmas Island
    1 Platypus
    2 Barton's Echidna
    3 Short-beaked Echidna
    4 Northern Quoll
    5 Spot-tailed Quoll
    6 Brush-tailed Phascogale
    7 Tasmanian Devil
    8 Kowari
    9 Numbat
    10 Golden Bandicoot
    11 Bilby
    12 Coarse-haired Wombat
    13 Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat
    14 Common Brushtail Possum
    15 Common Spotted Cuscus
    16 Ground Cuscus
    17 Mountain Pygmy Possum
    18 Burrowing Bettong
    19 Brush-tailed Bettong
    20 Long-nosed Potoroo
    21 Rufous Bettong
    22 Red-legged Pademelon
    23 Red-necked Pademelon
    24 Red Kangaroo
    25 Western Gray Kangaroo
    26 Eastern Gray Kangaroo
    27 Agile Wallaby
    28 Tammar Wallaby
    29 Parma Wallaby
    30 Whiptail Wallaby
    31 Red-necked Wallaby
    32 Common Wallaroo (Euro)
    33 Swamp Wallaby
    34 Bridled Nail-tailed Wallaby
    35 Northern Nail-tailed Wallaby
    36 Quokka
    37 Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby
    38 Proserpine Rock Wallaby
    39 Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby
    40 Spectacled Hare-Wallaby
    41 Rufous Hare-Wallaby
    42 Doria's Tree Kangaroo
    43 Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo
    44 Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo
    45 Huon Tree Kangaroo
    46 Common Ringtail Possum
    47 Yellow-bellied Glider
    48 Sugar Glider
    49 Mahogany Glider
    50 Squirrel Glider
    51 Koala
    52 Feathertail Glider
    53 Larger Hairy Armadillo
    54 Pichi
    55 Six-banded Armadillo
    56 Giant Anteater
    57 Southern Tamandua
    58 Southern Two-toed Sloth
    59 Checkered Elephant-Shrew
    60 European Rabbit
    61 Black-tailed Jackrabbit
    62 Volcano Rabbit (Zacatuche)
    63 Eastern Gray Squirrel
    64 South African Ground Squirrel
    65 Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel
    66 California Ground Squirrel
    67 Black-tailed Prairie-Dog
    68 Black Giant Squirrel
    69 Finlayson's Squirrel
    70 Prevost's Squirrel
    71 Fire-footed Rope Squirrel
    72 Northern Palm Squirrel
    73 American Beaver
    74 Greater Egyptian Jerboa
    75 Black-bellied Hamster
    76 Golden Spiny Mouse
    77 Eastern House Mouse
    78 Barbary Striped Grass Mouse
    79 Spinifex Hopping Mouse
    80 Greater Stick-nest Rat
    81 Black-footed Tree Rat
    82 Australasian Water Rat
    83 Asian Garden Dormouse
    84 Spring-Hare
    85 Crested Porcupine
    86 North American Porcupine
    87 Brazilian Porcupine
    88 Green Acouchi
    89 Red-rumped Agouti
    90 Pacarana
    91 Common Yellow-toothed Cavy
    92 Domestic Guinea-Pig
    93 Patagonian Mara
    94 Capybara
    95 Coypu (Nutria)
    96 Brown's Hutia
    97 Plains Viscacha
    98 Chinchilla
    99 Binturong
    100 Banded Palm Civet
    101 Black-footed Cat
    102 Pallas' Cat
    103 Rusty-spotted Cat
    104 Fishing Cat
    105 Serval
    106 Caracal
    107 Eurasian Lynx
    108 Bobcat
    109 Puma
    110 Jaguarundi
    111 Ocelot
    112 Margay
    113 Cheetah
    114 Clouded Leopard
    115 Snow Leopard
    116 Leopard
    117 Jaguar
    118 Lion
    119 Asiatic Lion
    120 Liger or Tigon
    121 Tiger
    122 Sumatran Tiger
    123 Dwarf Mongoose
    124 Banded Mongoose
    125 Yellow Mongoose
    126 Suricate (Meerkat)
    127 Long-nosed Cusimanse
    128 Striped Hyena
    129 Spotted Hyena
    130 Aardwolf
    131 Arctic Fox
    132 Red Fox
    133 Fennec Fox
    134 Gray Fox
    135 Bat-eared Fox
    136 Maned Wolf
    137 Bush Dog
    138 Golden Jackal
    139 Gray Wolf
    140 Dingo
    141 New Guinea Wild Dog
    142 Black-backed Jackal
    143 Red Wolf
    144 Dhole
    145 African Wild Dog
    146 Giant Panda
    147 American Black Bear
    148 Brown Bear
    149 Grizzly Bear
    150 Kodiak Bear
    151 Syrian Brown Bear
    152 Asiatic Black Bear
    153 Sloth Bear
    154 Sun Bear
    155 Polar Bear
    156 Spectacled Bear (Andean Bear)
    157 Northern Fur Seal
    158 New Zealand Fur Seal
    159 Australian Fur Seal
    160 Subantarctic Fur Seal
    161 South American Sea-Lion
    162 California Sea-Lion
    163 Australian Sea-Lion
    164 Walrus
    165 Southern Elephant Seal
    166 Hawaiian Monk Seal
    167 Leopard Seal
    168 Harbour Seal
    169 Gray Seal
    170 Northern River Otter
    171 Spotted-necked Otter
    172 African Clawless Otter
    173 Oriental Small-clawed Otter
    174 Sea Otter
    175 Ferret
    176 American Badger
    177 Zorilla (Striped Polecat)
    178 Wolverine
    179 Ringtail
    180 Kinkajou
    181 White-nosed Coati
    182 South American Coati
    183 Northern Raccoon
    184 Red Panda
    185 Four-toed Hedgehog
    186 Western Hedgehog
    187 Lesser Hedgehog-Tenrec
    188 Egyptian Rousette
    189 Spectacled Flying Fox
    190 Indian Flying Fox
    191 Gray-headed Flying Fox
    192 Rodriguez Flying Fox
    193 Little Red Flying Fox
    194 Large Flying Fox
    195 Australian False Vampire (Ghost) Bat
    196 Seba's Short-tailed Bat
    197 Great Fruit-eating Bat
    198 Common Vampire Bat
    199 Red Ruffed Lemur
    200 Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur
    201 Ring-tailed Lemur
    202 White-fronted Lemur
    203 Red-collared Lemur
    204 Crowned Lemur
    205 Mayotte Brown Lemur
    206 Black Lemur
    207 Red-fronted Lemur
    208 Senegal Galago
    209 Demidoff's Galago
    210 Brown Greater Galago
    211 Sunda Slow Loris
    212 Red Slender Loris
    213 Gray Mouse-Lemur
    214 Angola Pied Colobus
    215 Guereza Colobus
    216 Western Pied Colobus
    217 Northern Plains Gray Langur
    218 Silvered Leaf Monkey
    219 Francois' Leaf Monkey
    220 Dusky Leaf Monkey
    221 Purple-faced Leaf Monkey
    222 Red-shanked Douc Langur
    223 Proboscis Monkey
    224 Stump-tailed Macaque
    225 Long-tailed Macaque
    226 Japanese Macaque
    227 Rhesus Macaque
    228 Sunda Pig-tailed Macaque
    229 Sulawesi Crested Macaque
    230 Bonnet Macaque
    231 Lion-tailed Macaque
    232 Barbary Macaque
    233 Gelada Baboon
    234 Olive Baboon
    235 Yellow Baboon
    236 Hamadryas Baboon
    237 Guinea Baboon
    238 Chacma Baboon
    239 Drill
    240 Mandrill
    241 Sooty Mangabey
    242 Red-capped Mangabey
    243 Sykes' Monkey
    244 Red-tailed Monkey
    245 Diana Monkey
    246 Owl-faced Monkey
    247 L'Hoest's Monkey
    248 Blue Monkey
    249 De Brazza's Monkey
    250 Crowned Monkey
    251 Vervet Monkey
    252 Southern Talapoin
    253 Patas Monkey
    254 Sumatran Orangutan
    255 Bornean Orangutan
    256 Bonobo (Pygmy Chimpanzee)
    257 Chimpanzee
    258 Western Gorilla
    259 White-handed Gibbon
    260 Silvery Gibbon
    261 Mueller's Bornean Gibbon
    262 Black Crested Gibbon
    263 Siamang
    264 Saddle-backed Tamarin
    265 Geoffroy's Tamarin
    266 Emperor Tamarin
    267 Red-chested Moustached Tamarin
    268 Red-handed Tamarin
    269 Black-mantled Tamarin
    270 Cotton-top Tamarin
    271 Black Lion Tamarin
    272 Golden Lion Tamarin
    273 Silvery Marmoset
    274 Geoffroy's Marmoset
    275 White-tufted Marmoset
    276 Pygmy Marmoset
    277 Goeldi's Marmoset
    278 Bolivian Squirrel Monkey
    279 Common Squirrel Monkey
    280 White-fronted Capuchin
    281 Brown Tufted Capuchin
    282 White-faced Capuchin
    283 Northern Night Monkey
    284 Dusky Titi
    285 Monk Saki
    286 Guianan Saki
    287 White-nosed Bearded Saki
    288 Bald Uakari (Red Uakari)
    289 Black Uakari
    290 White-bellied Spider Monkey
    291 Central American Spider Monkey
    292 Black Spider Monkey
    293 Brown Woolly Monkey
    294 Yucatan Black Howler Monkey
    295 Venezuelan Red Howler Monkey
    296 Common Tree-Shrew
    297 Aardvark
    298 Killer Whale
    299 Indo-Pacific Bottle-nosed Dolphin
    300 Common Bottle-nosed Dolphin
    301 Pacific White-sided Dolphin
    302 Short-finned Pilot Whale
    303 Commerson's Dolphin
    304 Indo-Pacific Hump-backed Dolphin
    305 Bearded Pig
    306 Eurasian Wild Boar
    307 Red River Hog
    308 Warthog
    309 Babirusa
    310 White-lipped Peccary
    311 Collared Peccary (Javelina)
    312 Pygmy Hippopotamus
    313 Hippopotamus
    314 Llama
    315 Guanaco
    316 Alpaca
    317 Vicuna
    318 Bactrian Camel
    319 Dromedary
    320 Lesser Mouse-Deer
    321 Pronghorn
    322 Reeves' Muntjac
    323 Tufted Deer
    324 Swamp Deer (Barasingha)
    325 Wapiti
    326 Red Deer (Elk)
    327 Eld's Deer (Thamin)
    328 Chital (Axis Deer)
    329 Bawean Deer
    330 Pere David's Deer (Milu)
    331 Fallow Deer
    332 Mesopotamian Fallow Deer
    333 Moose (Elk)
    334 Mule Deer
    335 White-tailed Deer
    336 Pampas Deer
    337 Red Brocket
    338 Southern Pudu
    339 Caribou (Reindeer)
    340 Okapi
    341 Giraffe
    342 Arabian Gazelle
    343 Cuvier's Gazelle
    344 Dama Gazelle
    345 Dorcas Gazelle
    346 Rhim Gazelle
    347 Red-fronted Gazelle
    348 Speke's Gazelle
    349 Blackbuck
    350 Springbok
    351 Gerenuk
    352 Saiga
    353 Guenther's Dik-dik
    354 Kirk's Dik-dik
    355 Klipspringer
    356 Oribi
    357 Suni
    358 Markhor
    359 Domestic Goat
    360 Alpine Ibex
    361 Nubian Ibex
    362 Domestic Sheep
    363 Bighorn Sheep
    364 Dall's Sheep
    365 Snow Sheep
    366 Mouflon
    367 Himalayan Tahr
    368 Barbary Sheep (Aoudad)
    369 Mountain Goat
    370 Bharal
    371 Takin
    372 Muskox
    373 Common Goral
    374 Japanese Serow
    375 Nilgai
    376 African Buffalo
    377 Gayal (Mithan)
    378 Gaur
    379 Yak
    380 Banteng (Bali Cattle)
    381 European Domestic Cattle
    382 Aurochs
    383 Domestic Water Buffalo
    384 American Bison (Buffalo)
    385 European Bison (Wisent)
    386 Mountain Anoa
    387 Nyala
    388 Lesser Kudu
    389 Sitatunga
    390 Greater Kudu
    391 Giant Eland
    392 Eland
    393 Bongo
    394 Waterbuck
    395 Nile Lechwe
    396 Roan Antelope
    397 Sable Antelope
    398 Scimitar-horned Oryx
    399 Gemsbok (Beisa Oryx)
    400 Arabian Oryx
    401 Addax
    402 Black Wildebeest
    403 Blue Wildebeest
    404 Bontebok (Blesbok)
    405 Impala
    406 Bay Duiker
    407 Jentink's Duiker
    408 Red-flanked Duiker
    409 Yellow-backed Duiker
    410 Zebra Duiker
    411 Wild Ass
    412 African Wild Ass (Donkey)
    413 Burchell's Zebra
    414 Domestic Horse
    415 Przewalski's Horse
    416 Grevy's Zebra
    417 Kulan
    418 Kiang
    419 Onager
    420 Mountain Zebra
    421 Sumatran Rhinoceros
    422 Indian Rhinoceros
    423 White Rhinoceros
    424 Black Rhinoceros
    425 Baird's Tapir
    426 Malayan Tapir
    427 Mountain Tapir
    428 Brazilian Tapir
    429 Rock Hyrax
    430 West Indian Manatee
    431 Dugong
    432 African Savanna Elephant
    433 Asian Elephant

    I think I may have missed some.


  5. savethelephant

    savethelephant Well-Known Member

    12 Jan 2015
    New York
    I got a feeling this is going to be a looooooooooong thread:rolleyes:
  6. zooboy28

    zooboy28 Moderator Staff Member

    1 Aug 2010
    Melbourne, Aust (ex. NZ)
  7. stubeanz

    stubeanz Well-Known Member

    26 Mar 2008
    hertfordshire, england
    I use a different method.
    I managed to get the book 'mammals of the world a checklist' which has every single species of mammal inside. the only trouble is that it doesn't go to the subspecies level, however I will usually write in the side lines what subspecies I have seen.
  8. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    I'm feeling that too.
  9. Maguari

    Maguari Never could get the hang of Thursdays. Premium Member

    12 Oct 2007
    Chesterfield, Derbyshire
    Well, you asked! The taxonomy's not fully updated, there are a few cases of generic listed separately to pure subspecies and the like, the sequence is barmy, and subspecies listed have been subjected to no test of taxonomic rigour at all really, but this is my mammal life list (including wild and captive - a species seen wild is marked * ) - copied and pasted from a spreadsheet so no formatting. I also have lists for birds, reptiles, amphibians and cartilaginous fish but these are largely based on photo records up to a couple of years ago so are probably incomplete. The mammal one should be all good though, barring a few 'unidentifieds'.

    Tachyglossus aculeatus Short-beaked Echidna
    Tachyglossus aculeatus aculeatus South Australian Short-beaked Echidna
    Tachyglossus aculeatus lawesii New Guinea Short-beaked Echidna

    Didelphis virginianus Virginia Opossum
    Monodelphis domestica Grey Short-tailed Opossum
    Philander opossum Grey Four-eyed Opossum

    Dasyuroides byrnei Kowari
    Dasyurus maculatus Tiger Quoll
    Dasyurus viverrinus Eastern Quoll
    Sarcophilus harrisii Tasmanian Devil

    Phascolarctos cinereus adustus Queensland Koala
    Lasiorhinus latifrons Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat
    Vombatus ursinus hirsutus Common Wombat

    Phalanger gymnotis Grey Ground Cuscus
    Trichosurus vulpecula Common Brush-tailed Possum
    Dactylopsila trivirgata Striped Possum
    Gymnobelideus leadbeateri Leadbeater's Possum
    Petaurus breviceps Sugar Glider
    Petaurus breviceps papuanus Papuan Sugar Glider
    Acrobates pygmaea Feathertail Glider

    Bettongia penicillata ogilbyi Western Brush-tailed Bettong
    Potorous tridactylus Long-nosed Potoroo
    Dendrolagus goodfellowi buergersi Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo
    Dendrolagus matschiei Matschie's Tree Kangaroo
    Dorcopsis muelleri Brown Dorcopsis
    Macropus agilis Agile Wallaby
    Macropus eugenii Tammar Wallaby
    Macropus fuliginosus melanops Western Grey Kangaroo
    Macropus giganteus Eastern Grey Kangaroo
    Macropus parma Parma Wallaby
    Macropus robustus Eastern Wallaroo
    Macropus robustus erubescens Deer Wallaroo
    Macropus rufogriseus Red-necked Wallaby
    Macropus rufogriseus frutica Red-necked Wallaby
    Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus Bennett's Wallaby
    Macropus rufus Red Kangaroo
    Petrogale penicillata Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby
    Petrogale xanthopus xanthopus Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby
    Thylogale brunii Dusky Pademelon
    Wallabia bicolor bicolor Swamp Wallaby

    Echinops telfairi Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec
    Hemicentetes semispinosus Lowland Streaked Tenrec
    Setifer setosus Greater Hedgehog Tenrec
    Tenrec ecaudatus Tailless Tenrec

    Elephantulus rufescens Rufous Elephant Shrew
    Macroscelides proboscidaeus Short-eared Elephant Shrew
    Rhynchocyon cirnei macrurus Chequered Elephant Shrew
    Rhynchocyon petersi Black-and-Rufous Elephant Shrew

    Orycteropus afer Aardvark

    Dendrohyrax arboreus Southern Tree Hyrax
    Heterohyrax brucei Yellow-spotted Bush Hyrax *
    Procavia capensis Cape Rock Hyrax
    Procavia capensis capensis South African Rock Hyrax
    Procavia capensis capillosa South Ethiopian Rock Hyrax *
    Procavia capensis jayakari Arabian Rock Hyrax
    Procavia capensis syriaca Syrian Rock Hyrax

    Elephas maximus Asian Elephant
    Elephas maximus hirsutus Malayan Elephant
    Elephas maximus indicus Indian Elephant
    Elephas maximus maximus Sri Lankan Elephant
    Elephas maximus sondaicus Bornean Elephant
    Elephas maximus sumatranus Sumatran Elephant
    Loxodonta africana africana South African Bush Elephant
    Loxodonta africana knockenhaueri East African Bush Elephant

    Trichechus manatus latirostris Florida Manatee
    Trichechus manatus manatus West Indian Manatee

    Chaetophractus vellerosus Screaming Hairy Armadillo
    Chaetophractus villosus Larger Hairy Armadillo
    Dasypus novemcinctus Nine-banded Armadillo
    Euphractes sexcinctus Six-banded Armadillo
    Tolypeutes mataca Southern Three-banded Armadillo

    Bradypus variegatus Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth *
    Choloepus didactylus Linné's Two-toed Sloth
    Choloepus didactylus x C. hoffmani Hybrid Two-toed Sloth
    Choloepus hoffmanni Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth *

    Myrmecophaga tridactyla Giant Anteater
    Tamandua tetradactyla Southern Tamandua
    Tamandua tetradactyla kriegi Southern Tamandua
    Tamandua tetradactyla longicaudata Long-tailed Tamandua
    Tamandua tetradactyla nigra Guatemalan Tamandua

    Tupaia belangeri Mountain Tree Shrew
    Tupaia glis Common Tree Shrew
    Tupaia minor Pygmy Tree Shrew
    Tupaia tana Large Tree Shrew

    Cheirogaleus medius Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur
    Microcebus lehilahytsara Goodman's Mouse Lemur
    Microcebus murinus Grey Mouse Lemur
    Microcebus myoxinus Peter's Mouse Lemur (ID tentative)
    Mirza coquereli Coquerel's Dwarf Lemur
    Eulemur albifrons White-fronted Lemur
    Eulemur cinereiceps White-collared Lemur
    Eulemur coronatus Crowned Lemur
    Eulemur collaris Collared Lemur
    Eulemur fulvus Brown Lemur
    Eulemur fulvus mayottensis Mayotte Lemur
    Eulemur macaco flavifrons Sclater's Lemur
    Eulemur macaco macaco Black Lemur
    Eulemur mongoz Mongoose Lemur
    Eulemur rubriventer Red-bellied Lemur
    Eulemur rufus Red-fronted Lemur
    Hapalemur alaotrensis Lake Alaotran Gentle Lemur
    Hapalemur griseus Eastern Grey Gentle Lemur
    Hapalemur occidentalis Western Grey Gentle Lemur
    Lemur catta Ring-tailed Lemur
    Prolemur simus Broad-nosed Gentle Lemur
    Varecia rubra Red Ruffed Lemur
    Varecia variegata subcincta Belted Ruffed Lemur
    Varecia variegata variegata Black and White Ruffed Lemur
    Propithecus verreauxi coronatus Crowned Sifaka
    Daubentonia madagascariensis Aye-Aye
    Loris lydekkerianus nordica Northern Dry Zone Slender Loris
    Nycticebus bengalensis Bengal Slow Loris
    Nycticebus coucang Common Slow Loris
    Nycticebus pygmaeus Pygmy Slow Loris
    Perodicticus potto Potto
    Galago senegalensis Senegal Galago
    Galago senegalensis dunni Ethiopian Senegal Galago *
    Galago moholi Moholi Galago
    Otolemur crassicaudatus Greater Galago
    Otolemur garnettii Garnett's Galago

    Callimico goeldii Goeldi's Monkey
    Callithrix geoffroyi Geoffroy's Marmoset
    Callithrix jacchus Common Marmoset
    Callithrix kuhlii Kuhl's Marmoset
    Callithrix penicillata Black-eared Marmoset
    Cebuella pygmaea Pygmy Marmoset
    Cebuella pygmaea niveiventris White-bellied Pygmy Marmoset
    Cebuella pygmaea pygmaea Pygmy Marmoset
    Leontopithecus chrysomelas Golden-headed Lion Tamarin
    Leontopithecus chrysopygus Black Lion Tamarin
    Leontopithecus rosalia Golden Lion Tamarin
    Mico argentatus Silvery Marmoset
    Mico melanurus Black-tailed Marmoset
    Saguinus bicolor Pied Tamarin
    Saguinus fuscicollis Saddleback Tamarin
    Saguinus fuscicollis lagonotus Red-mantled Saddleback Tamarin
    Saguinus geoffroyi Geoffroy's Tamarin
    Saguinus graellsi Graells' Tamarin
    Saguinus illigeri Mantled Tamarin
    Saguinus imperator Emperor Tamarin
    Saguinus imperator subgrisescens Emperor Tamarin
    Saguinus labiatus White-lipped Tamarin
    Saguinus midas Red-handed Tamarin
    Saguinus nigricollis Black-mantled Tamarin
    Saguinus oedipus Cotton-topped Tamarin
    Saguinus oedipus x Callithrix jacchus Hybrid Callitrichine
    Cebus albifrons Pale-fronted Capuchin
    Cebus apella Brown Capuchin
    Cebus apella apella Brown Capuchin
    Cebus capucinus White-throated Capuchin
    Cebus (capucinus) imitator Panamanian White-throated Capuchin *
    Cebus libidinosus paraguayensis Hooded Capuchin
    Cebus olivaceus (=nigrivittatus) Weeper Capuchin
    Cebus xanthosternus Buffy-headed Capuchin
    Saimiri boliviensis Bolivian Squirrel Monkey
    Saimiri boliviensis peruviensis Peruvian Squirrel Monkey
    Saimiri sciureus Common Squirrel Monkey
    Aotus azarae boliviensis Bolivian Douroucouli
    Aotus lemurinus griseimembra Grey-legged Douroucouli
    Aotus nancymae Nancy Ma's Douroucouli
    Aotus trivirgatus Three-striped Douroucouli
    Aotus vociferans Spix's Douroucouli
    Callicebus cupreus cupreus Red Titi
    Callicebus donacophilus Bolivian Grey Titi
    Cacajao rubicundus Red Uakari
    Chiropotes chiropotes Red-backed Bearded Saki
    Chiropotes utahickae Uta Hick's Bearded Saki
    Pithecia pithecia White-faced Saki
    Alouatta caraya Black Howler Monkey
    Alouatta palliata palliata Northern Mantled Howler Monkey *
    Alouatta sara Bolivian Red Howler Monkey
    Alouatta seniculus Venezuelan Red Howler Monkey
    Ateles chamek Black-faced Black Spider Monkey
    Ateles fusciceps robustus Colombian Black-faced Spider Monkey
    Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi Geoffroy's Spider Monkey
    Ateles geoffroyi grisescens Grizzled Spider Monkey
    Ateles geoffroyi ornatus Ornate Spider Monkey *
    Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus Mexican Spider Monkey
    Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis Yucatan Spider Monkey
    Ateles hybridus Long-haired Spider Monkey
    Ateles paniscus Red-faced Black Spider Monkey
    Ateles paniscus paniscus Red-faced Black Spider Monkey
    Lagothrix lagotricha Humboldt's Woolly Monkey
    Allenopithecus nigroviridis Allen's Swamp Monkey
    Cercocebus agilis agilis Agile Mangabey
    Cercocebus atys Sooty Mangabey
    Cercocebus chrysogaster Golden-bellied Mangabey
    Cercocebus torquatus lunulatus White-naped Mangabey
    Cercocebus torquatus torquatus Red-crowned Mangabey
    Cercopithecus albogularis Sykes' Guenon
    Cercopithecus ascanius Red-tailed Guenon
    Cercopithecus ascanius ascanius Black-cheeked Red-tailed Guenon
    Cercopithecus ascanius montanus Montane Red-tailed Guenon
    Cercopithecus ascanius schmidti Schmidt's Red-tailed Guenon
    Cercopithecus ascanius whitesidei Whiteside's Red-tailed Guenon
    Cercopithecus campbelli Campbell's Guenon
    Cercopithecus cephus Moustached Guenon
    Cercopithecus diana Diana Guenon
    Cercopithecus erythrogaster pococki Grey-bellied White-cheeked Guenon
    Cercopithecus hamlyni Hamlyn's Owl-faced Guenon
    Cercopithecus lhoesti L'Hoest's Guenon
    Cercopithecus lowei Lowe's Guenon
    Cercopithecus mona Mona Guenon
    Cercopithecus neglectus DeBrazza's Guenon
    Cercopithecus nictitans Greater Spot-nosed Guenon
    Cercopithecus nictitans martini Greater Spot-nosed Guenon
    Cercopithecus petaurista Lesser Spot-nosed Guenon
    Cercopithecus pogonias Crowned Guenon
    Cercopithecus roloway Roloway Guenon
    Cercopithecus wolfi Wolf's Guenon
    Chlorocebus aethiops Grivet Monkey *
    Chlorocebus pygerythrus johnstoni Vervet Monkey
    Chlorocebus pygerythrus pygerythrus Vervet Monkey
    Chlorocebus sabaeus Green Monkey
    Chlorocebus tantalus Tantalus Monkey
    Colobus angolensis palliatus Peters' Angolan Colobus
    Colobus guereza Guereza
    Colobus guereza caudatus Kilimanjaro Guereza
    Colobus guereza gallarum Djaffa Mountains Guereza *
    Colobus guereza guereza Omo River Guereza *
    Colobus guereza kikuyuensis Kikuyu Guereza
    Colobus guereza occidentalis Western Guereza
    Colobus polykomos polykomos King Colobus
    Erythrocebus patas Patas Monkey
    Lophocebus albigena Grey-cheeked Mangabey
    Lophocebus aterrimus Black Mangabey
    Macaca arctoides Stump-tailed Macaque
    Macaca assamensis Assam Macaque
    Macaca fascicularis Crab-eating Macaque
    Macaca fascicularis fascicularis Common Crab-eating Macaque *
    Macaca fuscata Japanese Macaque
    Macaca hecki Heck's Macaque
    Macaca leonina Northern Pig-tailed Macaque
    Macaca maura Moor Macaque
    Macaca mulatta Rhesus Macaque *
    Macaca mulatta x Macaca fascicularis Hybrid Macaque
    Macaca nemestrina Southern Pig-tailed Macaque
    Macaca nigra Sulawesi Crested Macaque
    Macaca radiata Bonnet Macaque
    Macaca silenus Lion-tailed Macaque
    Macaca sinica Toque Macaque
    Macaca sylvanus Barbary Macaque
    Macaca thibetanus Père David’s Macaque
    Macaca tonkeana Tonkean Macaque
    Mandrillus leucophaeus Drill
    Mandrillus sphinx Mandrill
    Miopithecus ogouensis Northern Talapoin
    Miopithecus talapoin Southern Talapoin
    Nasalis larvatus Proboscis Monkey
    Papio anubis Olive Baboon *
    Papio cynocephalus Yellow Baboon
    Papio hamadryas Hamadryas Baboon *
    Papio papio Guinea Baboon
    Presbytis comata comata Grizzled Langur
    Presbytis melalophus melalophus Banded Langur
    Presbytis melalophus nobilis Ferruginous Langur
    Pygathrix cinereus Grey-shanked Douc Langur
    Pygathrix nemaeus Red-shanked Douc Langur
    Semnopithecus entellus Northern Plains Grey Langur
    Semnopithecus hector Terai Grey Langur
    Semnopithecus priam thersites Tufted Grey Langur
    Semnopithecus schistaceus Nepal Grey Langur *
    Theropithecus gelada Gelada
    Theropithecus gelada obscurus Southern Gelada *
    Trachypithecus auratus auratus Javan Langur
    Trachypithecus cristatus Silvery Langur
    Trachypithecus delacouri Delacour's Langur *
    Trachypithecus francoisi François' Langur
    Trachypithecus hatinhensis ebenus Indochinese Black Langur
    Trachypithecus hatinhensis hatinhensis Hatinh Langur
    Trachypithecus obscurus Spectacled Langur
    Trachypithecus phayrei Phayre's Langur
    Trachypithecus phayrei crespusculus Southern Phayre's Langur
    Trachypithecus poliocephalus poliocephalus Cat Ba Langur
    Trachypithecus vetulus monticola Sri Lankan Purple-faced Langur
    Trachypithecus vetulus vetulus Indian Purple-faced Langur
    Hylobates agilis Agile Gibbon
    Hylobates agilis x muelleri Hybrid Gibbon
    Hylobates klossii Kloss' Gibbon
    Hylobates lar Lar Gibbon
    Hylobates lar lar Bornean Lar Gibbon
    Hylobates lar x pileatus Hybrid Gibbon
    Hylobates moloch Silvery Gibbon
    Hylobates muelleri muelleri Müller's Gibbon
    Hylobates muelleri abbotti Müller's Gibbon
    Hylobates pileatus Pileated Gibbon
    Nomascus gabriellae Gabriella's Crested Gibbon
    Nomascus leucogenys Northern White-cheeked Gibbon
    Nomascus siki Southern White-cheeked Gibbon
    Symphalangus syndactylus Siamang
    Gorilla beringei graueri Eastern Lowland Gorilla
    Gorilla gorilla gorilla Western Lowland Gorilla
    Pan paniscus Bonobo
    Pan troglodytes Chimpanzee
    Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii Pale-faced Chimpanzee
    Pan troglodytes troglodytes Central African Chimpanzee
    Pan troglodytes verus West African Chimpanzee
    Pongo abelii Sumatran Orang-Utan
    Pongo pygmaeus Bornean Orang-Utan
    Pongo pygmaeus x Pongo abelii Hybrid Orang-Utan

    Lepus californicus Black-tailed Jackrabbit *
    Lepus europaeus Brown Hare *
    Lepus fagani Abyssinian Hare *
    Lepus starcki Starck's Hare *
    Lepus timidus Mountain Hare *
    Lepus timidus varronis Alpine Mountain Hare
    Oryctolagus cuniculus European Rabbit *
    Oryctolagus cuniculus domestica Domestic Rabbit
    Sylvilagus floridanus Eastern Cottontail *
    Sylvilagus palustris Marsh Rabbit *

    Atelerix albiventris White-bellied Hedgehog
    Erinaceus concolor East European Hedgehog
    Erinaceus erinaceus West European Hedgehog *
    Hemiechinus auritus Long-eared Hedgehog
    Paraechinus aethiopicus Ethiopian Hedgehog
    Paraechinus micropus Pakistan Black Hedgehog

    Neomys fodiens European Water Shrew
    Sorex araneus Common Shrew *
    Talpa europaea European Mole

    Cynopterus sp. Short-eared Fruit Bat *
    Cynopterus sphinx Greater Short-eared Fruit Bat
    Cynopterus titthaecheilus Temminck's Fruit Bat
    Eidolon helvum Straw-coloured Fruit Bat
    Epomophorus gambianus Gambian Epauletted Bat
    Epomophorus wahlbergi Wahlberg's Epauletted Bat
    Pteropus conspicillatus Spectacled Fruit Bat
    Pteropus giganteus Indian Fruit Bat
    Pteropus hypomelanus Variable Fruit Bat
    Pteropus hypomelanus condorensis Island Fruit Bat
    Pteropus livingstonii Livingstone's Fruit Bat
    Pteropus lylei Lyle's Fruit Bat
    Pteropus poliocephalus Grey-headed Fruit Bat
    Pteropus pumilus Little Golden-mantled Fruit Bat
    Pteropus rodricensis Rodrigues Fruit Bat
    Pteropus scapulatus Little Red Fruit Bat
    Pteropus vampyrus Large Fruit Bat
    Rousettus aegypticus Egyptian Fruit Bat
    Styloctenium wallacei Stripe-faced Fruit Bat
    Thoopterus nigrescens Swift Fruit Bat

    Rhynchonycteris naso Brazilian Long-nosed Bat *
    Anoura geoffroyi Geoffroy's Tailless Bat
    Artibeus jamaicensis Jamaican Fruit Bat
    Artibeus toltecus Toltec Fruit Bat
    Carollia perspicillata Seba's Bat
    Desmodus rotundus Common Vampire Bat
    Glossophaga commissarisi Commissaris' Long-tongued Bat
    Glossophaga soricina Pallas' Long-tongued Bat
    Phyllostomus discolor Pale Spear-nosed Bat
    Phyllostomus hastatus Greater Spear-nosed Bat
    Platyrrhinus vittatus Greater Broad-nosed Bat
    Sturnira ludovici Highland Yellow-shouldered Bat
    Uroderma bilobatum Common Tent-making Bat (ID tentative) *
    Nyctalus leisleri Leisler's Bat *
    Nyctalus noctula Common Noctule *
    Pipistrellus pipistrellus Common Pipistrelle *
    Pipistrellus pygmaeus Soprano Pipistrelle *
    Pipistrellus sp. Pipistrelle *
    Plecotus auritus Brown Long-eared Bat *
    Myotis daubentonii Daubenton's Bat *
    Myotis dominicensis Dominican Mouse-eared Bat *
    Myotis mystacinus Whiskered Bat *
    Myotis nattereri Natterer's Bat *

    Manis pentadactyla aurita Mainland Chinese Pangolin
    Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla Taiwanese Pangolin

    Acinonyx jubatus jubatus South African Cheetah
    Acinonyx jubatus soemmerringii North-East African Cheetah
    Acinonyx jubatus f. rex King Cheetah
    Caracal caracal Caracal
    Caracal caracal caracal South African Caracal
    Caracal caracal damarensis Damara Caracal
    Caracal caracal michaelis Turkmenian Caracal
    Catopuma temminckii dominicarum Chinese Golden Cat
    Catopuma temminckii temminckii South-east Asian Golden Cat
    Catopuma temminckii tristis Tibetan Golden Cat
    Felis catus Domestic Cat
    Felis chaus Jungle Cat
    Felis manul Pallas' Cat
    Felis margarita Sand Cat
    Felis margarita harrisoni Arabian Sand Cat
    Felis nigripes Black-footed Cat
    Felis silvestris gordoni Gordon's Cat
    Felis silvestris grampia Scottish Wild Cat
    Felis silvestris lybica African Wild Cat
    Felis silvestris ornata Indian Desert Cat
    Felis silvestris silvestris European Wild Cat
    Herpailurus yagouaroundi Jaguarundi
    Leopardus geoffroyi Geoffroy's Cat
    Leopardus pardalis Ocelot
    Leopardus pardalis mitis Brazilian Ocelot
    Leopardus tigrinus Oncilla
    Leopardus wiedi nicaraguae Central American Margay
    Leopardus wiedi yucatanicus Yucatan Margay
    Leptailurus serval Serval
    Lynx canadensis Canadian Lynx
    Lynx lynx Northern Lynx
    Lynx lynx carpathicus Carpathian Lynx
    Lynx lynx kozlowi Baikal Lynx
    Lynx lynx lynx European Lynx
    Lynx lynx wardi Altai Lynx
    Lynx lynx wrangeli Siberian Lynx
    Lynx rufus Bobcat
    Lynx rufus floridianus Florida Bobcat
    Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis Chinese Leopard Cat
    Prionailurus bengalensis euptilura Amur Leopard Cat
    Prionailurus planiceps Flat-headed Cat
    Prionailurus rubiginosus phillipsi Sri Lankan Rusty-spotted Cat
    Prionailurus viverrinus Fishing Cat
    Puma concolor Puma
    Puma concolor coryi Florida Panther
    Puma concolor missoulensis Missouri Puma
    Puma concolor puma Chilean Puma
    Neofelis nebulosa Indochinese Clouded Leopard
    Panthera leo African Lion
    Panthera leo bleyenberghi Angolan Lion
    Panthera leo krugeri South African Lion
    Panthera leo leo Barbary Lion
    Panthera leo persica Asian Lion
    Panthera leo somaliensis Somali Lion
    Panthera leo vernayi Kalahari Lion
    Panthera leo x P. tigris Liger
    Panthera onca Jaguar
    Panthera onca onca South American Jaguar
    Panthera pardus Leopard
    Panthera pardus delacouri Indochinese Leopard
    Panthera pardus fusca Indian Leopard
    Panthera pardus japonensis North China Leopard
    Panthera pardus kotiya Sri Lankan Leopard
    Panthera pardus melanotica South African Leopard
    Panthera pardus melas Javan Leopard
    Panthera pardus orientalis Amur Leopard
    Panthera pardus saxicolor Persian Leopard
    Panthera pardus shortridgei Central African Leopard
    Panthera tigris Tiger
    Panthera tigris altaica Amur Tiger
    Panthera tigris corbetti Indochinese Tiger
    Panthera tigris jacksoni Malayan Tiger
    Panthera tigris sumatrae Sumatran Tiger
    Panthera tigris tigris Bengal Tiger
    Uncia uncia Snow Leopard
    Prionodon linsang Banded Linsang
    Arctictis binturong Binturong
    Arctictis binturong binturong Common Binturong
    Arctictis binturong whitei Palawan Binturong
    Arctogalidia trivirgata Three-striped Palm Civet
    Paguma larvata Masked Palm Civet
    Paradoxurus hermaphroditus Common Palm Civet
    Paradoxurus hermaphroditus philippinensis Philippine Palm Civet
    Paradoxurus hermaphroditus sabanus Bornean Palm Civet *
    Chrotogale owstoni Owston's Palm Civet
    Civettictis civetta African Civet
    Genetta genetta Small-spotted Genet
    Genetta genetta felina African Small-spotted Genet
    Genetta genetta pulchra Small-spotted Genet
    Genetta pardina Pardine Genet
    Genetta thierryi Hausa Genet
    Genetta tigrina Large-spotted Genet
    Viverra tangalunga Malayan Civet
    Viverra zibetha Large Indian Civet
    Viverricula indica Small Indian Civet
    Cryptoprocta ferox Fossa
    Fossa fossana Fanaloka
    Galidia elegans elegans Ring-tailed Mongoose
    Mungotictis decemlineata decemlineata Narrow-striped Mongoose
    Nandinia binotata African Palm Civet
    Atilax paludrinosus Marsh Mongoose
    Crossarchus obscurus Long-nosed Cusimanse
    Cynictis penicillata Yellow Mongoose
    Galerella sanguinea Slender Mongoose
    Helogale parvula Common Dwarf Mongoose
    Herpestes edwardsii Indian Grey Mongoose
    Herpestes javanicus Small Asian Mongoose
    Ichneumia albicauda White-tailed Mongoose
    Ichneumia albicauda albicauda Common White-tailed Mongoose *
    Mungos gambianus Gambian Mongoose
    Mungos mungo Banded Mongoose
    Mungos mungo colonus East African Banded Mongoose
    Suricata suricatta Meerkat
    Suricata suricatta suricatta South African Meerkat
    Crocuta crocuta Spotted Hyaena
    Hyaena hyaena Striped Hyaena
    Hyaena hyaena sultana Arabian Striped Hyaena
    Parahyaena brunnea Brown Hyaena
    Proteles cristatus cristatus South African Aardwolf
    Proteles cristatus septentrionalis East African Aardwolf

    Canis aureus cruesmanni South-east Asian Golden Jackal
    Canis aureus moreotica European Golden Jackal
    Canis aureus riparius North African Golden Jackal *
    Canis latrans Coyote *
    Canis lupus Grey Wolf
    Canis lupus arctos Melville Island Wolf
    Canis lupus baileyi Mexican Wolf
    Canis lupus chanco Mongolian Wolf
    Canis lupus dingo Dingo
    Canis lupus familiaris Domestic Dog
    Canis lupus hallstromi New Guinea Singing Dog
    Canis lupus hudsonicus Hudson Bay Wolf
    Canis lupus lupaster African Wolf
    Canis lupus lupus European Wolf
    Canis lupus kurjak Bosnian Wolf
    Canis lupus occidentalis Canadian Timber Wolf
    Canis lupus pambasileus Alaskan Wolf
    Canis lupus signatus Iberian Wolf
    Canis lupus tundrarum Arctic Wolf
    Canis mesomelas Black-backed Jackal
    Canis rufus Red Wolf
    Canis simensis citernii Ethiopian Wolf *
    Chrysocyon brachyurus Maned Wolf
    Cuon alpinus Dhole
    Cuon alpinus lepturus Chinese Dhole
    Lycaon pictus African Wild Dog
    Nyctereutes procyonoides Raccoon Dog
    Otocyon megalotis megalotis South African Bat-eared Fox
    Otocyon megalotis virgatus East African Bat-eared Fox
    Speothos venaticus Bush Dog
    Urocyon cinereoargenteus Common Grey Fox
    Vulpes corsac Corsac Fox
    Vulpes lagopus Arctic Fox
    Vulpes macrotis Kit Fox
    Vulpes velox Swift Fox
    Vulpes vulpes crucigera European Red Fox *
    Vulpes vulpes fulvus American Red Fox
    Vulpes zerda Fennec Fox
    Ailuropoda melanoleuca Giant Panda
    Helarctos malayanus Malayan Sun Bear
    Melursus ursinus inornatus Sri Lankan Sloth Bear
    Melursus ursinus ursinus Indian Sloth Bear
    Tremarctos ornatus Spectacled Bear
    Ursus americanus American Black Bear
    Ursus americanus floridanus Florida Black Bear
    Ursus arctos Brown Bear
    Ursus arctos arctos European Brown Bear
    Ursus arctos beringianus Kamchatkan Bear
    Ursus arctos horribilis Grizzly Bear
    Ursus arctos middendorfi Kodiak Bear
    Ursus arctos syriaca Syrian Brown Bear
    Ursus arctos x Ursus maritimus Hybrid Bear
    Ursus maritimus Polar Bear
    Ursus thibetanus Asian Black Bear
    Arctocephalus australis South American Fur Seal
    Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus South African Fur Seal
    Callorhinus ursinus Northern Fur Seal
    Eumetopias jubatus Steller's Sealion
    Otaria byronia Patagonian Sealion
    Zalophus californianus California Sealion *
    Odobenus rosmarus divergens Pacific Walrus
    Odobenus rosmarus rosmarus Atlantic Walrus
    Cystophora cristata Hooded Seal
    Halichoerus grypus balticus Baltic Grey Seal
    Halichoerus grypus macrorhynchus Eastern Atlantic Grey Seal *
    Mirounga angustrirostris Northern Elephant Seal
    Pagophilus groenlandica Harp Seal
    Phoca vitulina Common Seal
    Phoca vitulina richardsii Pacific Common Seal
    Phoca vitulina vitulina Eastern Atlantic Common Seal *
    Pusa hispida botnica Baltic Ringed Seal
    Pusa hispida hispida Arctic Ringed Seal
    Pusa sibirica Baikal Seal
    Amblonyx cinerea Asian Short-clawed Otter
    Enhydra lutris lutris Northern Sea Otter
    Enhydra lutris nereis Southern Sea Otter
    Hydrictis maculicollis Spot-necked Otter
    Lontra canadensis Canadian River Otter
    Lontra longicaudis annectans Northern Neotropical River Otter *
    Lutra lutra lutra European Otter *
    Lutrogale perspicillata perspicillata Smooth-coated Otter
    Pteronura brasiliensis Giant Otter
    Eira barbara Tayra
    Galictis vittata Greater Grison
    Gulo gulo Wolverine
    Ictonyx libycus libycus Saharan Striped Weasel
    Ictonyx striatus Zorilla
    Martes flavigula aterrima Northern Yellow-throated Marten
    Martes flavigula indochinensis Indochinese Yellow-throated Marten
    Martes foina foina European Beech Marten
    Martes martes Pine Marten
    Meles meles Eurasian Badger
    Mellivora capensis Ratel
    Mellivora capensis capensis South African Ratel
    Mellivora capensis cottoni East African Ratel
    Melogale moschata Chinese Ferret-Badger
    Melogale orientalis Javan Ferret-Badger
    Melogale personata Burmese Ferret-Badger
    Mustela erminea European Stoat
    Mustela erminea stabilis British Stoat *
    Mustela lutreola European Mink
    Mustela nivalis vulgaris European Least Weasel *
    Mustela putorius European Polecat
    Mustela putorius furo Domestic Ferret
    Mustela sibirica Siberian Weasel
    Mustela vison American Mink
    Vormela peregusna Marbled Polecat
    Vormela peregusna pallidior Siberian Marbled Polecat
    Vormela peregusna syriaca Syrian Marbled Polecat
    Conepatus chinga Molina's Hog-nosed Skunk
    Mephitis mephitis Striped Skunk
    Spilogale putorius Eastern Spotted Skunk
    Bassariscus astutus Northern Cacomistle
    Nasua narica White-nosed Coati
    Nasua narica narica Southern White-nosed Coati *
    Nasua nasua Ring-tailed Coati
    Nasua nasua solitaria South Brazilian Ring-tailed Coati
    Potos flavus Kinkajou
    Potos flavus chiriquensis Central American Kinkajou *
    Procyon cancrivorus Crab-eating Raccoon
    Procyon lotor Northern Raccoon
    Procyon lotor elucus Florida Northern Raccoon *
    Procyon lotor pumilus Central American Northern Raccoon *
    Ailurus fulgens fulgens Nepalese Red Panda

    Equus africanus somalicus Somali Wild Ass
    Equus asinus Domestic Donkey
    Equus asinus x Equus caballus Mule
    Equus caballus Domestic Horse
    Equus cf. gmelini Tarpan
    Equus grevyi Grèvy's Zebra
    Equus hemionus holdereri Eastern Kiang
    Equus hemionus kulan Kulan
    Equus hemionus onager Onager
    Equus przewalskii Przewalski's Horse
    Equus quagga Plains Zebra
    Equus quagga antiquorum Damara Zebra
    Equus quagga boehmi Grant's Zebra
    Equus quagga borensis Maneless Zebra
    Equus quagga chapmani Chapman's Zebra
    Equus quagga x Equus asinus Zeedonk
    Equus zebra hartmannae Hartmann's Mountain Zebra
    Tapirus bairdii Baird's Tapir
    Tapirus indicus Malayan Tapir
    Tapirus terrestris Brazilian Tapir
    Ceratotherium simum cottoni Northern White Rhinoceros
    Ceratotherium simum simum Southern White Rhinoceros
    Diceros bicornis michaeli Eastern Black Rhinoceros
    Diceros bicornis minor Southern Black Rhinoceros
    Rhinoceros unicornis Great Indian Rhinoceros

    Babyrousa celebensis Sulawesi Babirusa
    Phacochoerus africanus Common Warthog
    Phacochoerus africanus africanus Northern Common Warthog *
    Potamochoerus porcus pictus Red River Hog
    Sus barbatus Bearded Pig
    Sus barbatus barbatus Bornean Bearded Pig
    Sus cebifrons cebifrons Panay Warty Pig
    Sus cebifrons negrinus Negros Warty Pig
    Sus scrofa castilliana Iberian Wild Boar
    Sus scrofa domestica Domestic Pig
    Sus scrofa jubatus Indochinese Wild Boar
    Sus scrofa scrofa European Wild Boar
    Catagonus wagneri Chacoan Peccary
    Tayassu pecari pecari Southern White-lipped Peccary
    Tayassu tajacu Collared Peccary
    Tayassu tajacu crusnigrum Central American Collared Peccary *
    Hexaprotodon liberiensis Pygmy Hippopotamus
    Hippopotamus amphibius Common Hippopotamus

    Camelus bactrianus Domestic Bactrian Camel
    Camelus dromedarius Dromedary
    Camelus bactrianus x C. dromedarius Hybrid Camel
    Lama glama Llama
    Lama guanicoe Guanaco
    Vicugna pacos Alpaca
    Vicugna vicugna Vicuña

    Tragulus javanicus Lesser Malay Chevrotain
    Tragulus napu Greater Malay Chevrotain
    Tragulus nigricans Balabac Chevrotain
    Moschus moschiferus Siberian Musk Deer
    Alces alces alces European Moose
    Alces alces americana American Moose
    Capreolus capreolus capreolus European Roe Deer *
    Mazama americana Red Brocket
    Mazama gouazoubira Grey Brocket
    Odocoileus hemionus eremicus Arizona Mule Deer *
    Odocoileus virginianus White-tailed Deer
    Odocoileus virginianus seminola Florida White-tailed Deer *
    Pudu pudu Chilean Pudu
    Rangifer tarandus Reindeer
    Rangifer tarandus caribou Woodland Caribou
    Rangifer tarandus fennicus Forest Reindeer
    Axis axis Axis Deer
    Axis kuhli Bawean Deer
    Axis porcinus Hog Deer
    Cervus elaphus bactrianus Bactrian Wapiti
    Cervus elaphus barbarus Barbary Red Deer
    Cervus elaphus canadensis Canadian Wapiti
    Cervus elaphus elaphus European Red Deer *
    Cervus elaphus hippelaphus European Red Deer
    Cervus elaphus hispanicus Spanish Red Deer
    Cervus elaphus manitobensis Manitoba Wapiti
    Cervus elaphus nannodes Tule Wapiti
    Cervus elaphus nelsoni Nelson's Wapiti
    Cervus elaphus scoticus British Red Deer *
    Cervus elaphus sibiricus Siberian Wapiti
    Cervus nippon Sika
    Cervus nippon dybowskii Dybowski's Deer
    Cervus nippon mantchuricus Manchurian Sika
    Cervus nippon nippon Japanese Sika
    Cervus nippon pseudaxis Vietnamese Sika
    Cervus nippon taiouanus Taiwanese Sika
    Dama dama European Fallow Deer
    Dama mesopotamica Persian Fallow Deer
    Elaphodus cephalophus cephalophus Western Tufted Deer
    Elaphodus cephalophus michianus Michie's Tufted Deer
    Elaphurus davidianus Père David's Deer
    Muntiacus muntjak Indian Muntjac
    Muntiacus reevesi Reeves' Muntjac
    Muntiacus reevesi micrurus Taiwanese Muntjac
    Przewalskium albirostris White-lipped Deer
    Rucervus duvauceli Barasingha
    Rucervus duvaucelii duvaucelii Barasingha
    Rucervus eldi Eld's Deer
    Rucervus eldi siamensis Thai Eld's Deer
    Rucervus eldi thamin Burmese Brow-antlered Deer
    Rusa alfredi Philippine Spotted Deer
    Rusa timorensis Timor Deer
    Rusa unicolor Sambar
    Rusa unicolor malaccensis Malayan Sambar
    Rusa unicolor niger Black Sambar
    Hydropotes inermis Chinese Water Deer *
    Antilocapra americana americana Pronghorn *
    Giraffa camelopardalis Giraffe
    Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis Angolan Giraffe
    Giraffa camelopardalis antiquorum Kordofan Giraffe
    Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata Reticulated Giraffe
    Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi Rothschild's Giraffe
    Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi Masai Giraffe
    Okapia johnstoni Okapi
    Aepyceros melampus Impala
    Aepyceros melampus rendilis Kenyan Impala
    Aepyceros petersi Black-faced Impala
    Alcelaphus buselaphus caama Cape Hartebeest
    Alcelaphus buselaphus lelwel Jackson's Hartebeest
    Alcelaphus buselaphus swaynei Swayne's Hartebeest *
    Connochaetes gnou White-tailed Gnu
    Connochaetes taurinus Brindled Gnu
    Connochaetes taurinus albojubatus White-bearded Gnu
    Connochaetes taurinus taurinus Brindled Gnu
    Damaliscus korrigum topi Topi
    Damaliscus pygargus dorcas Bontebok
    Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi Blesbok
    Antidorcas marsupialis Springbok
    Antilope cervicapra Blackbuck
    Eudorcas rufifrons Red-fronted Gazelle
    Eudorcas thomsoni Thomson's Gazelle
    Gazella cuvieri Cuvier's Gazelle
    Gazella dorcas Dorcas Gazelle
    Gazella dorcas neglecta Saharan Dorcas Gazelle
    Gazella gazella cora Arabian Mountain Gazelle
    Gazella leptoceros Slender-horned Gazelle
    Gazella spekei Speke's Gazelle
    Gazella subgutterosa Goitered Gazelle
    Litocranius walleri walleri Southern Gerenuk
    Madoqua guentheri Günther's Dik-Dik
    Madoqua kirkii Kirk's Dik-Dik
    Madoqua saltiana hararensis Harar Dik-Dik *
    Nanger dama mhorr Mhorr Gazelle
    Nanger dama ruficollis Dama Gazelle
    Nanger granti Grant's Gazelle
    Nanger granti notatus Bright's Gazelle *
    Nanger soemmerringi Soemmerring's Gazelle *
    Neotragus moschatus zuluensis Zulu Suni
    Neotragus pygmaeus Royal Antelope
    Oreotragus oreotragus saltatrixoides Ethiopian Klipspringer
    Ourebia ourebi montana Sudan Oribi *
    Saiga tartarica tartarica Saiga
    Bison bison athabascae American Wood Bison
    Bison bison bison American Prairie Bison
    Bison bonasus European Bison
    Bos cf. primigenius Aurochs
    Bos frontalis Gayal
    Bos frontalis x Bos indicus Hybrid Cattle
    Bos gaurus Gaur
    Bos grunniens Domestic Yak
    Bos grunniens x Bos indicus Dzo
    Bos indicus Zebu
    Bos javanicus Banteng
    Bos taurus Domestic Cattle
    Boselaphus tragocamelus Nilgai
    Bubalus arnee Asian Water Buffalo
    Bubalus bubalis Domestic Water Buffalo
    Bubalus depressicornis Lowland Anoa
    Bubalus quarlesi Mountain Anoa
    Syncerus caffer caffer Cape Buffalo
    Syncerus caffer nanus Congo Buffalo
    Taurotragus derbianus gigas Giant Eland
    Taurotragus oryx Common Eland
    Taurotragus oryx pattersonianus Patterson's Eland
    Tetraceros quadricornis Four-horned Antelope
    Tragelaphus angasi Lowland Nyala
    Tragelaphus buxtoni Mountain Nyala *
    Tragelaphus euryceros isaaci Eastern Bongo
    Tragelaphus imberbis australis Southern Lesser Kudu
    Tragelaphus imberbis imberbis Northern Lesser Kudu *
    Tragelaphus spekei gratus Western Sitatunga
    Tragelaphus strepsiceros Greater Kudu
    Tragelaphus sylvaticus meneliki Menelik's Bushbuck *
    Ammotragus lervia Barbary Sheep
    Ammotragus lervia fassini Libyan Barbary Sheep
    Budorcas taxicolor bedfordi Golden Takin
    Budorcas taxicolor taxicolor Mishmi Takin
    Budorcas taxicolor thibetana Szechuan Takin
    Capra aegragrus cretica Cretan Wild Goat
    Capra caucasica West Caucasian Tur
    Capra cylindricornis East Caucasian Tur
    Capra falconeri Markhor
    Capra falconeri heptneri Turkmenian Markhor
    Capra hircus Domestic Goat
    Capra ibex Alpine Ibex
    Capra nubiana Nubian Ibex
    Capra pyrenaica hispanica Spanish Ibex
    Capra sibirica Siberian Ibex
    Capricornis crispus Japanese Serow
    Capricornis sumatrensis Mainland Serow
    Hemitragus jemlahicus Himalayan Tahr
    Naemorhedus caudatus arnouxianus Central Chinese Goral
    Naemorhedus griseus Grey Goral
    Oreamnos americanus Rocky Mountain Goat
    Ovibos moschatus Musk Ox
    Ovibos moschatus moschatus Alaskan Musk Ox
    Ovibos moschatus wardi European Musk Ox
    Ovis ammon polii Marco Polo Sheep
    Ovis aries Domestic Sheep
    Ovis aries laticaudus Fat-tailed Sheep
    Ovis canadensis californiae Californian Bighorn Sheep
    Ovis canadensis nelsoni Desert Bighorn Sheep
    Ovis dalli dalli Dall's Sheep
    Ovis musimon European Mouflon
    Ovis nivicola nivicola Kamchatkan Snow Sheep
    Ovis vignei arkal Transcapian Urial
    Ovis vignei bochariensis Tajik Urial
    Ovis vignei cycloceros Afghan Urial
    Pseudois nayaur Bharal
    Pseudois nayaur szechuanensis Chinese Bharal
    Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata Abruzzian Chamois
    Rupicapra rupicapra Alpine Chamois
    Cephalophus dorsalis Bay Duiker
    Cephalophus natalensis Natal Red Duiker
    Cephalophus rufilatus Red-flanked Duiker
    Cephalophus sylvicultor Yellow-backed Duiker
    Philantomba maxwelli Maxwell's Duiker
    Philantomba monticola congicus Congo Blue Duiker
    Sylvicapra grimmia caffra Kaffir Crowned Duiker
    Addax nasomaculatus Addax
    Hippotragus equinus Roan Antelope
    Hippotragus niger niger Southern Sable Antelope
    Oryx dammah Scimitar-horned Oryx
    Oryx beisa beisa Beisa Oryx *
    Oryx beisa callotis Fringe-eared Oryx
    Oryx gazella Gemsbok
    Oryx leucoryx Arabian Oryx
    Kobus ellipsiprymnus defassa Defassa Waterbuck
    Kobus ellipsiprymnus ellipsiprymnus Ellipsen Waterbuck
    Kobus ellipsiprymnus unctuosus Sing-Sing Waterbuck
    Kobus leche kafuensis Kafue Lechwe
    Kobus leche leche Red Lechwe
    Kobus megaceros Nile Lechwe
    Redunca fulvorufula fulvorufula Southern Mountain Reedbuck
    Redunca redunca bohor Bohor Reedbuck *

    Megaptera novaeangliae Humpback Whale *

    Cephalorhynchus commersonii Commerson's Dolphin
    Delphinus delphis delphis Short-beaked Common Dolphin *
    Globicephala macrorhynchus Short-finned Pilot Whale *
    Lagenorhynchus obliquidens Pacific White-sided Dolphin
    Orcinus orca Killer Whale
    Sotalia fluviatilis guianensis Guyanan Tucuxi
    Stenella attenuata Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
    Tursiops truncatus Bottle-nosed Dolphin
    Tursiops truncatus ponticus Black Sea Bottle-nosed Dolphin
    Tursiops truncatus truncatus Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphin *
    Delphinapterus leucas Beluga
    Phocoena phocoena phocoena Atlantic Harbour Porpoise *
    Inia geoffrensis humboldtiana Orinoco River Dolphin

    Ratufa bicolor condorensis Condao Black Giant Squirrel
    Ratufa macroura Grizzled Giant Squirrel
    Sciurus anomalus Caucasian Squirrel
    Sciurus carolinensis Eastern Grey Squirrel *
    Sciurus carolinensis extimus Florida Grey Squirrel *
    Sciurus granatensis Red-tailed Squirrel *
    Sciurus lis Japanese Squirrel
    Sciurus niger Eastern Fox Squirrel *
    Sciurus niger avicennia Big Cypress Fox Squirrel *
    Sciurus stramineus Guayaquil Squirrel
    Sciurus variegatoides ogilbyi Ogilby's Variegated Squirrel
    Sciurus variegatoides dorsalis Black and White Variegated Squirrel *
    Sciurus variegatoides thomasi Thomas' Variegated Squirrel *
    Sciurus vulgaris European Red Squirrel
    Sciurus vulgaris exalbidus Siberian Red Squirrel
    Sciurus vulgaris jessinejensis Jessinej Red Squirrel
    Sciurus vulgaris leucourus British Red Squirrel
    Sciurus vulgaris vulgaris European Red Squirrel *
    Syntheosciurus brochus Poás Squirrel *
    Tamiasciurus douglasii Douglas' Pine Squirrel
    Tamiasciurus hudsonicus American Red Squirrel
    Glaucomys volans Southern Flying Squirrel
    Petaurista petaurista petaurista Red Giant Flying Squirrel
    Pteromys volans Siberian Flying Squirrel
    Callosciurus erythraeus Red-bellied Squirrel
    Callosciurus inornatus Inornate Squirrel *
    Callosciurus notatus Plantain Squirrel
    Callosciurus notatus dilutus North Bornean Plantain Squirrel *
    Callosciurus prevostii Prevost's Squirrel
    Callosciurus prevostii bangkanus Bangka Prevost's Squirrel
    Callosciurus prevostii rafflesii Raffles' Squirrel
    Dremomys sp. Long-nosed Squirrel *
    Tamiops macclellandii Himalayan Striped Squirrel
    Tamiops rodolphii Cambodian Striped Squirrel *
    Tamiops swinhoei Swinhoe's Striped Squirrel
    Ammospermophilus leucurus White-tailed Antelope Ground Squirrel
    Cynomys gunnisonii Gunnison's Prairie Marmot
    Cynomys ludovicianus Black-tailed Prairie Marmot
    Tamias sibiricus Siberian Chipmunk
    Tamias striatus Eastern Chipmunk *
    Heliosciurus gambianus multicolor Ethiopian Gambian Sun Squirrel *
    Heliosciurus rufobrachium Red-legged Sun Squirrel
    Marmota bobak Bobak Marmot
    Marmota marmota Alpine Marmot *
    Paraxerus cepapi Smith's Bush Squirrel
    Sciurotamias davidianus Père David's Rock Squirrel
    Sciurotamias forresti Forrest's Rock Squirrel
    Spermophilus beecheyi California Ground Squirrel *
    Spermophilus citellus European Souslik
    Spermophilus richardsoni Richardson's Ground Squirrel
    Spermophilus tridecemlineatus Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel
    Spermophilus variegatus Variegated Rock Squirrel
    Xerus inauris Cape Ground Squirrel
    Xerus rutilus Unstriped Ground Squirrel
    Graphiurus kelleni Kellen's Pygmy Dormouse
    Graphiurus murinus African Pygmy Dormouse
    Graphiurus parvus Lesser Savannah Dormouse
    Dryomys nitidula Forest Dormouse
    Eliomys melanurus Large-eared Garden Dormouse
    Eliomys quercinus Common Garden Dormouse
    Glis glis Edible Dormouse *

    Castor canadensis Canadian Beaver
    Castor fiber European Beaver
    Dipodomys merriami Merriam's Kangaroo Rat

    Allactaga elater Small Five-toed Jerboa
    Allactaga tetradactyla Four-toed Jerboa
    Jaculus jaculus Lesser Egyptian Jerboa
    Jaculus orientalis Greater Egyptian Jerboa
    Tachyoryctes macrocephalus Ethiopian Giant Mole Rat *
    Calomyscus mystax Great Balkan Mouse-like Hamster
    Beamys hindei Hinde's Pouched Rat
    Cricetomys emini Emin's Giant Pouched Rat
    Cricetomys gambianus Gambian Giant Pouched Rat
    Malacothrix typica Large-eared Swamp Mouse
    Eliurus grandidieri Grandidier's Tufted-tailed Rat
    Hypogeomys antimena Malagasy Giant Jumping Rat
    Alticola barakshin Barakshin Vole
    Arvicola terrestris Northern Water Vole *
    Lagurus lagurus Steppe Lemming
    Microtus agrestis Field Vole *
    Microtus arvalis Common Vole
    Microtus brandti Brandt's Vole
    Microtus fortis Reed Vole
    Microtus guntheri Gunther's Vole
    Myodes glareolus Bank Vole *
    Myodes glareolus caesarius Jersey Bank Vole
    Cricetulus griseus Chinese Hamster
    Cricetus cricetus European Hamster
    Mesocricetus auratus Golden Hamster
    Phodopus campbelli Campbell's Dwarf Hamster
    Phodopus roborovskii Roborovski's Dwarf Hamster
    Phodopus sungorus Hairy-footed Hamster
    Peromyscus eremicus Cactus Mouse
    Peromyscus maniculatus North American Deer Mouse
    Peromyscus polionotus trissyllepsis Perdido Key Beach Mouse
    Peromyscus sp. Black and White Deer Mouse
    Sigmodon hispidus Hispid Cotton Rat
    Acomys cahirinus Arabian Spiny Mouse
    Acomys cahirinus cahirinus Dusky Arabian Spiny Mouse
    Acomys cahirinus hunteri Hunter's Spiny Mouse
    Acomys cilicicus Turkish Spiny Mouse
    Acomys dimidiatus Sinai Spiny Mouse
    Acomys minous Cretan Spiny Mouse
    Acomys russatus Golden Spiny Mouse
    Acomys russatus russatus Pale Golden Spiny Mouse
    Acomys seurati Seurat's Spiny Mouse
    Acomys sp. nov. Mount Kulal Spiny Mouse
    Acomys spinosissimus Pygmy Spiny Mouse
    Dipodillus campestris Rock Gerbil
    Gerbillus andersoni Anderson's Gerbil
    Gerbillus gerbillus gerbillus Lesser Egyptian Gerbil
    Gerbillus nanus Baluchistan Dwarf Gerbil
    Gerbillus perpallidus Pallid Gerbil
    Gerbillus pusillus Least Gerbil
    Meriones arimalius Arabian Jird
    Meriones crassus perpallidus Sundevall's Jird
    Meriones libycus syrius Syrian Jird
    Meriones persicus Persian Jird
    Meriones shawii Shaw's Jird
    Meriones tristrami Tristram's Jird
    Meriones unguiculatus Mongolian Gerbil
    Pachyuromys duprasi Fat-tailed Duprasi
    Psammomys obesus Fat Sand Rat
    Sekeetamys calurus Bushy-tailed Jird
    Sekeetamys calurus calurus Arabian Bushy-tailed Jird
    Sekeetamys calurus makrami Egyptian Bushy-tailed Jird
    Apodemus sylvaticus Long-tailed Wood Mouse *
    Arvicanthis blicki Blick's Grass Rat *
    Arvicanthis neumanni Neumann's Grass Rat
    Arvicanthis niloticus Nile Grass Rat
    Crateromys heaneyi Panay Cloud Rat
    Hydromys chrysogaster Australian Water Rat
    Lemniscomys barbarus Barbary Striped Grass Mouse
    Lemniscomys striatus Typical Striped Grass Mouse
    Lemniscomys striatus ardeus Mount Kenya Striped Grass Mouse
    Lophuromys melanonyx Black-clawed Brush-furred Rat *
    Mastomys natalensis Natal Multimammate Rat
    Micromys minutus European Harvest Mouse
    Mus mattheyi Matthey's Mouse
    Mus cf. minutoides African Pygmy Mouse
    Mus musculus House Mouse *
    Mus musculus domestica Fancy Mouse
    Notomys alexis Spinifex Hopping Mouse
    Phloeomys cumingi Southern Luzon Cloud Rat
    Phloeomys pallidus Northern Luzon Cloud Rat
    Rattus norvegicus Brown Rat *
    Rattus norvegicus domestica Domestic Rat
    Rattus rattus Black Rat
    Rhabdomys dilectus Mesic Four-striped Grass Mouse
    Rhabdomys pumilio Xeric Four-striped Grass Mouse
    Thallomys cf. loringi Loring's Acacia Rat
    Thallomys nigricauda Black-tailed Acacia Rat
    Thallomys paedulcus Common Acacia Rat
    Thallomys sp. Acacia Rat

    Pedetes capensis South African Springhaas
    Pedetes surdaster East African Springhaas

    Ctenodactylus gundi Common Gundi
    Cryptomys anselli Ansell's Mole Rat
    Fukomys mechowi Mechow's Giant Mole Rat
    Heterocephalus glaber Naked Mole Rat
    Atherurus africanus African Brush-tailed Porcupine
    Atherurus macrourus Asian Brush-tailed Porcupine
    Hystrix africaeaustralis Cape Crested Porcupine
    Hystrix brachyura Malayan Porcupine
    Hystrix cristata African Crested Porcupine
    Hystrix indica Indian Crested Porcupine
    Hystrix leucura (=indica) White-tailed Porcupine
    Hystrix pumila Palawan Porcupine
    Petromus typicus Dassie Rat
    Erethizon dorsatum North American Tree Porcupine
    Coendou prehensilis Brazilian Prehensile-tailed Porcupine
    Sphiggurus mexicanus Mexican Prehensile-tailed Porcupine *
    Chinchilla lanigera Long-tailed Chinchilla
    Lagidium peruanum Northern Mountain Viscacha
    Lagidium viscaccia Southern Mountain Viscacha
    Lagostomus maximus Argentine Plains Viscacha
    Dinomys branicki Pacarana
    Cavia aperea Wild Cavy
    Cavia aperea cutleri Cutler's Wild Cavy
    Cavia magna Giant Cavy
    Cavia porcellus Guinea Pig
    Galea monasteriensis Munster Yellow-toothed Cavy
    Galea musteloides Weasel Cavy
    Dolichotis patagonum Patagonian Mara
    Dolichotis salinicola Chacoan Mara
    Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris Greater Capybara
    Kerodon rupestris Rock Cavy
    Dasyprocta aguti Brazilian Agouti
    Dasyprocta aguti croconota Croconota Agouti
    Dasyprocta azarae Azara's Agouti
    Dasyprocta fuliginosa Black Agouti
    Dasyprocta leporina Orange-rumped Agouti
    Dasyprocta prymnolopha Hairy-rumped Agouti
    Dasyprocta punctata Central American Agouti *
    Dasyprocta sp. Agouti
    Myoprocta acouchy Red Acouchi
    Myoprocta pratti Green Acouchi
    Cuniculus paca Common Paca
    Cuniculus taczanowskii Mountain Paca
    Octodon degus Degu
    Spalacopus cyanus Cururo
    Myocastor coypus Coypu
    Capromys pilorides Desmarest's Hutia
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  10. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    Maguari, that's a amazing list. In April (Paignton included in the road trip) I may see short-beaked echidna
  11. lintworm

    lintworm Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    27 Oct 2008
    Mayotte lemur is not a valid subspecies :p

    I am somewhere over 500 mammal species myself, including about 150 species seen in the wild.
  12. Maguari

    Maguari Never could get the hang of Thursdays. Premium Member

    12 Oct 2007
    Chesterfield, Derbyshire
    Well, I did say... :D

    There're a few other obvious 'dodgy' subspecies in there - I want to keep them listed because we all know how they sometimes come back later, and I don't want to lose that information, but I will be working in an indication of the valid taxon eventually. I don't even think Eulemur fulvus mayottensis is the most dodgy one on the list. Some of them are cases where a subspecies was labelled at a zoo but I'm not convinced by purity, as well... ;)
  13. Giant Eland

    Giant Eland Well-Known Member

    4 Feb 2010
    Port Washington, NY, USA
    930 Total Species Seen
    928 Photographed (-2 for southern spotted skunk & nilgiri tahr)

    1. (Tachyglossus aculeatus) Short-beaked echidna
    2. (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) Duck-billed platypus

    1. (Caluromys derbianus) Derby’s woolly opossum
    2. (Caluromys philander) bare-tailed woolly opossum
    3. (Philander opossum) Four-eyed opossum
    4. (Chironectes minimus) Yapok
    5. (Didelphis albiventris) white-eared opossum
    6. (Didelphis aurita) big-eared opossum
    7. (Didelphis marsupialis) Common opossum
    8. (Didelphis virginiana) Virginia opossum
    9. (Marmosa mexicana) Mexican mouse opossum
    10. (Monodelphis domestica) Grey short-tailed opossum
    11. (Phascogale calura) Red-tailed Phascogale
    12. (Antechinus agilis) Agile Antechinus
    13. (Sminthopsis crassicaudata) Fat-tailed Dunnart
    14. (Sminthopsis douglasi) Julia Creek Dunnart
    15. (Dasycercus byrnei) Kowari
    16. (Dasyurus hallucatus) Northern Quoll
    17. (Dasyurus viverrinus) Eastern quoll
    18. (Dasyurus maculates) Tiger quoll
    19. (Sarcophilus harrisii) Tasmanian devil
    20. (Macrotis lagotis) Bilby
    21. (Parameles gunnii) Eastern Barred Bandicoot
    22. (Phascolarctos cinereus) Koala
    23. (Vombatus ursinus) Common Wombat
    24. (Lasiorhinus latifrons) Southern hairy-nosed wombat
    25. (Strigocuscus gymnotis) Ground cuscus
    26. (Trichosurus vulpecula) Common Brushtail Possum
    27. (Trichosurus caninus) short-eared Possum
    28. (Spilocuscus maculates) Common Spotted cuscus
    29. (Hypsiprymnodon moschatus) Musky Rat-kangaroo
    30. (Potorous tridactylus) Long-nosed potoroo
    31. (Bettongia penicillata) Brush-tailed Bettong
    32. (Bettongia tropica) Northern Bettong
    33. (Bettongia gaimardi) Tasmanian, Eastern Bettong
    34. (Aeprprymnus rufescens) Rufous Bettong
    35. (Dendrolagus lumholtzi) Lumholtz’s Tree-kangaroo
    36. (Dendrolagus goodfellowi) Goodfellow's tree kangaroo
    37. (Dendrolagus matschiei) Matschie's tree kangaroo
    38. (Setonix brachyurus) Quokka
    39. (Thylogale billardierii) Red-bellied Pademelon
    40. (Thylogale thetis) Red-necked Pademelon
    41. (Thylogale stigmatica) Red-legged Pademelon
    42. (Thylogale brunii) Dusky Pademelon
    43. (Petrogale xanthopus) Yellow-footed Rock wallaby
    44. (Petrogale persephone) Proserpine Rock-wallaby
    45. (Petrogale penicillata) Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby
    46. (Petrogale lateralis) Black-footed Rock-wallaby
    47. (Onychogalea fraenata) Brindled nail-tailed Wallaby
    48. (Wallabia bicolor) Swamp wallaby
    49. (Macropus parma) Parma wallaby
    50. (Macropus dorsalis) Black-striped Wallaby
    51. (Macropus agilis) Agile Wallaby
    52. (Macropus rufogriseus) Red-necked wallaby
    53. (Macropus eugenii) Tammar wallaby
    54. (Macropus parryi) Pretty-faced, Whiptail Wallaby
    55. (Macropus giganteus) Eastern grey kangaroo
    56. (Macropus fuliginosus) Western grey kangaroo
    57. (Macropus robustus) Hill wallaroo
    58. (Macropus rufus) Red kangaroo
    59. (Cercartetus nanus) Eastern Pygmy-possum
    60. (Burramys parvus) Mountain Pygmy-possum
    61. (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) Common Ringtail Possum
    62. (Petaurus breviceps) Sugar glider
    63. (Petaurus nofolcensis) Squirrel Glider
    64. (Petaurus australis) Yellow-bellied Glider
    65. (Petaurus gracilis) Mahogany Glider
    66. (Dactylopsila trivirgata) Striped possum
    67. (Acrobates pygmaeus) Flying mouse

    1.) (Cryptotis parva) American least shrew
    2.) (Neomys fodiens) Eurasian Water Shrew
    3.) (Suncus murinus) Asian House Shrew
    4.) (Erinaceus europaeus) European Hedgehog
    5.) (Atelerix albiventris) Four-toed Hedgehog
    6.) (Atelerix algirus) North African Hedgehog
    7.) (Atelerix frontalis) Southern African Hedgehog
    8.) (Hemiechinus auritus) long-eared Hedgehog
    9.) (Setifer setosus) Greater Hedgehog Tenrec
    10.) (Echinops telfairi) Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec
    11.) (Tenrec ecaudatus) tailless tenrec


    1. (Anoura geoffroyi) Geoffroy’s tailless bat
    2. (Antrozous pallidus) Pallid Bat
    3. (Artibeus jamaicensis) Jamaican fruit bat
    4. (Artibeus lituratus) Great fruit-eating bat
    5. (Artibeus toltecus) Toltec fruit-eating bat
    6. (Artibeus watsoni) Thomas’s fruit-eating bat
    7. (Carollia perspicillata) Seba’s short-tailed Bat
    8. (Carollia castanea) Chestnut short-tailed bat
    9. (Carollia sowelli) Sowell’s short-tailed bat
    10. (Cynopterus brachyotis) Lesser dog-faced fruit bat
    11. (Desmodus rotundus) Common vampire bat
    12. (Diaemus youngi) White-winged vampire bat
    13. (Ectophylla alba) Honduran white bat
    14. (Eidolon helvum) Straw-coloured fruit bat
    15. (Epomophorus gambianus) Gambian epauletted bat
    16. (Epomophorus wahlbergi) Wahlberg's epauletted fruit bat
    17. (Eptesicus fuscus) big brown bat
    18. (Erophylla sezekorni) buffy flower bat
    19. (Glossophaga commissarisi) Commissaris’s long-tongued bat
    20. (Glossophaga soricina) Pallas' long-tongued bat
    21. (Hylonycteris underwoodi) Underwood’s long-tongued bat
    22. (Lasionycteris noctivagans) silver-haired bat
    23. (Leptonycteris curasoae) Southern long-nosed bat
    24. (Leptonycteris yerbabuenae) Lesser Long-nosed Bat
    25. (Lonchophylla robusta) Orange nectar bat
    26. (Macroderma gigas) Ghost bat
    27. (Megaerma lyra) Indian False Vampire
    28. (Mesophylla macconnelli) MacConnell’s bat
    29. (Myotis albescens) Silver-tipped myotis
    30. (Myotis nigricans) Black myotis
    31. (Noctilio leporinus) Greater bulldog bat
    32. (Nycticeius humeralis) evening bat
    33. (Peropteryx kappleri) Greater dog-like bat
    34. (Phyllostomus discolor) Pale spear-nosed bat
    35. (Phyllostomus hastatus) Greater spear-nosed bat
    36. (Platyrrhinus vittatus) Greater broad-nosed bat
    37. (Pteropus conspicillatus) Spectacled flying fox
    38. (Pteropus giganteus) Indian flying fox
    39. (Pteropus hypomelanus) Vietnamese small flying fox
    40. (Pteropus lylei) Lyle’s flying fox
    41. (Pteropus poliocephalus) Grey-headed flying fox
    42. (Pteropus pumilus) Little Golden-mantled Flying Fox
    43. (Pteropus rodricensis) Rodrigues flying fox
    44. (Pteropus scapulatus) Little red flying fox
    45. (Pteropus vampyrus) Large flying fox
    46. (Rhynchonycteris naso) proboscis bat
    47. (Rousettus aegyptiacus) Egyptian fruit bat
    48. (Rousettus lanosus) Long-haired Rousette
    49. (Saccopteryx bilineata) Greater sac-winged bat
    50. (Saccopteryx leptura) Lesser sac-winged bat
    51. (Tadarida brasiliensis) Mexican free-tailed bat
    52. (Thoopterus nigrescens) Swift fruit bat
    53. (Uroderma bilobatum) Tent-making bat

    Elephant Shrews:

    1.) (Elephantulus rufescens) Rufous Elephant-shrew
    2.) (Macroscelides proboscideus) Short-eared Elephant Shrew
    3.) (Rhynchocyon cirnei) Checkered Elephant Shrew
    4.) (Rhynchocyon petersi) Black and Rufous Elephant Shrew

    Tree Shrews:

    1.) (Tupaia belangeri) Northern Tree Shrew
    2.) (Tupaia glis) Common Treeshrew
    3.) (Tupaia minor) pygmy tree shrew
    4.) (Tupaia tana) large tree shrew

    1.) (Cephalopachus bancanus) Western Tarsier
    2.) (Galago moholi) mohol bushbaby
    3.) (Galago senegalensis) Senegal bushbaby
    4.) (Otolemur crassicaudatus) Greater Galago
    5.) (Otolemur garnettii) Garnett's galago
    6.) (Perodicticus potto) potto
    7.) (Loris lydekkerianus) gray slender loris
    8.) (Loris tardigradus) red slender loris
    9.) (Nycticebus bengalensis) Bengal slow loris
    10.) (Nycticebus coucang) Sunda slow loris
    11.) (Nycticebus pygmaeus) pygmy slow loris
    12.) (Cheirogaleus medius) fat-tailed dwarf lemur
    13.) (Microcebus lehilahytsara) Goodman's mouse lemur
    14.) (Microcebus murinus) gray mouse lemur
    15.) (Mirza coquereli) Coquerel's giant mouse lemur
    16.) (Eulemur albifrons) white-headed lemur
    17.) (Eulemur cincereiceps) gray-headed lemur
    18.) (Eulemur collaris) collared lemur
    19.) (Eulemur coronatus) Crowned Lemur
    20.) (Eulemur flavifrons) blue-eyed black lemur
    21.) (Eulemur fulvus) common brown lemur
    22.) (Eulemur macaco) Black Lemur
    23.) (Eulemur mongoz) mongoose lemur
    24.) (Eulemur sanfordi) Sanford’s brown lemur
    25.) (Eulemur rubriventer) Red-bellied Lemur
    26.) (Eulemur rufifrons) red-fronted lemur
    27.) (Eulemur rufus) red lemur
    28.) (Lemur catta) ring-tailed lemur
    29.) (Varecia rubra) red ruffed lemur
    30.) (Varecia variegata) black-and-white ruffed lemur
    31.) (Daubentonia madagascariensis) aye-aye
    32.) (Hapalemur alaotrensis) Lac Alaotra bamboo lemur
    33.) (Hapalemur griseus) Gray Bamboo Lemur
    34.) (Hapalemur occidentalis) Western Lesser Bamboo Lemur
    35.) (Prolemur simus) Greater Bamboo Lemur
    36.) (Propithecus coquereli) Coquerel's sifaka
    37.) (Propithecus coronatus) crowned sifaka
    38.) (Cebus albifrons) white-fronted capuchin
    39.) (Cebus apella) tufted capuchin
    40.) (Cebus capucinus) white-headed capuchin
    41.) (Cebus flavius) blonde capuchin
    42.) (Cebus kaapori) Kaapori capuchin
    43.) (Cebus libidinosus) black-striped capuchin
    44.) (Cebus nigritus) black capuchin
    45.) (Cebus olivaceus) weeper capuchin
    46.) (Cebus robustus) robust tufted capuchin
    47.) (Cebus xanthosternos) golden-bellied capuchin
    48.) (Saimiri boliviensis) Bolivian squirrel monkey
    49.) (Saimiri oerstedii) Central American squirrel monkey
    50.) (Saimiri sciureus) common squirrel monkey
    51.) (Saimiri ustus) bare-eared squirrel monkey
    52.) (Chiropotes albinasus) white-nosed saki
    53.) (Chiropotes chiropotes) Red-backed bearded saki
    54.) (Chiropotes satanas) black bearded saki
    55.) (Chiropotes utahicki) Uta Hick's bearded saki
    56.) (Pithecia irrorata) Rio Tapajos saki
    57.) (Pithecia monachus) Monk Saki
    58.) (Pithecia pithecia) white-faced saki
    59.) (Alouatta belzebul) Red-handed howler
    60.) (Alouatta caraya) Black Howler
    61.) (Alouatta guariba) Brown howler
    62.) (Alouatta palliata) Mantled howler
    63.) (Alouatta pigra) Guatemalan Black Howler
    64.) (Alouatta seniculus) Venezuelan red howler
    65.) (Aotus azarae) Azara's night monkey
    66.) (Aotus griseimembra) gray-handed night monkey
    67.) (Aotus miconax) Peruvian night monkey
    68.) (Aotus nancymaae) Nancy Ma's night monkey
    69.) (Aotus nigriceps) Black-headed night monkey
    70.) (Aotus trivirgatus) Three-striped night monkey
    71.) (Aotus vociferans) Spix’s night monkey
    72.) (Ateles belzebuth) Long-haired spider monkey
    73.) (Ateles chamek) Peruvian spider monkey
    74.) (Ateles fusciceps) Black-headed spider monkey
    75.) (Ateles geoffroyi) Geoffroy's spider monkey
    76.) (Ateles hybridus) brown spider monkey
    77.) (Ateles marginatus) White-cheeked spider monkey
    78.) (Ateles paniscus) Red-faced Spider Monkey
    79.) (Brachyteles arachnoids) Southern muriqui
    80.) (Lagothrix lugens) Columbian woolly monkey
    81.) (Lagothrix lagotricha) common woolly monkey
    82.) (Lagothris poeppigii) Silvery woolly monkey
    83.) (Oreonax flavicauda) Yellow-tailed woolly monkey
    84.) (Callimico goeldii) Goeldi's monkey
    85.) (Callithrix aurita) buffy-tufted marmoset
    86.) (Callithrix geoffroyi) white-headed marmoset
    87.) (Callithrix jacchus) common marmoset
    88.) (Callithrix kuhlii) black tufted-ear marmoset
    89.) (Callithrix penicillata) black-tufted marmoset
    90.) (Callithrix pygmaea) pygmy marmoset
    91.) (Leontopithecus chrysomelas) golden-headed lion tamarin
    92.) (Leontopithecus chrysopygus) black lion tamarin
    93.) (Leontopithecus rosalia golden lion tamarin
    94.) (Mico argentatus) silvery marmoset
    95.) (Mico melanurus) black-tailed marmoset
    96.) (Saguinus bicolor) pied tamarin
    97.) (Saguinus fuscicollis) brown-mantled tamarin
    98.) (Saguinus geoffroyi) Geoffroy's tamarin
    99.) (Saguinus graellsi) Graells’s tamarin
    100.) (Saguinus imperator) Emperor Tamarin
    101.) (Saguinus labiatus) red-bellied tamarin
    102.) (Saguinus leucopus) White-footed tamarin
    103.) (Saguinus midas) red-handed tamarin
    104.) (Saguinus mystax) moustached tamarin
    105.) (Saguinus nigricollis) Black-mantled Tamarin
    106.) (Saguinus oedipus) cotton-top tamarin
    107.) (Callicebus brunneus) brown titi monkey
    108.) (Callicebus cupreus) red titi monkey
    109.) (Callicebus discolor) white-tailed titi monkey
    110.) (Callicebus donacophilus) Bolivian Grey Titi Monkey
    111.) (Callicebus moloch) Dusky titi monkey
    112.) (Callicebus nigrifons) black-fronted titi monkey
    113.) (Callicebus oenanthe) San Martin titi monkey
    114.) (Callicebus vieirai) Vieira’s titi monkey
    115.) (Cacajao calvus) Red Uakari
    116.) (Allenopithecus nigroviridis) Allen's swamp monkey
    117.) (Cercopithecus albogularis) Sykes’ monkey
    118.) (Cercopithecus ascanius) red-tailed guenon
    119.) (Cercopithecus campbelli) Campbell's guenon
    120.) (Cercopithecus cephus) moustached guenon
    121.) (Cercopithecus diana) Diana monkey
    122.) (Cercopithecus hamlyni) Owl-faced monkey
    123.) (Cercopithecus lhoesti) L'Hoest's monkey
    124.) (Cercopithecus mitis) blue monkey
    125.) (Cercopithecus mona) mona monkey
    126.) (Cercopithecus neglectus) De Brazza's monkey
    127.) (Cercopithecus nictitans) greater spot-nosed monkey
    128.) (Cercopithecus petaurista) lesser white-nosed monkey
    129.) (Cercopithecus pogonias) crowned guenon
    130.) (Cercopithecus roloway) Roloway monkey
    131.) (Cercopithecus wolfi) Wolf's guenon
    132.) (Chlorocebus aethiops) grivet
    133.) (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) vervet monkey
    134.) (Chlorocebus sabaeus) green monkey
    135.) (Erythrocebus patas) patas monkey
    136.) (Miopithecus ogouensis) Gabon talapoin
    137.) (Mandrillus sphinx) mandrill
    138.) (Mandrillus leucophaeus) Drill
    139.) (Theropithecus gelada) gelada
    140.) (Papio ursinus) Chacma baboon
    141.) (Papio cynocephalus) yellow baboon
    142.) (Papio anubis) olive baboon
    143.) (Papio hamadryas) Hamadryas baboon
    144.) (Papio papio) Guinea baboon
    145.) (Cercocebus agilis) agile mangabey
    146.) (Cercocebus atys) sooty mangabey
    147.) (Cercocebus chrysogaster) golden-bellied mangabey
    148.) (Cercocebus torquatus) collared mangabey
    149.) (Lophocebus albigena) gray-cheeked mangabey
    150.) (Lophocebus aterrimus) Black crested mangabey
    151.) (Colobus angolensis) Angolan colobus
    152.) (Colobus guereza) guereza
    153.) (Colobus polykomos) king colobus
    154.) (Macaca arctoides) stump-tailed macaque
    155.) (Macaca fascicularis) Crab-eating macaque
    156.) (Macaca fuscata) Japanese macaque
    157.) (Macaca hecki) Heck's macaque
    158.) (Macaca mulatta) Rhesus macaque
    159.) (Macaca nemestrina) southern pig-tailed macaque
    160.) (Macaca nigra) Celebes crested macaque
    161.) (Macaca radiata) bonnet macaque
    162.) (Macaca silenus) lion-tailed macaque
    163.) (Macaca sinica) toque macaque
    164.) (Macaca sylvanus) Barbary Macaque
    165.) (Macaca tonkeana) Tonkean macaque
    166.) (Nasalis larvatus) proboscis monkey
    167.) (Presbytis comata) Javan surili
    168.) (Presbytis melalophos) banded surili
    169.) (Pygathrix nemaeus) red-shanked douc langur
    170.) (Semnopitheaus entellus) Hanuman Langur
    171.) (Trachypithecus auratus) Javan leaf monkey
    172.) (Trachypithecus cristatus) silvered leaf monkey
    173.) (Trachypithecus francoisi) Francois' langur
    174.) (Trachypithecus obscurus) spectacled langur
    175.) (Hoolock hoolock) western hoolock gibbon
    176.) (Hylobates agilis) agile gibbon
    177.) (Hylobates lar) lar gibbon
    178.) (Hylobates moloch) Javan gibbon
    179.) (Hylobates muelleri) Müller's gray gibbon
    180.) (Hylobates pileatus) pileated gibbon
    181.) (Nomascus gabriellae) red-cheeked gibbon
    182.) (Nomascus leucogenys) northern white-cheeked gibbon
    183.) (Nomascus siki) southern white-cheeked gibbon
    184.) (Symphalangus syndactylus) siamang
    185.) (Pan troglodytes) common chimpanzee
    186.) (Pan paniscus) bonobo
    187.) (Pongo abelii) Sumatran orangutan
    188.) (Pongo pygmaeus) Bornean orangutan
    189.) (Gorilla gorilla) western lowland gorilla
    190.) (Homo sapiens) Human Beings

    1.) (Cyclopes didactylus) silky anteater
    2.) (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) Giant Anteater
    3.) (Tamandua mexicana) northern tamandua
    4.) (Tamandua tetradactyla) Southern Tamandua
    5.) (Bradypus variegatus) brown-throated three-toed sloth
    6.) (Choloepus didactylus) Linnaeus's two-toed sloth
    7.) (Choloepus hoffmanni) Hoffmann's two-toed sloth
    8.) (Cabassous unicinctus) Southern naked-tailed armadillo
    9.) (Chaetophractus nationi) Bolivian hairy armadillo
    10.) (Chaetophractus vellerosus) Screaming Hairy Armadillo
    11.) (Chaetophractus villosus) Big Hairy Armadillo
    12.) (Dasypus novemcinctus) nine-banded armadillo
    13.) (Euphractus sexcinctus) Six-banded Armadillo
    14.) (Priodontes maximus) Giant Armadillo
    15.) (Tolypeutes matacus) Southern three-banded armadillo
    16.) (Tolypeutes tricinctus) Brazilian three-banded armadillo
    17.) (Zaedyus pichiy) pichi
    18.) (Manis pentadactyla) Chinese Pangolin
    19.) (Manis tricuspis) Tree Pangolin

    1.) (Ochotona dauurica) Daurian pika
    2.) (Ochotona princeps) American pika
    3.) (Lepus califonicus) Black-tailed jack rabbit
    4.) (Lepus europaeus) European hare
    5.) (Oryctolagus cuniculus) European Rabbit
    6.) (Romerolagus diazi) volcano rabbit
    7.) (Sylvilagus audubonii) Desert Cottontail
    8.) (Sylvilagus bachmani) Brush Rabbit
    9.) (Sylvilagus floridanus) eastern cottontail

    1. (Acomys cahirinus cahirinus) Dusky Egyptian spiny mouse
    2. (Acomys cilicicus) Asia minor spiny mouse
    3. (Acomys dimidiatus) Arabian spiny mouse
    4. (Acomys minous) Crete spiny mouse
    5. (Acomys russatus) Golden spiny mouse
    6. (Acomys percivali) Mount Kulal spiny mouse
    7. (Acomys seurati) Seurat’s spiny mouse
    8. (Acomys spinosissimus) Dwarf Spiny mouse
    9. (Acomys wilsoni) Kenyan spiny mouse
    10. (Allactaga elater) Small five-toed jerboa
    11. (Ammospermophilus harrisii) Harris' Antelope Squirrel
    12. (Apodemus microps) Pygmy field mouse
    13. (Apodemus sylvaticus) European woodmouse
    14. (Arvicanthis neumanni) Neumann's grass rat
    15. (Arvicanthis niloticus niloticus) Nile rat
    16. (Arvicola amphibious) British water vole
    17. (Atherurus africanus) African brush-tailed porcupine
    18. (Beamys hindei) Long-tailed pouched rat
    19. (Callosciurus erythraeus) Red-bellied squirrel
    20. (Callosciurus prevostii) Prevost's squirrel
    21. (Callospermophilus lateralis) golden-mantled ground squirrel
    22. (Calomyscus mystax) Afghan mouse-like hamster
    23. (Cannomys badius) Lesser bamboo rat
    24. (Capromys pilorides) Desmarest's hutia
    25. (Castor canadensis) North American Beaver
    26. (Cavia aperea) Brazilian Guinea pig
    27. (Cavia magna) Greater guinea pig
    28. (Cavia porcellus) Peruvian Guinea pig
    29. (Chinchilla lanigera) Long-tailed Chinchilla
    30. (Coendou bicolor) Bicolored-spined Porcupine
    31. (Coendou prehensilis) Brazilian porcupine
    32. (Cricetomys emini) Emin's Pouched Rat
    33. (Cricetomys gambianus) Gambian giant pouched rat
    34. (Cricetulus griseus) Chinese hamster
    35. (Cricetus cricetus) Common hamster
    36. (Cryptomys anselli) Ansell's mole-rat
    37. (Ctenodactylus gundi) Common Gundi
    38. (Cuniculus paca) Lowland Paca
    39. (Cuniculus taczanowskii) Mountain Paca
    40. (Cynomys ludovicianus) Black-tailed prairie dog
    41. (Dasyprocta azarae) Azara's agouti
    42. (Dasyprocta fuliginosa) Black agouti
    43. (Dasyprocta leporina) Brazilian agouti
    44. (Dasyprocta mexicana) Mexican agouti
    45. (Dasyprocta prymnolopha) Black-rumped agouti
    46. (Dasyprocta punctata) Central American Agouti
    47. (Dinomys branickii) Pacarana
    48. (Dipodomys deserti) desert kangaroo rat
    49. (Dipodomys merriami) Merriam's kangaroo rat
    50. (Dipodomys ordii) Ord’s kangaroo rat
    51. (Dipodomys spectabilis) Banner-tailed kangaroo rat
    52. (Dolichotis patagonum) Patagonian cavy
    53. (Dremomys pernyi) Perny's ground squirrel
    54. (Dryomys nitedula) Forest dormouse
    55. (Eliomys melanurus) Asian Garden dormouse
    56. (Eliomys quercinus) Garden dormouse
    57. (Eliurus grandidieri) Grandidier’s Tufted-tailed Rat
    58. (Erethizon dorsatum) North American porcupine
    59. (Eutamias sibiricus) Siberian chipmunk
    60. (Fukomys mechowii) Mechow’s mole rat
    61. (Funambulus palmarum) Indian Palm Squirrel
    62. (Funambulus pennantii) Five-striped Palm Squirrel
    63. (Funisciurus pyrrhopus talboti) Cameroon fire-footed rope squirrel
    64. (Galea monasteriensis) Muenster guinea pig
    65. (Geomys bursarius) plains pocket gopher
    66. (Gerbilliscus sp.) Large Naked-soled Gerbil
    67. (Gerbillus andersoni) Anderson´s gerbil
    68. (Gerbillus campestris) North African gerbil
    69. (Gerbillus cheesmanii) Cheesman's gerbil
    70. (Gerbillus dasyurus) Wagner´s gerbil
    71. (Gerbillus gerbillus) Egyptian gerbil
    72. (Gerbillus nanus) Baluchistan dwarf gerbil
    73. (Gerbillus perpallidus) Pallid gerbil
    74. (Gerbillus pusillus) Least gerbil
    75. (Gerbillus simonii) Simon´s gerbil
    76. (Glaucomys volans) Southern flying squirrel
    77. (Glis glis) Edible dormouse
    78. (Grammomys caniceps) Gray-headed thicket rat
    79. (Graphiurus murinus) Woodland dormouse
    80. (Graphiurus parvus) Savanna dormouse
    81. (Heliophobius argenteocinereus) Silvery mole rat
    82. (Heliosciurus rufobranchiatus) Red-legged sun squirrel
    83. (Heterocephalus glaber) Naked mole-rat
    84. (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) Capybara
    85. (Hydromys chysogaster) Water rat
    86. (Hypogeomys antimena) Madagascan giant jumping rat
    87. (Hystrix africaeaustralis) African crested porcupine
    88. (Hystrix cristata) Crested porcupine
    89. (Hystrix indica) Indian crested porcupine
    90. (Hystrix pumila) Phillipine short-tailed porcupine
    91. (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus) Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel
    92. (Jaculus jaculus) Small desert jerboa
    93. (Jaculus orientalis) Greater Egyptian jerboa
    94. (Kerodon rupestris) Rock cavy
    95. (Lagostomus maximus) plains viscacha
    96. (Lagurus lagurus) Steppe lemming
    97. (Lemniscomys barbarus) Zebra mouse
    98. (Lemniscomys rosalia) Single-striped grass mouse
    99. (Lemniscomys striatus) Typical striped grass mouse
    100. (Leporillus conditor) Greater stick-nest rat
    101. (Marmota flaviventris) yellow-bellied marmot
    102. (Marmota marmota marmot) Alps marmot
    103. (Marmota monax) Groundhog or Woodchuck
    104. (Mastomys natalensis) Natal multimammate mouse
    105. (Meriones arimalius) Arabian jird
    106. (Meriones crassus perpallidus) Egyptian Sundevall's jird
    107. (Meriones hurrianae) Indian desert jird
    108. (Meriones libycus) Lybian jird
    109. (Meriones persicus) Persian jird
    110. (Meriones shawi isis) Lesser Shaw's jird
    111. (Meriones tristrami) Tristram´s jird
    112. (Meriones unguiculatus) Mongolian jird
    113. (Mesocricetus auratus) Golden hamster
    114. (Micromys minutes) European harvest mouse
    115. (Microsciuris alfari) Alfaro’s Pygmy Squirrel (maybe Syntheosciurus brochus)
    116. (Microtus agrestis) field vole
    117. (Microtus fortis) Reed vole
    118. (Microtus guentheri) Levante vole
    119. (Microtus pennsylvanicus) Meadow Vole
    120. (Microtus subterraneus) European pine vole
    121. (Mus mattheyi) Matthey's mouse
    122. (Mus minutoides) African pygmy mouse
    123. (Mus musculus domesticus) Western house mouse
    124. (Myocastor coypus) Nutria
    125. (Myodes glareolus glareolus) Common red-backed vole
    126. (Myoprocta acouchy) Red Acouchi
    127. (Myoprocta pratti) Greenish acuchy
    128. (Neotamias dorsalis) cliff chipmunk
    129. (Neotamias minimus) least chipmunk
    130. (Neotamias quadrivittatus) Colorado chipmunk
    131. (Neotoma albigula) white-throated woodrat
    132. (Neotoma cinerea) Bushy-tailed Woodrat
    133. (Notomys alexis) Spinifex hopping mouse
    134. (Octodon degus) Degu
    135. (Otospermophilus beecheyi) California ground squirrel
    136. (Pachyuromys duprasi) Duprasi or fat-tailed gerbil
    137. (Paraxerus cepapi) Smith's bush squirrel
    138. (Paraxerus cooperi) Cooper’s Green Squirrel
    139. (Pedetes capensis) Southern Springhaas
    140. (Pedetes surdaster) East African Springhaas
    141. (Peromyscus californicus) California Mouse
    142. (Peromyscus eremicus) Cactus mouse
    143. (Peromyscus leucopus) white-footed mouse
    144. (Peromyscus maniculatus) deer mouse
    145. (Petaurista petaurista) Red giant flying squirrel
    146. (Petromus typicus) Dassie rat
    147. (Phloeomys cumingi) Southern Luzon giant cloud rat
    148. (Phloeomys pallidus) Slender-tailed cloud rat
    149. (Phodopus campbelli) Campbell’s dwarf hamster
    150. (Phodopus roborowskii) Desert hamster
    151. (Phodopus sungorus sungorus) Russian dwarf hamster
    152. (Poliocitellus franklinii) Franklin’s ground squirrel
    153. (Praomys natalensis) Natal Rat
    154. (Psammomys obesus) Fat sand rat
    155. (Pseudomys australis) Plains, Eastern mouse
    156. (Rattus norvegicus) Norway rat
    157. (Rattus rattus) Roof rat
    158. (Ratufa affinis) Cream-coloured giant squirrel
    159. (Ratufa macroura) Grizzled giant squirrel
    160. (Rhabdomys dilectus) Mesic four-striped grass rat
    161. (Rhabdomys pumilio) Four-striped grass mouse
    162. (Sciurotamias davidianus) Pére David's Rock Squirrel
    163. (Sciurus aureogaster) Mexican red-bellied squirrel
    164. (Sciurus carolinensis) eastern gray squirrel
    165. (Sciurus granatensis) Red-tailed squirrel
    166. (Sciurus griseus) Western Gray Squirrel
    167. (Sciurus nayaritensis) Mexican fox squirrel
    168. (Sciurus niger) fox squirrel
    169. (Sciurus stramineus) white-naped squirrel
    170. (Sciurus variegatoides) Variegated squirrel
    171. (Sciurus vulgaris exalbidus) Eurasian/Siberian red squirrel
    172. (Sekeetamys calurus) Bushy-tailed jird
    173. (Sigmodon hispidus) Hispid cotton rat
    174. (Spalacopus cyanus) Cururo
    175. (Spermophilus citellus) European Suslik
    176. (Spermophilus tereticaudus) Round-tailed ground squirrel
    177. (Spermophilus variegates) Variegated rock squirrel
    178. (Sphiggurus mexicanus) Mexican hairy dwarf porcupine
    179. (Sphiggurus spinosus) Paraguayan hairy dwarf porcupine
    180. (Sphiggurus villosus) orange-spined hairy dwarf porcupine
    181. (Tachyoryctes daemon) Demon mole rat
    182. (Tamias striatus) Eastern chipmunk
    183. (Tamiasciurus douglasii) Douglas Squirrel
    184. (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) American red squirrel
    185. (Thallomys nigricauda) Black-tailed tree rat
    186. (Thallomys paedulcus) Acacia rat
    187. (Thomomys bottae) Botta's pocket gopher
    188. (Urocitellus richardsonii) Richardson’s ground squirrel
    189. (Xerus inauris) Cape ground squirrel
    190. (Xerus rutilus) Unstriped ground squirrel

    Whales and Dolphins:
    1.) (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) northern minke whale
    2.) (Balaenoptera musculus) blue whale
    3.) (Balaenoptera physalus) fin whale
    4.) (Eschrichtius robustus) gray whale
    5.) (Megaptera novaeangliae) humpback whale
    6.) (Physeter macrocephalus) sperm whale
    7.) (Phocoena phocoena) harbour porpoise
    8.) (Inia geoffrensis) Amazon river dolphin
    9.) (Delphinapterus leucas) beluga whale
    10.) (Globicephala macrorhynchus) Short-finned Pilot Whale
    11.) (Orcinus orca) killer whale
    12.) (Pseudorca crassidens) False Killer Whale
    13.) (Grampus griseus) Risso’s Dolphin
    14.) (Cephalorhynchus commersonii) Commerson's Dolphin
    15.) (Cephalorhynchus hectori) Hector's dolphin
    16.) (Delphinus capensis) long-beaked common dolphin- need dig from old fam albums
    17.) (Delphinus delphis) short-beaked common dolphin
    18.) (Lagenorhynchus australis) Peale’s dolphin
    19.) (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) Pacific White-sided Dolphin
    20.) (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) dusky dolphin
    21.) (Sousa chinensis) Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin
    22.) (Stenella attenuata) Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
    23.) (Stenella longirostris) Spinner Dolphin
    24.) (Steno bredanensis) Rough-toothed Dolphin
    25.) (Tursiops aduncus) Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin
    26.) (Tursiops truncatus) Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin


    1.) (Vulpes chama) Cape fox
    2.) (Vulpes corsac) corsac fox
    3.) (Vulpes lagopus) arctic fox
    4.) (Vulpes macrotis) kit fox
    5.) (Vulpes velox) swift fox
    6.) (Vulpes vulpes) red fox
    7.) (Vulpes zerda) fennec fox
    8.) (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) gray fox
    9.) (Urocyon littoralis) island fox
    10.) (Cerdocyon thous) Crab-eating Fox
    11.) (Lycalopex culpaeus) Colpeo Fox
    12.) (Lycalopex griseus) Argentine grey fox
    13.) (Lycalopex gymnocercus) pampas fox
    14.) (Lycalopex sechurae) Sechura Fox
    15.) (Lycalopex vetulus) hoary fox
    16.) (Canis aureus) golden jackal
    17.) (Canis latrans) coyote
    18.) (Canis lupus) gray wolf
    19.) (Canis mesomelas) black-backed jackal
    20.) (Canis rufus) red wolf
    21.) (Chrysocyon brachyurus) maned wolf
    22.) (Cuon alpinus) dhole
    23.) (Lycaon pictus) African wild dog
    24.) (Nyctereutes procyonoides) raccoon dog
    25.) (Otocyon megalotis) bat-eared fox
    26.) (Speothos venaticus) bush dog
    27.) (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) giant panda
    28.) (Tremarctos ornatus) spectacled bear
    29.) (Ursus americanus) American black bear
    30.) (Ursus arctos) brown bear
    31.) (Ursus malayanus) sun bear
    32.) (Ursus maritimus) polar bear
    33.) (Ursus thibetanus) Asian black bear
    34.) (Ursus ursinus) sloth bear
    35.) (Ailurus fulgens) red panda
    36.) (Bassaricyon gabbii) Bushy-tailed Olingo
    37.) (Bassariscus astutus) ringtail
    38.) (Bassariscus sumichrasti) Central American Cacomistle
    39.) (Nasua narica) white-nosed coati
    40.) (Nasua nasua) Ring-tailed Coati
    41.) (Potos flavus) kinkajou
    42.) (Procyon cancrivorus) Crab-eating Raccoon
    43.) (Procyon lotor) Common Raccoon
    44.) (Mustela erminea) ermine
    45.) (Mustela frenata) long-tailed weasel
    46.) (Mustela lutreola) European mink
    47.) (Mustela nivalis) least weasel
    48.) (Mustela putorius) European polecat
    49.) (Mustela sibirica) Siberian weasel
    50.) (Vormela peregusna) Marbled polecat
    51.) (Eira barbara) tayra
    52.) (Gulo gulo) wolverine
    53.) (Ictonyx libycus) Saharan striped polecat
    54.) (Ictonyx striatus) Zorilla
    55.) (Martes americana) American Marten
    56.) (Martes flavigula) Yellow-throated Marten
    57.) (Martes foina) Beech Marten
    58.) (Martes martes) European Pine Marten
    59.) (Martes pennanti) fisher
    60.) (Mustela nigripes) Black-footed Ferret
    61.) (Neovison vison) American mink
    62.) (Poecilogale albinucha) African striped weasel
    63.) (Galictis cuja) Lesser Grison
    64.) (Galictis vittata) Greater Grison
    65.) (Taxidea taxus) American badger
    66.) (Meles meles) European Badger
    67.) (Mellivora capensis) honey badger
    68.) (Melogale moschata) Chinese ferret-badger
    69.) (Conepatus chinga) Molina’s hog-nosed skunk
    70.) (Conepatus humboldtii) Humboldt’s hog-nosed skunk
    71.) (Conepatus leuconotus) American hog-nosed skunk
    72.) (Conepatus semistriatus) striped hog-nosed skunk
    73.) (Mephitis macroura) hooded skunk
    74.) (Mephitis mephitis) striped skunk
    75.) (Spilogale angustifrons) Southern spotted skunk (NO PHOTO)
    76.) (Spilogale gracilis) Western Spotted Skunk
    77.) (Spilogale putorius) Eastern Spotted Skunk
    78.) (Aonyx capensis) African clawless otter
    79.) (Aonyx cinerea) oriental small-clawed otter
    80.) (Enhydra lutris) sea otter
    81.) (Hydrictis maculicollis) spotted-necked otter
    82.) (Lontra canadensis) North American river otter
    83.) (Lontra feline) Marine Otter
    84.) (Lontra longicaudis) Neotropical Otter
    85.) (Lutra lutra) European Otter
    86.) (Lutrogale perspicillata) Smooth-coated Otter
    87.) (Pteronura brasiliensis) giant otter
    88.) (Cryptoprocta ferox) fossa
    89.) (Fossa fossana) Malagasy or striped civet
    90.) (Galidia elegans) Ring-tailed mongoose
    91.) (Mungotictis decemlineata) Narrow-striped Mongoose
    92.) (Nandinia binotata) African palm civet
    93.) (Prionodon linsang) Banded Linsang
    94.) (Arctictis binturong) Binturong
    95.) (Arctogalidia trivirgata) Small-toothed Palm Civet
    96.) (Chrotogale owstoni) Owston's palm civet
    97.) (Civettictis civetta) African Civet
    98.) (Hemigalus derbyanus) banded palm civet
    99.) (Paguma larvata) Masked Palm Civet
    100.) (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) Common Palm Civet
    101.) (Viverra tangalunga) Malayan Civet
    102.) (Viverricula indica) Small Indian Civet
    103.) (Genetta felina) feline genet
    104.) (Genetta genetta) Common Genet
    105.) (Genetta maculata) Rusty-spotted Genet
    106.) (Genetta thierryi) Haussa Genet
    107.) (Genetta tigrina) Large-spotted Genet
    108.) (Crossarchus obscurus) Common Cusimanse
    109.) (Cynictis penicillata) Yellow Mongoose
    110.) (Galerella sanguinea) Slender Mongoose
    111.) (Helogale parvula) Common Dwarf Mongoose
    112.) (Herpestes edwardsii) Indian Gray Mongoose
    113.) (Herpestes javanicus) Small Asian Mongoose
    114.) (Ichneumia albicauda) White-tailed Mongoose
    115.) (Mungos mungo) Banded Mongoose
    116.) (Suricata suricatta) meerkat
    117.) (Hyaena brunnea) brown hyena
    118.) (Hyaena hyaena) Striped Hyena
    119.) (Crocuta crocuta) spotted hyena
    120.) (Proteles cristata) aardwolf
    121.) (Felis catus) domestic cat
    122.) (Felis chaus) jungle cat
    123.) (Felis margarita) sand cat
    124.) (Felis nigripes) black-footed cat
    125.) (Felis silvestris) wildcat
    126.) (Leopardus braccatus) Pantanal Cat
    127.) (Leopardus colocolo) Colocolo
    128.) (Leopardus geoffroyi) Geoffroy's Cat
    129.) (Leopardus pajeros) Pampas Cat
    130.) (Leopardus pardalis) ocelot
    131.) (Leopardus tigrinus) Oncilla
    132.) (Leopardus wiedii) Margay
    133.) (Otocolobus manul) Pallas cat
    134.) (Pardofelis temminckii) Asian Golden Cat
    135.) (Prionailurus bengalensis) leopard cat
    136.) (Prionailurus rubiginosus) Rusty-spotted Cat
    137.) (Prionailurus viverrinus) Fishing Cat
    138.) (Caracal caracal) Caracal
    139.) (Leptailurus serval) serval
    140.) (Lynx canadensis) Canada lynx
    141.) (Lynx lynx) Eurasian lynx
    142.) (Lynx rufus) bobcat
    143.) (Puma concolor) cougar
    144.) (Puma yagouaroundi) jaguarundi
    145.) (Acinonyx jubatus) cheetah
    146.) (Neofelis nebulosa) clouded leopard
    147.) (Panthera leo) lion
    148.) (Panthera onca) jaguar
    149.) (Panthera pardus) leopard
    150.) (Panthera tigris) tiger
    151.) (Uncia uncial) snow leopard

    1.) (Odobenus rosmarus) walrus
    2.) (Eumetopias jubatus) Steller sea lion
    3.) (Neophoca cinerea) Australian Sea Lion
    4.) (Otaria byronia) South American sea lion
    5.) (Zalophus californianus) California sea lion
    6.) (Zalophus wollebaeki) Galapagos sea lion
    7.) (Arctocephalus australis) South American Fur Seal
    8.) (Arctocephalus galapagoensis) Galapagos Fur Seal
    9.) (Arctocephalus forsteri) New Zealand fur seal
    10.) (Arctocephalus pusillus) South African fur seal
    11.) (Arctocephalus townsendi) Guadalupe fur seal
    12.) (Arctocephalus tropicalis) subantarctic fur seal
    13.) (Callorhinus ursinus) Northern fur seal
    14.) (Halichoerus grypus) Gray Seal
    15.) (Hydrurga leptonyx) leopard seal
    16.) (Monachus schauinslandi) Hawaiian monk seal
    17.) (Mirounga angustirostris) Northern elephant seal
    18.) (Mirounga leonine) Southern elephant seal
    19.) (Pagophilus groenlandicus) harp seal
    20.) (Phoca vitulina) harbor seal
    21.) (Pusa hispida) ringed seal
    22.) (Pusa sibirica) Baikal seal

    1.) (Elephas maximus) Asiatic elephant
    2.) (Loxodonta africana) African Bush Elephant
    3.) (Dendrohyrax arboreus) Southern Tree Hyrax
    4.) (Heterohyrax brucei) Bush Hyrax
    5.) (Procavia capensis) Rock Hyrax
    6.) (Dugong dugon) dugong
    7.) (Trichechus inunguis) Amazonian manatee
    8.) (Trichechus manatus) West Indian manatee
    9.) (Orycteropus afer) aardvark

    Odd-toed Ungulates:
    1.) (Equus africanus) African Wild Ass
    2.) (Equus caballus) domestic horse/ Przewalski's Horse
    3.) (Equus grevyi) Grevy’s Zebra
    4.) (Equus hemionus) onager/kulan
    5.) (Equus kiang) kiang
    6.) (Equus quagga) Plains Zebra
    7.) (Equus zebra) mountain zebra
    8.) (Tapirus bairdii) Baird's Tapir
    9.) (Tapirus indicus) Malayan Tapir
    10.) (Tapirus pinchaque) Mountain Tapir
    11.) (Tapirus terrestris) South American Tapir
    12.) (Ceratotherium simum) White Rhinoceros
    13.) (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) Sumatran Rhinoceros
    14.) (Diceros bicornis) Black Rhinoceros
    15.) (Rhinoceros unicornis) Indian Rhinoceros

    Even-toed Ungulates:

    1.) (Babyrousa celebensis) North Sulawesi babirusa
    2.) (Phacochoerus africanus) Common Warthog
    3.) (Potamochoerus larvatus) bushpig
    4.) (Potamochoerus porcus) red river hog
    5.) (Sus barbatus) bearded pig
    6.) (Sus cebifrons) Visayan Warty Pig
    7.) (Sus scrofa) wild boar
    8.) (Catagonus wagneri) Chacoan peccary
    9.) (Pecari tajacu) collared peccary
    10.) (Tayassu pecari) White-lipped Peccary
    11.) (Camelus bactrianus) Bactrian camel
    12.) (Camelus dromedarius) dromedary camel
    13.) (Lama glama) llama
    14.) (Lama guanicoe) guanaco
    15.) (Vicugna pacos) alpaca
    16.) (Vicugna vicugna) vicuña
    17.) (Choeropsis liberiensis) pygmy hippopotamus
    18.) (Hippopotamus amphibius) hippopotamus
    19.) (Tragulus javanicus) Javan chevrotain
    20.) (Tragulus kanchil) Lesser Malay chevrotain
    21.) (Tragulus napu) Greater Malay chevrotain
    22.) (Tragulus nigricans) Balabac chevrotain
    23.) (Moschus moschiferus) Siberian musk deer
    24.) (Hydropotes inermis) Chinese Water Deer
    25.) (Muntiacus reevesi) Reeves' Muntjac
    26.) (Muntiacus vaginalis) Northern Red Muntjac
    27.) (Elaphodus cephalophus) tufted deer
    28.) (Cervus albirostris) Thorold's deer
    29.) (Cervus bactrianus) Bactrian Deer
    30.) (Cervus canadensis) elk or wapiti
    31.) (Cervus elaphus) red deer
    32.) (Cervus macneilli) MacNeill’s Deer
    33.) (Cervus nippon) Sika Deer
    34.) (Dama dama) Fallow Deer
    35.) (Dama mesopotamica) Persian Fallow Deer
    36.) (Axis axis) axis deer
    37.) (Hyelaphus calamianensis) Calamian Deer
    38.) (Hyelaphus kuhlii) Bawean deer
    39.) (Hyelaphus porcinus) Hog Deer
    40.) (Panolia eldii) Eld's Deer
    41.) (Rucervus duvaucelii) Barasingha
    42.) (Rusa alfredi) Visayan Spotted Deer
    43.) (Rusa timorensis) Javan Rusa
    44.) (Rusa unicolor) Sambar
    45.) (Elaphurus davidianus) Père David's Deer
    46.) (Odocoileus hemionus) mule deer
    47.) (Odocoileus virginianus) white-tailed deer
    48.) (Capreolus capreolus) European Roe Deer
    49.) (Mazama americana) Red Brocket Deer
    50.) (Mazama bricenii) Merida Brocket Deer
    51.) (Mazama gouazoubira) Gray Brocket Deer
    52.) (Mazama pandora) Yucatan brown brocket deer
    53.) (Mazama temama) Central American Red Brocket deer
    54.) (Blastocerus dichotomus) Marsh deer
    55.) (Ozotoceros bezoarticus) Pampas deer
    56.) (Pudu puda) Southern Pudú
    57.) (Alces alces) European Moose
    58.) (Alces americanus) American Moose
    59.) (Rangifer tarandus) reindeer
    60.) (Giraffa camelopardalis) giraffe
    61.) (Okapia johnstoni) okapi
    62.) (Antilocapra americana) pronghorn
    63.) (Tragelaphus angasi) lowland nyala
    64.) (Tragelaphus eurycerus) bongo
    65.) (Tragelaphus imberbis) lesser kudu
    66.) (Tragelaphus Scriptus) Bushbuck
    67.) (Tragelaphus spekii) situtunga
    68.) (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) Greater Kudu
    69.) (Taurotragus derbianus) giant eland
    70.) (Taurotragus oryx) common eland
    71.) (Boselaphus tragocamelus) nilgai
    72.) (Tetracerus quadricornis) Four-horned Antelope
    73.) (Bos bantang) bantang
    74.) (Bos gaurus) gaur
    75.) (Bos grunniens) yak
    76.) (Bos taurus) domestic cow
    77.) (Bubalus bubalis) Domestic Asian water buffalo
    78.) (Syncerus caffer) Cape buffalo
    79.) (Bubalus depressicornis) Lowland Anoa
    80.) (Bubalus quarlesi) Mountain Anoa
    81.) (Bison bison) American bison
    82.) (Bison bonasus) wisent
    83.) (Cephalophus dorsalis) Bay Duiker
    84.) (Cephalophus jentinki) Jentink's Duiker
    85.) (Cephalophus natalensis) Natal Red Duiker
    86.) (Cephalophus niger) Black duiker
    87.) (Cephalophus rufilatus) Red-flanked Duiker
    88.) (Cephalophus silvicultor) Yellow-backed Duiker
    89.) (Cephalophus zebra) Zebra Duiker
    90.) (Philantomba maxwellii) Maxwell's Duiker
    91.) (Philantomba monticola) Blue Duiker
    92.) (Sylvicapra grimmia) Common Duiker
    93.) (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) Waterbuck
    94.) (Kobus kob) Kob
    95.) (Kobus leche) Lechwe
    96.) (Kobus megaceros) Nile Lechwe
    97.) (Pelea capreolus) Grey Rhebok
    98.) (Redunca fulvorufula) Mountain Reedbuck
    99.) (Hippotragus equinus) Roan antelope
    100.) (Hippotragus niger) Sable Antelope
    101.) (Addax nasomaculatus) Addax
    102.) (Oryx beisa) Beisa Oryx
    103.) (Oryx dammah) Scimitar-Horned Oryx
    104.) (Oryx gazella) gemsbok
    105.) (Oryx leucoryx) Arabian Oryx
    106.) (Alcelaphus buselaphus) Jackson's hartebeest
    107.) (Alcelaphus caama) Red Hartebeest
    108.) (Connochaetes gnou) Black Wildebeest
    109.) (Connochaetes taurinus) Blue Wildebeest
    110.) (Damaliscus lunatus) Topi
    111.) (Damaliscus pygargus) Blesbuck/Bontebok
    112.) (Madoqua guentheri) Günther's Dik-dik
    113.) (Madoqua kirkii) Kirk's Dik-dik
    114.) (Neotragus moschatus) Suni
    115.) (Neotragus pygmaeus) Royal Antelope
    116.) (Oreotragus oreotragus) Klipspringer
    117.) (Ourebia ourebi) Oribi
    118.) (Raphicerus campestris) Steenbok
    119.) (Aepyceros melampus) impala
    120.) (Antidorcas marsupialis) springbok
    121.) (Antilope cervicapra) Blackbuck
    122.) (Litocranius walleri) Gerenuk
    123.) (Eudorcas rufifrons) Red-fronted gazelle
    124.) (Eudorcas thomsonii) Thomson's gazelle
    125.) (Gazella bennettii) Chinkara
    126.) (Gazella cuvieri) Cuvier's Gazelle
    127.) (Gazella dorcas) Dorcas Gazelle
    128.) (Gazella leptoceros) slender-horned gazelle
    129.) (Gazella spekei) Speke's Gazelle
    130.) (Gazella subgutturosa) Goitered gazelle
    131.) (Nanger dama) Dama gazelle
    132.) (Nanger granti) Grant's gazelle
    133.) (Nanger soemmerringii) Soemmerring's Gazelle
    134.) (Saiga tatarica) saiga
    135.) (Budorcas taxicolor) Takin
    136.) (Capricornis crispus) Japanese serow
    137.) (Hemitragus jemlahicus) Himalayan Tahr
    138.) (Nilgiritragus hylocrius) Nilgiri tahr (Probably NO PHOTO)
    139.) (Naemorhedus goral) Himalayan Goral
    140.) (Naemorhedus griseus) Chinese Goral
    141.) (Oreamnos americanus) mountain goat
    142.) (Ovibos moschatus) muskox
    143.) (Pseudois nayaur) bharal
    144.) (Rupicapra pyrenaica) Pyrenean chamois
    145.) (Rupicapra rupicapra) Alpine chamois
    146.) (Capra aegagrus) wild/domestic goat
    147.) (Capra caucasica) West Caucasian tur
    148.) (Capra cylindricornis) East Caucasian tur
    149.) (Capra falconeri) Markhor
    150.) (Capra ibex) Alpine ibex
    151.) (Capra nubiana) Nubian ibex
    152.) (Capra pyrenaica) Spanish ibex
    153.) (Capra sibirica) Siberian Ibex
    154.) (Ovis aries) domestic sheep
    155.) (Ovis canadensis) bighorn sheep
    156.) (Ovis dalli) Dall sheep
    157.) (Ovis nivicola) snow sheep
    158.) (Ovis orientalis) Urial/Mouflon
  14. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    Please include where you saw them in zoos and the wild.
  15. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    And a attached file would be good as well
  16. Giant Eland

    Giant Eland Well-Known Member

    4 Feb 2010
    Port Washington, NY, USA
    Here are the species I've seen in the wild (pales in comparison to my previous list which is both wild and captivity)

    Mammals in the Wild List:
    125 total

    1. (Caluromys derbianus) Derby’s woolly opossum
    2. (Didelphis albiventris) white-eared opossum
    3. (Didelphis marsupialis) Common opossum
    4. (Didelphis virginiana) Virginia opossum
    5. (Marmosa mexicana) Mexican mouse opossum
    6. (Phascolarctos cinereus) Koala?
    7. (Trichosurus vulpecula) Common Brushtail Possum
    8. (Hypsiprymnodon moschatus) Musky Rat-kangaroo
    9. (Macropus rufogriseus) Red-necked wallaby
    10. (Macropus giganteus) Eastern grey kangaroo
    11. (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) Common Ringtail Possum?

    1. Shrew in Manhasset, NY (NO PHOTO)

    1. (Artibeus jamaicensis) Jamaican fruit bat
    2. (Artibeus watsoni) Thomas’s fruit-eating bat
    3. (Carollia perspicillata) Seba’s short-tailed Bat
    4. (Carollia castanea) Chestnut short-tailed bat
    5. (Carollia sowelli) Sowell’s short-tailed bat
    6. (Desmodus rotundus) Common vampire bat
    7. (Ectophylla alba) Honduran white bat
    8. (Eptesicus fuscus) big brown bat
    9. (Erophylla sezekorni) buffy flower bat
    10. (Lonchophylla robusta) Orange nectar bat
    11. (Myotis albescens) Silver-tipped myotis
    12. (Myotis nigricans) Black myotis
    13. (Noctilio leporinus) Greater bulldog bat
    14. (Peropteryx kappleri) Greater dog-like bat
    15. (Pteropus conspicillatus) Spectacled flying fox
    16. (Rhynchonycteris naso) proboscis bat
    17. (Saccopteryx bilineata) Greater sac-winged bat
    18. (Saccopteryx leptura) Lesser sac-winged bat
    19. (Uroderma bilobatum) Tent-making bat

    1.) (Cebus albifrons) white-fronted capuchin
    2.) (Cebus apella) tufted capuchin
    3.) (Saimiri oerstedii) Central American squirrel monkey
    4.) (Alouatta palliata) Mantled howler
    5.) (Ateles geoffroyi) Geoffroy's spider monkey
    6.) Marmoset? Belo horizonte
    7.) (Callithrix jacchus) common marmoset
    8.) (Macaca mulatta) Rhesus macaque
    9.) (Semnopitheaus entellus) Hanuman Langur
    10.) (Homo sapiens) Human Beings

    1.) (Tamandua mexicana) northern tamandua
    2.) (Bradypus variegatus) brown-throated three-toed sloth
    3.) (Choloepus didactylus) Linnaeus's two-toed sloth
    4.) (Dasypus novemcinctus) nine-banded armadillo


    1.) (Ochotona princeps) American pika
    2.) (Lepus califonicus) Black-tailed jack rabbit
    3.) (Sylvilagus audubonii) Desert Cottontail
    4.) (Sylvilagus floridanus) eastern cottontail

    1. (Callospermophilus lateralis) golden-mantled ground squirrel
    2. (Cavia aperea) Brazilian Guinea pig
    3. (Cynomys ludovicianus) Black-tailed prairie dog
    4. (Dasyprocta leporina) Brazilian agouti
    5. (Dasyprocta punctata) Central American Agouti (no photo)
    6. (Dolichotis patagonum) Patagonian cavy
    7. (Funambulus palmarum) Indian Palm Squirrel
    8. (Marmota flaviventris) yellow-bellied marmot
    9. (Marmota monax) Groundhog or Woodchuck
    10. (Microsciuris alfari) Alfaro’s Pygmy Squirrel (maybe Syntheosciurus brochus)
    11. (Microtus pennsylvanicus) Meadow Vole
    12. (Mus musculus domesticus) Western house mouse
    13. (Myocastor coypus) Nutria
    14. (Neotamias minimus) least chipmunk
    15. (Rattus norvegicus) Norway rat
    16. (Sciurus aureogaster) Mexican red-bellied squirrel
    17. (Sciurus carolinensis) eastern gray squirrel
    18. (Sciurus granatensis) Red-tailed squirrel
    19. (Sciurus griseus) Western Gray Squirrel
    20. (Sciurus nayaritensis) Mexican fox squirrel
    21. (Sciurus niger) fox squirrel
    22. (Sciurus stramineus) white-naped squirrel
    23. (Sciurus variegatoides) Variegated squirrel
    24. (Sciurus vulgaris exalbidus) Eurasian/Siberian red squirrel
    25. (Spermophilus variegates) Variegated rock squirrel
    26. (Sphiggurus mexicanus) Mexican hairy dwarf porcupine
    27. (Tamias striatus) Eastern chipmunk
    28. (Tamiasciurus douglasii) Douglas Squirrel
    29. (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) American red squirrel

    Whales and Dolphins:
    1.) (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) northern minke whale
    2.) (Balaenoptera musculus) blue whale
    3.) (Balaenoptera physalus) fin whale
    4.) (Megaptera novaeangliae) humpback whale
    5.) (Physeter macrocephalus) sperm whale
    6.) (Phocoena phocoena) harbour porpoise
    7.) (Cephalorhynchus hectori) Hector's dolphin
    8.) (Delphinus delphis) short-beaked common dolphin
    9.) (Lagenorhynchus australis) Peale’s dolphin
    10.) (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) dusky dolphin
    11.) (Stenella attenuata) Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
    12.) (Stenella longirostris) Spinner Dolphin
    13.) (Tursiops truncatus) Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin


    1.) (Vulpes vulpes) red fox
    2.) (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) gray fox
    3.) (Canis latrans) coyote
    4.) (Nasua narica) white-nosed coati
    5.) (Nasua nasua) Ring-tailed Coati
    6.) (Potos flavus) kinkajou
    7.) (Procyon cancrivorus) Crab-eating Raccoon
    8.) (Procyon lotor) Common Raccoon
    9.) French Martin/Ermine
    10.) (Mephitis mephitis) striped skunk
    11.) (Spilogale angustifrons) Southern spotted skunk (NO PHOTO)
    12.) (Herpestes javanicus) Small Asian Mongoose (introduced to Hawaii)
    13.) (Panthera pardus) leopard
    14.) (Panthera tigris) tiger

    1.) (Zalophus californianus) California sea lion
    2.) (Zalophus wollebaeki) Galapagos sea lion
    3.) (Arctocephalus galapagoensis) Galapagos Fur Seal
    4.) (Arctocephalus forsteri) New Zealand fur seal
    5.) (Phoca vitulina) harbor seal

    1.) (Elephas maximus) Asiatic elephant (domesticated in India)

    Odd-toed Ungulates:
    1.) (Tapirus bairdii) Baird's Tapir

    Even-toed Ungulates:
    1.) (Sus scrofa) wild boar
    2.) (Pecari tajacu) collared peccary
    3.) (Muntiacus vaginalis) Northern Red Muntjac
    4.) (Cervus canadensis) elk or wapiti
    5.) (Dama dama) Fallow Deer (introduced to England)
    6.) (Axis axis) axis deer
    7.) (Rusa unicolor) Sambar
    8.) (Odocoileus hemionus) mule deer
    9.) (Odocoileus virginianus) white-tailed deer
    10.) (Antilocapra americana) pronghorn
    11.) (Bison bison) American bison (Wyoming, ranch?)
    12.) (Ovis canadensis) bighorn sheep

    I've also uploaded both lists as asked:

    Attached Files:

  17. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    I will to try to read your files if I have some spare time
  18. ThylacineAlive

    ThylacineAlive Well-Known Member

    20 Oct 2012
    Connecticut, U.S.A.
    I've seen over 300 species/subspecies of Mammals, nearly 600 species/subspecies of Birds, and over 220 species/subspecies of Reptiles. Do you really want me to write out each one?:p

  19. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    If you want, I will listen to everything:cool:
  20. bongorob

    bongorob Well-Known Member

    18 May 2007
    Stoke-on-Trent England
    my Mammals list part 1

    1 Tachyglossus aculeatus AUSTRALIAN ECHIDNA Chester 1974
    2 Zaglossus bruijni bartoni BARTON'S ECHIDNA London 1985

    3 Dasyuroides byrnei KOWARI London 1985
    4 Sarcophilus laniarus TASMANIAN DEVIL London 1985

    5 Phascolarctos cinereus adustus QUEENSLAND KOALA London 19xx
    6 Vombatus ursinus hirsutus FOREST WOMBAT London 1985
    7 Trichosurus vulpecula COMMON BRUSHTAIL POSSUM South Lakes 2003
    8 Spilocuscus maculatus SPOTTED CUSCUS Twycross 1984
    9 Phalanger gymnotis leucippus NEW GUINEA GROUND CUSCUS Blackpool 1985

    10 Potorous tridactylus LONG-NOSED POTOROO Blackpool 1974
    11 Bettongia penicillata ogilbyi OGILBY'S BETTONG
    12 Aepyprymnus rufescens RUFOUS RAT KANGAROO Bristol 1986
    13 Dendrolagus matschiei MATSCHIE'S TREE KANGAROO Blackpool 1978
    14 Dendrolagus goodfellowi goodfellowi GOODFELLOW'S TREE KANGAROO Blackpool 1978
    15 Dendrolagus goodfellowi buergersi SHAWMEYER'S TREE KNAGAROO London 1985
    16 Dendrolagus notatus IFOLA TREE KANGAROO Twycross 1984
    17 Setonix brachyurus QUOKKA Blackpool 1985
    18 Thylogale billardierii RED-BELLIED PADEMELON Chester 1976
    19 Petrogale penicillata BRUSH-TAILED ROCK WALLABY Blackpool
    20 Wallabia bicolor SWAMP WALLABY South Lakes 2004
    21 Macropus parma PARMA WALLABY Bristol 1977
    22 Macropus agilis AGILE WALLABY Chester 1978
    23 Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus RED-NECKED WALLABY
    24 Macropus rufogriseus fruticus BENNETT'S WALLABY Chester 1967
    25 Macropus eugenii TAMMAR WALLABY Belle Vue 1971
    26 Macropus fuliginosus ocydromus WESTERN GREY KANGAROO Chester 1977
    27 Macropus fuliginosus melanops BLACK-FACED GREY KANGAROO South Lakes 2011
    28 Macropus robustus cervinus WESTERN WALLAROO Blackpool 1985
    29 Macropus rufus RED KANGAROO Dudley 1964
    30 Petaurus breviceps SUGAR GLIDER
    31 Petaurus breviceps papuensis PAPUAN SUGAR GLIDER Chester
    32 Gymnobelideus leadbeateri LEADBEATER’S POSSUM London 1989
    33 Dactylopsila trivirgata LONG-TAILED STRIPED POSSUM London
    34 Arcobates pygmaeus PYGMY GLIDING POSSUM London 2004

    35 Choloepus didactylus LINNE’S TWO-TOED SLOTH
    36 Choloepus hoffmanni HOFFMANN’S TWO-TOED SLOTH Bristol 1977
    37 Myrmecophaga tridactyla GIANT ANTEATER
    38 Chaetophractus villosus LARGE HAIRY ARMADILLO London
    39 Chaetophractus vellerosus SMALL HAIRY ARMADILLO
    40 Euphractus sexcinctus SIX-BANDED ARMADILLO Bristol 2009
    41 Tolypeutes tricinctus BRAZILIAN THREE-BANDED ARMADILLO White Star, Stoke 2012
    42 Dasypus novemcinctus NINE-BANDED ARMADILLO Paignton 1999

    43 Erinaceus europaeus EUROPEAN HEDGEHOG Hanford 1960s (wild)
    44 Atelerix albiventris FOUR-TOED HEDGEHOG Birmingham 2013
    45 Hemiechinus auritus EURASIAN LONG-EARED HEDGEHOG Cotswold 2006

    46 Talpa europaea EUROPEAN MOLE Heythrop 2012

    47 Setifer setosus GREATER HEDGEHOG TENREC London 1985
    48 Echinops telfairi LESSER HEDGEHOG TENREC London 2002
    49 Tenrec ecaudatus TAILLESS TENREC Paignton 2012
    50 Neomys foidens EUROPEAN WATER SHREW Slimbridge 2013

    51 Tupaia glis COMMON TREE SHREW Chester 1985
    52 Tupaia belangeri BELANGER’S TREE SHREW Chester 1978
    53 Tupaia minor LESSER TREE SHREW London 1985
    54 Tupaia tana LARGE TREE SHREW Chester 1978

    55 Rousettus aegyptiacus EGYPTIAN ROUSETTE FRUIT BAT Cotswold 2006
    56 Pteropus livingstonii LIVINGSTONE’S FLYING FOX Bristol 1998
    57 Pteropus rodricensis RODRIGUES FLYING FOX Chester 1983
    58 Pteropus giganteus INDIAN FLYING FOX Winged World 1975
    59 Pteropus lylei LYLE'S FLYING FOX Heythrop 2011
    60 Pteropus scapulatus LITTLE RED FLYING FOX Wingham 2011
    61 Eidolon helvum STRAW-COLOURD FRUIT BAT Banham 2013
    62 Glossophaga soricina PALLAS' LONG-TONGUED BAT Bristol 2011
    63 Carollia perspicillata SEBA’S SHORT-TAILED BAT London 1985

    64 Loris tardigradus nordicus RED SLENDER LORIS
    65 Nycticebus pygmaeus PYGMY SLOW LORIS
    66 Nycticebus coucang MALAYSIAN SLOW LORIS
    67 Nycticebus bengalensis BENGAL SLOW LORIS Hamerton 2013
    68 Perodicticus potto BOSMAN'S POTTO
    69 Galago senegalensis LESSER BUSHBABY
    70 Galago moholi MOHOLI BUSHBABY London 2012
    71 Microcebus murinus GREY MOUSE LEMUR Blackpool 2005
    72 Mirza coquereli COQUEREL'S DWARF LEMUR London 1997
    73 Cheirogaleus medius WESTERN FAT-TAILED DWARF LEMUR London 1997
    74 Hapalemur alaotrensis LAKE ALAOTRAN GENTLE LEMUR Bristol 1998
    75 Hapalemur occidentalis SAMBRIANO GENTLE LEMUR Wingham 2011
    76 Prolemur simus BROAD-NOSED GENTLE LEMUR Edinburgh 2005
    77 Lemur catta RING-TAILED LEMUR
    78 Varecia variegata variegata BLACK AND WHITE RUFFED LEMUR Bristol 1986
    79 Varecia variegata rubra RED RUFFED LEMUR London 1988
    80 Varecia variegata subcincta BELTED RUFFED LEMUR South Lakes 2003
    81 Eulemur coronatus CROWNED LEMUR Twycross 2006
    82 Eulemur rubriventer RED-BELLIED LEMUR
    83 Eulemur macao macao BLACK LEMUR Colchester 1994
    84 Eulemur macao flavifrons BLUE-EYED LEMUR Edinburgh 2005
    85 Eulemur mongoz MONGOOSE LEMUR Bristol 1986
    86 Eulemur fulvus BROWN LEMUR London 1991
    87 Eulemur albifrons WHITE-FRONTED LEMUR West Midlands 2012
    88 Eulemur albocollaris WHITE-COLLARED LEMUR Linton 2014
    89 Eulemur collaris COLLARED LEMUR Hamerton 2007
    90 Eulemur rufus RED-FRONTED LEMUR Bristol 1986
    91 Eulemur rufifrons RUFOUS-FRONTED LEMUR Welsh Mountain Zoo 2014
    92 Eulemur mayottensis MAYOTTE BROWN LEMUR may be Eulemur fulvus Chester 1980
    93 Propithecus coronatus CROWNED SIFAKA Cotswold 2010
    94 Daubentonia madagascariensis AYE-AYE London 1999
    95 Tarsius syrichta PHILIPPINES TARSIER Bristol 1986
    96 Lagothrix lagotricha HUMBOLDT'S WOOLLY MONKEY Twycross 2006
    97 Lagothrix cana SMOKY WOOLLY MONKEY
    98 Lagothrix poeppigii BROWN WOOLLY MONKEY Chester 1971
    99 Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi GEOFFROY'S SPIDER MONKEY

    100 Ateles geoffroyi ornatus GOLDEN SPIDER MONKEY Welsh Mountain 1971
    101 Ateles fusciceps rufiventris COLOMBIAN BLACK SPIDER MONKEY
    102 Ateles belzebuth WHITE-BELLIED SPIDER MONKEY
    103 Ateles paniscus RED-FACED SPIDER MONKEY
    104 Alouatta sara BOLIVAN RED HOWLER MONKEY Twycross 2006
    106 Pithecia pithecia WHITE-FACED SAKI London 1985
    107 Chiropotes chiropotes RED-BACKED BEARDED SAKI Colchester 2012
    108 Cacajao rubicundus RED UAKARI Twycross 1973
    109 Callicebus cupreus cupreus RED TITI Bristol 2003
    110 Aotus lemurinus GREY-BELLIED DOUROUCOULI
    111 Aotus lemurinus grisiemba MAGDALENA GREY-BELLIED DOUROUCOULI
    112 Aotus trivirgatus NORTHERN DOUROUCOULI
    113 Cebus capucinus WHITE-THROATED CAPUCHIN Chessington 1986
    114 Cebus albifrons WHITE-FRONTED CAPUCHIN
    115 Sapajus apella BROWN CAPUCHIN
    116 Sapajus xanthosternus BUFFY-HEADED CAPUCHIN Chester 1996
    117 Saimiri boliviensis BLACK-CAPPED SQUIRREL MONKEY
    118 Saimiri sciureus GREEN SQUIRREL MONKEY
    119 Callimico goeldi GOELDI'S MONKEY London 1985
    120 Saguinus nigricollis nigricollis BLACK-MANTED TAMARIN
    121 Saguinus fuscicollis SADDLE-BACKED TAMARIN
    122 Saguinus fuscicollis illigeri ILLIGER'S TAMARIN
    123 Saguinus fuscicollis lagonotus RED-MANTLED TAMARIN South Lakes 2012
    124 Saguinus mystax MOUSTACHED TAMARIN
    125 Saguinus labiatus WHITE-LIPPED TAMARIN
    126 Saguinus imperator imperator BLACK-CHINNED EMPEROR TAMARIN
    127 Saguinus imperator subgrisescensWHITE-CHINNED EMPEROR TAMARIN
    128 Saguinus midas RED-HANDED TAMARIN Twycross 2006
    129 Saguinus bicolor PIED TAMARIN Chester 2004
    130 Saguinus oedipus COTTON-TOPPED TAMARIN
    131 Saguinus geoffroyi GEOFFROY'S TAMARIN Bristol 1986
    132 Callithrix jacchus COMMON MARMOSET
    133 Callithrix penicillata BLACK-PENCILLED MARMOSET Blackbrook 2007
    134 Callithrix geoffroyi GEOFFROY'S MARMOSET Jersey 1989
    135 Milo argentata argentata SILVERY MARMOSET Twycross 1973
    136 Milo melanura BLACK-TAILED MARMOSET
    137 Cebuella pygmaea pygmaea WHITE-BELLIED PYGMY MARMOSET Woburn 2012
    138 Cebuella pygmaea nigriventer BLACK-BELLIED PYGMY MARMOSET Dudley 2009
    139 Leontopithecus chrysopyga BLACK LION TAMARIN Bristol
    140 Leontopithecus chrysomela GOLDEN-HEADED LION TAMARIN Jersey 1989
    141 Leontopithecus rosalia GOLDEN LION TAMARIN Twycross 1984
    142 Erythrocebus patas PATAS MONKEY
    143 Chlorocebus sabaeus GREEN MONKEY
    144 Chlorocebus aethiops GRIVET MONKEY
    145 Chlorocebus pygerythrus VERVET MONKEY
    146 Cercopithecus nictitans martini MARTIN'S GUENON
    147 Cercopithecus albogularis albogularis WHITE-THROATED GUENON Chester 1976
    148 Cercopithecus albogularis moloneyi MOLONEY'S GUENON Chester 1968
    149 Cercopithecus ascanius RED-TAILED GUENON
    150 Cercopithecus ascanius whitesidei YELLOW-NOSED GUENON
    151 Cercopithecus ascanius schmidti SCHMIDT'S GUENON
    152 Cercopithecus petaurista LESSER SPOT-NOSED GUENON
    153 Cercopithecus cephus MOUSTACHED GUENON
    154 Cercopithecus campbelli CAMPBELL'S GUENON London
    155 Cercopithecus mona MONA GUENON Chester 1967
    156 Cercopithecus lowei LOWE'S GUENON Twycross 2006
    157 Cercopithecus pogonias CROWNED GUENON Twycross 2006
    158 Cercopithecus diana DIANA GUENON Chester 1967
    159 Cercopithecus roloway ROLOWAY GUENON Twycross 2006
    160 Cercopithecus neglectus De BRAZZA GUENON
    161 Cercopithecus hamlyni OWL-FACED GUENON London
    162 Cercopithecus lhoesti L'HOEST'S GUENON Colchester 1994
    163 Cercopithecus preussi PREUSS' GUENON Chester 1973
    164 Miopithecus ogouensis GABON TALAPOIN Chester 1967
    165 Allenopithecus nigroviridis ALLEN'S SWAMP MONKEY Colchester 1994
    166 Cercocebus torquatus RED-CAPPED MANGABEY Chester 1967
    167 Cercocebus torquatus lunulatus WHITE-COLLARED MANGABEY London
    168 Cercocebus atys SOOTY MANGABEY Chester 1967
    169 Lophocebus atterimus BLACK MANGABEY Colchester 1994
    170 Macaca sylvanus BARBARY MACAQUE Chester 1967
    171 Macaca silenus LION-TAILED MACAQUE Chester 1967
    172 Macaca nemestrina PIG-TAILED MACAQUE Chester 1967
    173 Macaca maurus MOOR MACAQUE Welsh Mountain 1971
    174 Macaca ochreata brunescens BUTUNG BOOTED MACAQUE Chessington 1986
    175 Macaca nigra SULAWESI BLACK MACAQUE Chester 1967
    176 Macaca pagensis MENTAWAI ISLAND MACAQUE Bristol 199x
    177 Macaca fascicularis CRAB-EATING MACAQUE Chester 1967
    178 Macaca mulatta RHESUS MACAQUE Chester 1967
    179 Macaca fuscata JAPANESE MACAQUE Edinburgh 2007
    180 Macaca sinica TOQUE MACAQUE
    181 Macaca arctoides STUMP-TAILED MACAQUE Edinburgh 2005
    182 Papio hamadryas HAMADRYAS BABOON Chester 1967
    183 Papio anubis OLIVE BABOON Knowsley 1974
    184 Papio papio GUINEA BABOON Yorkshire 2014
    185 Papio cynocephalus YELLOW BABOON Chester 1967
    186 Mandrillus sphinx MANDRILL Chester 1967
    187 Mandrillus leucocephalus DRILL Edinburgh 2006
    188 Teropithecus gelada GELADA Edinburgh 2005
    189 Nasalis larvatus PROBOSCIS MONKEY Twycross 1973
    190 Presbytis melalophos MITRED LANGUR
    191 Presbytis melalophos mitrata EASTERN MITRED LANGUR
    192 Presbytis melanophis nobilis
    193 Semnopithecus priam thersites SRI LANKAN HANUMAN LANGUR Bristol 1986
    194 Trachypithecus velatus velatus NORTHERN PURPLE-FACED LANGUR Edinburgh 2007
    195 Trachypithecus velatus nestor WESTERN PURPLE-FACED LANGUR Edinburgh 2006
    196 Trachypithecus velatus monticola MONTANE PURPLE-FACED LANGUR Twycross 2006
    197 Trachypithecus phayeri PHAYER'S LANGUR Twycross 2006
    198 Trachypithecus francoisi FRANÇOIS' LANGUR London
    199 Trachypithecus cristatus pyrrhus JAVAN BROWN LANGUR
    200 Trachypithecus auratus SILVERED LANGUR
    201 Trachypithecus obscurus SPECTACLED LANGUR Twycross 1973
    202 Colobus polykomos KING COLOBUS Twycross 1973
    203 Colobus guereza ABYSSINIAN COLOBUS Twycross 1973
    204 Colobus guereza occidentalis CONGO COLOBUS
    205 Colobus guereza kikuyuensis KIKUYU COLOBUS
    206 Colobus guereza caudatus WHITE-TAILED COLOBUS
    207 Hylobatidae nomascus concolor CONCOLOR GIBBON
    208 Nomascus leucogenys NORTHERN WHITE-CHEEKED GIBBON
    209 Nomascus siki SOUTHERN WHITE-CHEEKED GIBBON Twycross 1984
    210 Nomascus gabriellae RED-CHEEKED GIBBON
    211 Hylobates syndactylus SIAMANG Chester 1969
    212 Hylobates lar LAR GIBBON
    213 Hylobates lar lar MALAYAN LAR GIBBON Paignton 2012
    214 Hylobates lar entelloides THAILAND LAR GIBBON Chester 1967
    215 Hylobates pileatus PILEATED GIBBON Twycross 1973
    216 Hylobates agilis AGILE GIBBON Twycross 1973
    217 Hylobates moloch GREY GIBBON
    218 Hylobates muelleri muelleri KALIMANTAN MÜLLER'S GIBBON Twycross 1984
    219 Hylobates muelleri abbotti ABBOTT'S GIBBON Paignton xxxx
    220 Hylobates klossi DWARF GIBBON Twycross 1984
    221 Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus WEST BORNEAN ORANG UTAN Chester 1967
    222 Pongo abelii SUMATRAN ORANG UTAN Chester 1967
    223 Gorilla gorilla gorilla LOWLAND GORILLA Chester 1967
    224 Gorilla berengei graueri GRAUER'S GORILLA Chester 1967
    225 Pan troglodytes CHIMPANZEE Chester 1967
    226 Pan troglodytes verus WESTERN CHIMPANZEE Chester 1967
    227 Pan paniscus BONOBO Twycross 2006

    228 Vulpes vulpes RED FOX
    229 Vulpes vulpes crucigera RED FOX Newstead 1977 (wild)
    230 Vulpes corsac CORSAC FOX Broxbourne 2005
    231 Vulpes zerda FENNEC FOX Chester 1975
    232 Alopex lagopus ARCTIC FOX
    233 Nyctereutes procyonoides RACCOON DOG Chester 1967
    234 Speothos venaticus BUSH DOG Chester 1992
    235 Canis mesomelas mesomelas BLACK-BACKED JACKAL Chester 1967
    236 Canis lupus WOLF
    237 Canis lupus signata IBERIAN WOLF Woburn 2012
    238 Canis lupus mackenzii MACKENZIE VALLEY WOLF Belle Vue 1971
    239 Canis dingo DINGO
    240 Canis hallstromi NEW GUINEA SINGING DOG Gentleshaw 2013
    241 Chrysocyon brachyurus MANED WOLF Dudley 1991
    242 Otocyon megalotis BAT-EARED FOX Chester 1990
    243 Cuon alpinus hesperinus CHINESE DHOLE Howletts 1994
    244 Lycaon pictus pictus AFRICAN WILD DOG Colchester 1994
    245 Tremarctos ornatus SPECTACLED BEAR Jersey 1989
    246 Ursus thibetanus HIMALAYAN BLACK BEAR Chester 1967
    247 Ursus americanus AMERICAN BLACK BEAR Woburn 2012
    248 Ursus arctos BROWN BEAR
    249 Ursus arctos middendorffi KODIAK BEAR London 1963
    250 Ursus arctos beringianus KAMCHATKA BEAR Chester 1971
    251 Ursus arctos syriacus SYRIAN BEAR Chester 1967
    252 Ursus arctos collaris RUSSIAN BROWN BEAR Dudley 1968
    253 Ursus maritimus POLAR BEAR Chester 1967
    254 Helarctos malayanus SUN BEAR Chester 1967
    255 Melursus ursinus inornatus SRI LANKAN SLOTH BEAR London 1997
    256 Ailuropoda melanoleuca GIANT PANDA London 1963
    257 Ailurus fulgens fulgens WESTERN RED PANDA Chester 1972
    258 Procyon lotor NORTH AMERICAN RACCOON
    259 Nasua nasua RING-TAILED COATI
    260 Nasua narica narica VERACRUZ WHITE-NOSED COATI Colchester 2006
    261 Potos flavus KINKAJOU
    262 Martes flavigula aterrima NORTHERN YELLOW-THROATED MARTEN Twycross 2010
    263 Mustela eremina eremina EUROPEAN STOAT Fenton 1990 (wild)
    264 EUROPEAN WEASEL Mustela nivalis nivialis Norfolk 2013 (wild)
    265 Mustela putorius POLECAT
    266 Martes martes PINE MARTEN
    267 Martes americana AMERICAN MARTEN Chester 1969
    268 Eira barbara TAYRA Chester 1974
    269 Galictis vittata GREATER GRISON Chester 1969
    270 Ictonyx striatus ZORILLA London
    271 Gulo gulo gulo EUROPEAN WOLVERINE Chester 1967
    272 Mellivora capensis RATEL Howletts 1994
    273 Arctoyx collaris HOG BADGER London 1985
    274 Taxidea taxus AMERICAN BADGER Chester 1967
    275 Spilogale putorius SPOTTED SKUNK
    276 Mephitis mephitis STRIPED SKUNK
    277 Lutra lutra lutra EUROPEAN OTTER
    278 Lutrogale perspicillata perspicillata INDOCHINESE SMOOTH-COATED OTTER Twycross 1973
    279 Lutrogale perspicillata sindica PAKISTANI SMOOTH-COATED OTTER Twycross 1973
    280 Lontra canadensis CANADIAN OTTER
    281 Pteronura brasiliensis brasiliensis NORTHERN GIANT OTTER Chestnut Centre 1995
    282 Aonyx cinereus SMALL-CLAWED OTTER Chester 1967
    283 Civettictis civetta AFRICAN CIVET Chester 1973
    284 Genetta genetta SMALL-SPOTTED GENET
    285 Genetta maculata RUSTY-SPOTTED GENET
    286 Genetta maculata fieldiana FOREST GENET Chester 1975
    287 Genetta tigrina BLOTCHED GENET Chester 1973
    288 Nandinia binotata AFRICAN PALM CIVET
    289 Arctogaladidia trivigrata stigmaticus BORNEAN SMALL-TOOTHED PALM CIVET London 1985
    290 Paradoxurus hermaphroditus hermaphroditus ASIAN PALM CIVET Chester 1975
    291 Arctictis binturong BINTURONG Chester 1974
    292 Chrotogale owstoni OWSTON'S PALM CIVET Broxbourne 2005
    293 Mungotictis decimlineata decimlineata NORTHERN NARROW-STRIPED MONGOOSE Chester 2013
    294 Herpestes edwardsii INDIAN GREY MONGOOSE
    295 Mungos mungo BANDED MONGOOSE
    296 Crossarchus obscurus WESTERN CUSIMANSE Chester 1969
    297 Helogale parvula CAPE DWARF MONGOOSE
    298 Helogale parvula undulata PETERS' DWARF MONGOOSE Chester 1986
    299 Atilax pauldinosus MARSH MONGOOSE Chester 1980
    300 Cynictis penicillata YELLOW MONGOOSE London 1991
    301 Suricata suricatta MEERKAT Chester 1981
    302 Cryptoprocta ferox FOSSA Colchester 1994
    303 Proteles cristatus cristatus SOUTHERN AARDWOLF Hamerton 2007
    304 Proteles cristatus septentrionalis NORTHERN AARDWOLF Hamerton 2012
    305 Hyaena hyaena STRIPED HYENA Chester 1973
    306 Hyaena hyaena sultana ARABIAN STRIPED HYENA Twycross 2010
    307 Crocuta crocuta SPOTTED HYENA Chester 1975
    308 Felis silvestris silvestris EUROPEAN WILD CAT Chester 1975
    309 Felis silvestris grampia SCOTTISH WILD CAT Chester 1980
    310 Felis libyca ornata INDIAN DESERT CAT Howletts 1994
    311 Felis chaus JUNGLE CAT Chester 1967
    312 Felis margarita harrisoni ARABIAN SAND CAT London 1995
    313 Felis nigripes thomasi NORTHERN BLACK-FOOTED CAT Chester 1991
    314 Lynx lynx lynx NORTHERN LYNX Chester 1977
    315 Lynx lynx carpathicus CARPATHIAN LYNX Dudley 2012
    316 Lynx lynx wrangeli SIBERIAN LYNX Chester 1967
    317 Lynx canadensis CANADIAN LYNX Chester 1977
    318 Lynx rufus BOBCAT Chester 1981
    319 Otocolobus manul manul GREY PALLAS' CAT Edinburgh 2005
    320 Caracal caracal CARACAL Chester 1963
    321 Leptailurus serval SERVAL Chester 1974
    322 Pardofelis temminckii dominicanorum CHINESE GOLDEN CAT Edinburgh 2007
    323 Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis INDOCHINESE LOPARD CAT Chester 1978
    324 Prionailurus viverrina INDIAN FISHING CAT Colchester 1994
    325 Lynchailurus colocolo PAMPAS CAT Chester 1980
    326 Oncifelis geoffroyi paraguayae PARAGUAYAN GEOFFROY'S CAT Chester 1978
    327 Leopardus pardalis OCELOT
    328 Leopardus wiedii yucatanicus YUCATAN MARGAY Chester 1980
    329 Leoparduas tigrinus ONCILLA Hamerton 2007
    330 Puma yaguarondi JAGUARUNDI Chester 1973
    331 Puma concolor PUMA
    332 Panthera unica SNOW LEOPARD Chessington 1986
    333 Panthera tigris tigris BENGAL TIGER
    334 Panthera tigris altaica SIBERIAN TIGER Chester 1976
    335 Panthera tigris sumatrae SUMATRAN TIGER Chester 1983
    336 Panthera pardus pardus AFRICAN LEOPARD
    337 Panthera pardus shortridgei CENTRAL AFRICAN LEOPARD Heythrop 2014
    338 Panthera pardus japonensis NORTH CHINESE LEOPARD Chester 1968
    339 Panthera pardus orientalis AMUR LEOPARD London 1995
    340 Panthera pardus saxicolor PERSIAN LEOPARD Bristol 1978
    341 Panthera pardus kotiya SRI LANKAN LEOPARD Banham 2013
    342 Panthera onca JAGUAR Chester 1967
    343 Panthera leo AFRICAN LION
    344 Panthera leo leo BARBARY LION Port Lympne 1995
    345 Panthera leo krugeri WHITE TRANSVAAL LION Heythrop 2011
    346 Panthera leo persica ASIAN LION Chester
    347 Neofelis nebulosa INDONESIAN CLOUDED LEOPARD Chester 1967
    348 Acinonyx jubatus jubatus CAPE CHEETAH Chester 1975
    349 Acinonyx jubatus raineyi KENYAN CHEETAH Chester 1967
    350 Acinonyx jubatus soemmerringii SOMALI CHEETAH Chester 2008