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Strange Zoos

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by animalszoos, 2 Feb 2017.

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    29 Feb 2016
    Do you know of any strange, peculiar zoos?

    So far, I know of shopping mall zoos and a pet shop zoo (where you have to pay to look around the zoo, but you can by some animals).

    There are a few shopping mall zoos, mainly in China and Japan that I know of.
    A shopping mall zoo in Guangzhou has 6 beluga whales, arctic foxes, polar bear, an arctic wolf and walruses. "World's saddest zoo" bosses invite Animals Asia to discuss concerns
    Another shopping mall zoo in Moriyama, Japan has quite a few animals, including a lion, lynx, shoebill, crocodillian of some sort, bats, many primates, owls, hawks, vultures and even free-roaming patagonian cavies, kangaroo (which escaped once), wallabies, a type of guan, hamerkop and rhea. Meccha Sawareru Zoo (Moriyama, Japan): Top Tips Before You Go - TripAdvisor Zoos in Japan: A Zoo in a Shopping Mall?

    The weird pet shop zoo I know of is located in Yokahama, Japan and is called 'NOAH (Nature Oriented Animal House): The Inner City Zoo' and has a collection of animals available both for viewing and selling. Some animals it houses or have housed include a puma, servals, mouflon, african wildcat, lynx, caracal, penguin, patagonian cavy, porcupine, binturong, civets, toucans, genets, meerkats, beaver, paca, kookaburra, hornbills, grey crowned crane, flamingo, tarsier, loris and many marsupials. NOAH (a japanese website but includes list of some animals they have or have sold).

    Do you know of any other strange zoos?