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Tallinn Zoo Tallinn zoo visit, 23/09/13

Discussion in 'Estonia' started by chrisroughley, 27 Sep 2013.

  1. chrisroughley

    chrisroughley Member

    5 Jul 2009
    I visited Tallinn zoo on a visit to Estonia and apart from the disturbing Polar bear house area, I was reasonably pleased with the visit. Yes this is bad but the work is definitely under way to rehouse them and the zoo generally looks to be thinking in the right way.
    The birds of prey area is quite good. The aviaries are pretty good but maybe more height might be good. Breeding Steller's sea and Golden eagles and Ural Owls in 2013 do it some justice.
    Still on the subject of birds Siberian cranes and Red-crowned cranes produced a chick each. Birds are fairly well represented with a good selection of pheasant including Great argus and a few touracos and a number of native birds and a decent waterfowl collection, with breeding Great white pelicans. T
    The elephants were pretty good. they had a fair bit to do and some nice water areas for the summer, as did the Black rhino exhibit.
    The goat and sheep areas where good and very lively. I liked this a lot.
    Cats feature quite heavily, Lions, Siberian Tiger, Amur leopard cat, Fishing cat, Jungle cat, Amur leopard, Persian leopard, European Lynx, Jaguarundi, Sand cat and Snow leopard. Most had decent areas.
    There was some decent hoovestock areas with nice herds of Pere david's deer, Przewalski's horse, Bison, and Bactrian camels.
    Unfortunately I decided to go on Monday which is the only day that the Jungle house and the Elephant house are closed so I can't really comment but I did feel the zoo was a good zoo which is looking in the right direction and it is worth a look.