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Tapirs in Zoos

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Bib Fortuna, 20 Dec 2014.

  1. Bib Fortuna

    Bib Fortuna Well-Known Member

    18 Dec 2010
    For everyone who has questions about any species of tapirs in human care, I open a new thread with my first question:

    Does anybody know, which zoo holds the world first breeding of malayan tapirs ? There was a birth in 1879 at the closed Hmaburg Zoo, but this calf was dead born, and I have no further information about more births there. The next was in 1899 at Wroclaw, but it lived only three weeks. I would say, if the young survived longer than six weeks, than it is a true breeding.

    The second calf was born at Wroclaw in 1900, and this one become more than a year old.So maybe this was the offical world first breeding, but I also got the information, Nill's Tiergarten in Stuttgart bred one in 1894, and the calf was sold two years later to Antwerp-can anybody cornfirm that ? Unfortuantely, I found no infos about that in the web.