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United Kingdom Temple Newsam Zoo and Fur Farm (Temple Newsam Fur Farm Pleasure Gardens Ltd) 1923 ... Leeds , Yorksh

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    This Zoo I guess was never ever really established but Some animals were purchased or ordered and the "closure " Auction was held at the Grounds of Temple Newsam... Temple Newsam is a massive estate which was owned in 1909 by Edward Wood ( who later became 1st Earl of Halifax ) ... In 1909 Leeds Corporation compulsorily purchased 610 acres of the estate in order to build a sewage plant ....
    In 1922 the House and the remainder of the Estate was sold to Leeds Corporation for a nominal sum and covenants were also a condition of the sale to protect the house and park ....
    In November 1922 the Corporation agreed a 5 year lease at £220 per annum to a 5 person syndicate which included Alfred Robert McKill ( who had started Halifax Zoo in 1909 ) to commence a Fur Trade Farm in the walled Garden of the Estate to incorporate a Zoo or Menagerie ...
    By March 1923 Ostriches and Elephants had been ordered for the new zoo ... (these never appeared)
    By April 1923 at a Planning meeting at the Corporation the decision to grant a Zoo was overturned and hence turned down ....
    In August 1923 the Zoo was opened to the public charging a shilling for entry ... However the Corporation issued a legal writ for rent and possession and the Animals were effectively seized by the Corporation and became their property ....

    In November 1923 a public auction was held at which Chapmans Animal Dealers were present and so too were representatives of other Animal Dealer Companies ... Strangely enough the Corporation themselves are reported to have purchased most of the animals (They purportedly used an outside person to purchase the Animals on their behalf) ... Animals at the Auction included Kangaroos, Various Birds , Coatis , Dingo, Monkeys and hundred of rabbits ... Leeds Corporation still wanted a Zoo and the Animals that they purchased were removed to The Canal Gardens at Roundhay Park in Leeds (which Ironically was the Park that Alfred McKill had first sought to open a Zoo before he was turned down and then went on to form and open Halifax Zoo in 1909.
    This was the end of the Temple Newsam Zoo ... Curiously enough in 1925 Arthur McKill was still listed as being the Proprietor of Temple Newsam Zoo but according to reports it had gone by 1923
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