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The Ultimate Exhibit Design Challenge - July

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by Gibbon05, 12 Jul 2020.

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    21 Aug 2017
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    If all goes well with this one, I plan to upload these monthly.

    The Central City Zoo wants to build a new South American exhibit.
    They have 30 acres to work with. 17 acres of the land is flat open fields with a small river running through the middle that cannot be redirected or changed in any way. There is a large old building to the north of the land which used to be the zoo's small mammal house but was closed years ago and hasn't been used since. The building is 100m long and 20m wide. Along the two long walls, there is a large number of medium sized, glass fronted exhibits. The zoo wishes to expand these enclosures. The further 3 hectares of land is a dense forest. The zoo cannot cut down any trees to provide space, but they still wish to use the land.

    The zoo wants to make a high-quality experience on par with zoos like San Diego (let's assume the zoo in question is a large zoo, with lots of money). The zoo is located in Spain, so the climate is very hot and not all animals will need a large indoor section, but the heat will need to be taken into account (shade etc). The zoo does not want to include too many animals, and each animal must be there for a reason. Their main focus is to entertain and educate the people who visit.

    The zoo currently has these animals in their collection.
    1.1 Jaguar
    1.1 Brazilian Tapir
    2.3 Common Squirrel Monkey
    1.0 Green Iguana
    2.2 Arapima
    2.1 Capybara
    1.1 Scarlet Macaw

    The zoo does not wish to get rid of any of these if possible, but, if needs be, they will be willing to phase out a maximum of 2 species.
    The zoo also wants to add up to 6 new mammal species, up to 10 reptiles and a minimum of 5 bird species (you can have as much as you want).
    The zoo has done a poll on their social media pages on what animals the visitors would like to see in the zoo. The top 10 most requested animals were:
    Two-Toed Sloth
    Golden Lion Tamarin
    Black Howler Monkey
    Maned Wolf
    Spectacled Bear
    Bush Dog
    Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman
    Chilean Flamingo
    Any poison dart frog species
    You don't have to include these species, but you will get extra points for doing so.
    Remember this zoo is in Spain, so all new species being brought in must be present in at least on EAZA zoo.
    You will be judged from the following criteria:
    Creativity (/10)
    Immersion (/10)
    Visitor experience (/10)
    Animal Welfare (/10)

    A write up of the exhibit is needed, with as much detail as possible. Please include the sizes of the major enclosures (don't worry about terrariums/aquariums).
    A map is not needed, but would greatly help.
    Good luck :)