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Tiger cubs debut

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by J I N X, 14 May 2018.

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    9 Dec 2016
    The Vale of Peshawar
    Bengal tiger triplets made their first public appearance, two months after their birth, at Jungle World, Rawalpindi today.

    The three cubs are the second litter born at the zoo to parents Polly and Umeed (Hope), the first litter was comprised of four healthy cubs which currently reside at the zoo, which is part of the Ayub National Park, a public park that is also home to a waterfowl lake and a snake house.

    This zoo has one of the best kept animals in the country and is one of the only one with facilities dedicated to the care and upbringing of new born animals.

    The facility currently houses 10 Bengal tigers, the second largest number in the country, after Lahore.