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Tiger shark

Discussion in 'Japan' started by James w, 17 Jul 2019.

  1. James w

    James w Active Member

    2 Jul 2018
    Hi all,
    I use this group to monitor collection species list. Im from the field professionally, volunteer,part and full time keeper in a variety of U.K. collections. Also 10 years of wildlife rehab and rescue and native reptile conservation fieldwork.
    Due to this I have been on zoo tours with the work, and for interest. Also recording unusual species and collecting guide books(the library at one zoo had thousands of guidebooks from worldwide collections and boxes of international zoo yearbooks)
    I have a few on the bucket list species wise. Sadly they are difficult in captivity..great white,tiger and bull sharks. I have been following the progress of the industry in their attempts to master husbandry of these, which of course can be disastrous.
    I am considering white shark diving off port Lincoln and tiger diving darwin, great thing and one of life wishes. But expensive for all.
    I am aware of the enormous osaka aquarium Japan and their displaying of tiger sharks. I received word from someone working there they are currently displaying bull and tiger shark together. They are slow to respond in mail and I wanted to hear unbiased opinions.
    Some of the footage I saw showed dark,small enclosure with the big tiger shark with scarring.
    So...long blown. Has anyone been there recently, how many bull and tiger specimens do they have, size etc..and do you leave the exhibit happy or dad with how they are displayed

    Please any info great, im considering a trip and also if anyone can post this in the general forums I will be chuffed..still getting the hang of it

    Thanks all for lists!