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Toledo Zoo Toledo Zoo species list (mid-July 2023)

Discussion in 'United States' started by wild boar, 19 Jul 2023.

  1. wild boar

    wild boar Well-Known Member

    22 Oct 2022
    the United States of America
    This is my first attempt at a species list. The Toledo Zoo is massive so I guess I have a go-big-or-go-home mindset. I expect many corrections will be in order.

    I am going to do this in several posts.

    There are a few things I missed: Venomous Snakes in the ProMedica Museum of Natural History had closed as well as the primate building, I ran out of time so was unable to get a species list for the last hallway in the aquarium, I did not enter the barnyard, and I forgot about the waterfowl aviary near the pheasantry and a display for poison dart frogs in the Reptile House (which I sorely regret).

    not seen - signed but not seen
    off-exhibit - signed but explicitly stated as off-exhibit
    other enclosure - rotates with other animals between enclosures in the zone
    no longer held - outdated signs
    absent from my photographs - signed but absent from my photographs so possibly not seen

    And with that,

    Arctic Encounter
    1. gray seal, harbor seal, California sea lion
    2. polar bear
    3. polar bear (might not be another enclosure)

    Wolf Cabin
    gray wolf

    1. plains zebra, nyala (unsigned, other enclosure)
    2. nyala (unsigned), slender-horned gazelle (unsigned), Masai giraffe, generic giraffe, common ostrich, plains zebra (other enclosure), domestic cattle (Ankole group), helmeted guineafowl (possibly domestic, not seen), greater kudu (no longer held)
    3. domestic Bactrian camel, domestic reindeer (not seen)
    4. cheetah (not seen)

    Cassowary Crossing
    1. southern cassowary

    Flamingo Key
    1. Caribbean flamingo, roseate spoonbill, lesser white-fronted goose, red-breasted goose, emperor goose, Baer's pochard (not seen) great black-backed gull, European white stork (unsigned), demoiselle crane (unsigned)

    1. southern pudu
    2. Java sparrow, Luzon's bleeding heart
    3. sunbittern, red-crested cardinal, Andean cock-of-the-rock, blue-crowned hanging parrot, Luzon's bleeding heart, crested wood-partridge
    4. rhinoceros hornbill
    5. golden white-eye, many-colored fruit dove, Palawan peacock-pheasant
    6. Siamese fireback, red-crested finch, pink-necked fruit dove (off-exhibit), greater Malay chevrotain
    7. spur-winged lapwing, crested pigeon, diamond firetail finch, Bourke's parrot, diamond dove, cockatiel, budgie
    8. Raggiana bird-of-paradise, pink-necked fruit dove, Palawan peacock-pheasant, black-naped fruit dove (absent from my photographs)
    9. holding enclosure: __some sort of dove___
    10. golden-breasted starling, Nicobar pigeon, pink-necked fruit dove, jambu fruit dove, Goldie's lorikeet, Raggiana bird-of-paradise, Bornean crested fireback, greater Malay chevrotain
    11. Swinhoe's pheasant (unsigned), white-headed buffalo weaver, red-crested widowbird (unsigned), spur-winged lapwing, crested coua, black crake, superb starling, oriole warbler, Fischer's lovebird, oriental magpie-robin (unsigned), common bulbul (unsigned), red bishop (not seen), pin-tailed whydah (absent from my photographs)
    12. blue-bellied roller, violet-backed starling, emerald starling, kagu, African gray parrot, black crake (not seen)
    13. emperor tamarin
    14. lowland paca, Linnaeus's two-toed sloth

    Tembo Trail
    1. Tasmanian devil (not seen)
    2. Nile hippopotamus
    3. North American river otter
    5. African bush elephant
    6. Indian rhinoceros
    6. Indian rhinoceros (indoor)
    7. naked mole rat
    8. African bush elephant (indoor)
    9. meerkat (not seen)
    10. domestic yak
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  2. wild boar

    wild boar Well-Known Member

    22 Oct 2022
    the United States of America
    ProMedica Museum of Natural History
    Oak Forest
    1. American toad
    2. brick woodlouse (not seen)
    3. brown garden snail
    4. ring-necked snake
    5. red-backed salamander
    6. striped wolf spider
    Rivers and Streams
    1. __not seen and unsigned frog(s) and or or toad(s)_
    2. northern two-lined salamander (not seen), green salamander (not seen), long-tailed salamander (absent from my photographs), northern dusky salamander (not seen), four-toed salamander (not seen), northern slimy salamander, cave salamander (eurycea lucifuga, not seen), red salamander (not seen)
    3. lake sturgeon
    -4. hellbender, western blacknose dace, redfin shiner
    5. common musk turtle, spotted turtle (not seen), northern leopard (not seen) frog, northern green frog, American toad (not seen)
    Wetlands and Lakes
    -1. yellow perch, pumpkinseed, northern watersnake, painted turtle,
    Native Prairies
    1. eastern box turtle (unsigned, not seen), ____not seen and unsigned garter snake_
    Hall of Venom
    1. Komodo dragon
    2. Komodo dragon
    3. golden arrow dart frog, Amazon tree boa
    4. Burmese vine snake
    5. mangrove snake
    6. paradise flying snake
    7. western hognose
    8. Blanding's tree snake (not seen)
    9. gila monster
    10. false water cobra
    11. ribbed newt
    12. strawberry poison-dart frog (not seen)
    13. Sambava tomato frog
    14. Colorado river toad
    15. Panamanian golden frog
    16. African bullfrog
    17. Kaiser newt
    18. Kaup’s caecilian
    Venomous Snakes
    1. coconut crab
    2. Chinese mantis (not seen)
    3. taxi cab beetle
    4. emerald beetle
    5. eastern Hercules beetle (not seen)
    6. garden fruit chafer
    7. jade-headed buffalo beetle
    8. Dirby’s flower beetle (not seen)
    9. western horse lubber
    10. walking stick (Acrophylla wuelfingi)
    11. jungle nymph
    12. Giant prickly stick insect
    -13. sunburst diving beetle
    14. Brazilian black tarantula
    15. Giant desert hairy scorpion
    16. stripe-tailed scorpion (not seen)
    17. Arizona bark scorpion (not seen)
    18. striped-knee tarantula
    19. Tanzanian whip scorpion (not seen)
    20. giant vinegaroon
    21. white-toed tarantula
    22. red-knee tarantula
    23. Asian forest scorpion
    24. Arizona blond tarantula
    25. regal jumping spider (not seen)
    26. long-bodied cellar spider (not seen)
    27. giant crab spider (not seen)
    28. two-striped walking stick
    29. darkling ground beetle
    30. western black widow
    31. touch-me-not stick insect
    32. blue death-feigning beetle
    33. discoid cockroach
    34. bat cave roach
    35. giant cave roach
    36. African giant millipede
    37. two-spotted assassin bug
    38. __not seen and unsigned dung beetle______
    39. Madagascar hissing cockroach
    40. goliath bird eater (not seen)
    41. domino roach
    42. dead leaf insect (not seen)
    1. white-throated ground dove, Victoria crowned pigeon, __not seen and unsigned reptile(s) and amphibian(s)__

    Tiger Terrace
    1. Dingo (not seen)
    2. Amur tiger (not seen)
    3. Patagonian mara
    4. snow leopard
    5. snow leopard

    Komminsk Family Grizzly Ridge
    1. grizzly bear, Kodiak bear

    Penguin Beach
    1. African penguin, long-tailed duck, harlequin duck, spectacled eider (not seen), ruddy duck (unsigned)

    Primate Forest
    1. northern white-cheeked gibbon (not seen)
    2. Francois’s langur
    3. red-ruffed lemur (not seen)

    Avian Breeding Center
    1. cinereous vulture, _____some bird____
    2. cinereous vulture, northern bald ibis
    3. cinereous vulture
    4. holding enclosure: Caribbean flamingo

    1. red-billed blue magpie
    2. chestnut-breasted malkoha, Reeve’s pheasant
    3. laughing kookaburra, Asian golden pheasant
    4. red-billed blue magpie, Cabot’s tragopan
    5. blue-winged kookaburra
    6. Himalayan monal, white-crested laughingthrush
    7. red-billed blue magpie, Berlioz’s silver pheasant
    8. cheer pheasant, crested pigeon
    9. blue-faced honeyeater, Temminck’s tragopan, Asian golden pheasant
    10. blue-eared pheasant, crested pigeon

    Great Apes
    1. Bornean orangutan
    2. Bornean orangutan
    3. Bornean orangutan
    4. Western lowland gorilla
    5. Western lowland gorilla (not seen)
    6. Western lowland gorilla (not seen)
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    3 Feb 2022
    Oklahoma, USA
    You went big! That's a great list! Thank you for posting it.
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  4. wild boar

    wild boar Well-Known Member

    22 Oct 2022
    the United States of America
    other enclosures
    1. African bush elephant
    2. red panda
    3. empty
    4. Himalayan monal (not seen)
    5. Lady Amherst’s pheasant (not seen)
    6. Santiago giant tortoise

    1. red-tail catfish, arapaima, white-blotched river stingray, green severum, ripsaw catfish, black pacu (unsigned), disk tetra, red-spotted severum (not seen), Uaru cichlid (not seen), marbled catfish (not seen), Buenos Aires tetra (not seen), Arrau river turtle
    2. moon jelly
    3. bluering angelfish, barred flagtail, blue tang, blacktip reef shark, raccoon butterflyfish, yellow-tailed fusilier, black pyramid butterflyfish, zebra shark, harlequin tuskfish, blackfin hogfish, black triggerfish, Pakistani butterflyfish, shortnose unicornfish, orange-shoulder tang, auriga butterflyfish, moorish idol
    4. barred flagtail
    5. pyramid butterflyfish, chocolate chip sea star
    6. leopard shark, senorita (not seen), blacksmith, horn shark, striped surfperch (not seen), swell shark, ___not seen and unsigned guitarfish___
    7. Japanese armorhead, Japanese spider crab
    8. triton snail, yellow stingray, Atlantic stingray, coral catshark, moony, cownose ray
    9. chain catshark, longfin snipefish, ____not seen and unsigned sea star_
    10. flashlight fish

    Reptile House
    1. reticulated python
    2. emerald tree boa, dyeing poison dart frog
    3. eastern spiny softshell turtle
    4. West African gaboon viper
    5. eastern diamondback, southern copperhead (not seen), northern pine snake, corn snake (not seen), green anole (not seen)
    6. red spitting cobra
    7. Roti Island snake-necked turtle
    8. prehensile-tailed skink (not seen)
    9. Baron’s green racer
    10. green anaconda
    11. Kimberly rock monitor (not seen), frilled lizard, bearded dragon
    12. spiny-tailed iguana, pancake tortoise
    13. “Fiji banded” iguana (not seen)
    14. serrated casque-headed iguana (not seen)
    15. green basilisk
    16. Haitian green anole (not seen)
    17. common chuckwalla
    18. Aruba Island rattlesnake
    19. blood python
    20. king cobra
    21. black-breasted leaf turtle (off-exhibit)
    22. eastern musk turtle
    23. mottled rock rattlesnake
    24. green tree python
    25. Ethiopian mountain viper
    26. Asian vine snake
    27. horned pit-viper
    28. tuatara
    29. saltwater crocodile, green iguana, ____some sort of fish__
    30. green tree skink
    31. Henkel’s leaf-tailed gecko
    32. Jackson’s chameleon
    33. Madagascar day gecko (not seen)
    34. desert grasslands whiptail lizard (not seen)

    Rescue Roost
    1. bald eagle
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