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Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by nopeda, 14 Aug 2015.

  1. nopeda

    nopeda New Member

    14 Aug 2015
    Atlanta, GA

    Can anyone suggest any zoos or aviaries around Phoenix or even in CA that have a good variety of Toucans? I'm planning to visit my sister in Phoenix and we were going to visit Emerald Forest Bird Gardens in Fallbrook CA, but have found that there's no video recording allowed on the property, though I could not find out any reason why not. Now I'm looking for someplace else to go, if there is any other good place. Can anyone suggest some place or places?

    Thank you for any help! (I was really looking forward to that)
    Atl, GA
  2. Arizona Docent

    Arizona Docent Moderator Staff Member

    10 Feb 2009
    Arizona, USA
    Wildlife World Zoo in the west valley of Phoenix has a particularly large bird collection. However, I do not think they have many toucans specifically. However you may want to contact them to see which species they have. The place you mentioned (Emerald Gardens) would be the place, but it is weird they do not allow recording. San Diego Zoo of course has a lot of all kinds of animals, but I am not sure specifically how many toucan species they have.