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Turtle Back Zoo Turtle Back Zoo Review

Discussion in 'United States' started by MJMcB, 3 Sep 2012.

  1. MJMcB

    MJMcB Well-Known Member

    5 Aug 2012
    New Jersey
    Just got back from the Turtle Back Zoo. As a long time docent of the Bronx Zoo, I had actually never been here, even though its closer.

    I must say I was surprised how nice this little zoo is. The exhibits are well put together, the zoo is clean and the signs are well done. Some of the highlights include the little reptile house which holds a nice komodo dragon exhibit. The animal has a nice space. There was a turtle exhibit that also had bali mynahs. Some fun skulls and sign occupied the center of the building underneath a statue of a pterodactyl above

    The white cheeked gibbons were sent from Disney's Animal Kingdom in 2010 and they have a great space. Lots of scaffolding around what appears to to be asian ruins. Well done. The zoo itself uses fencing as opposed to moats and the like, but the exhibits do not come across as "cages"

    Another highlight to me was wolf woods. A small pack occupies the enclosure and you can see inside the "den" which the wolves were using when I was there. Very nice

    There was an asian section that played faint indian music to add to the ambience. The snow and amur leopards were highlights here, espscially the amur leopard which I had not seen before.

    Overall, this is a nice place to spend a few hours. The zoo does not try to overextend itself focusing on animals in can take good care of. There are no great apes, elephants or anything like that.