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Two Rivers Wildlife Park Two Rivers Wildlife Park News

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Smaggledagle, 27 Nov 2022.

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    Two Rivers Wildlife Park is a facility located in Huntington, Nova Scotia. Species at the facility include American black bear, cougar, Eurasian lynx, Arctic fox, moose, American beaver, common raccoon, emu, and barred owl, among other animals.

    On January 3rd, it was reported that the zoo acquired (1.1) cougars named Stumpy and Grumpy in late December 2021. It was also reported they transferred a (0.1) cougar named Harley to Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park in Nova Scotia.

    Young cougars begin new life at Cape Breton wildlife park

    On January 20th, it was announced that the facility will receive $133,425 by the federal government which will go to upgrading the roadways, walkways, and hiking trails, updated signage around the park, and paving/making the Welcome Centre accessible, among other things.

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    On July 5th, the zoo announced they acquired a (1.0) African grey parrot named Hamlet which is now on exhibit at the Welcome Centre.

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    On July 28th, the zoo announced they acquired a (1.0) North American river otter named Otto after he was rescued in Orangedale, Nova Scotia.

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    On September 5th, the zoo announced that (0.0.2) emus named Delta and Echo hatched on July 18th.

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    On September 26th, the zoo announced that it had received significant damage to the property due to Hurricane Ian, though reopened some time later.

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