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United Kingdom Vauxhall Zoological Gardens, 174 Barton Street, Gloucester (approx 1881-1885)

Discussion in 'Zoo History' started by zoowhosewho, 16 Jan 2020.

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    22 Mar 2019

    [​IMG]This establishment began as Vauxhall Inn Tea Gardens ... The original Vauhall Inn was demolished and in its place a new Vauxhall Inn was built in 1876 adjoining the grounds there was a "Pleasure Gardens " .... The premises came up for sale in 1879 a Mr W C Hardman purchased the Inn
    By June 1881 the "Pleasure Gardens" were listed as Vauxhall Zoological Gardens ... The collection at that time contained 10 Monkeys , A Black Kangaroo , European Foxes and Badgers , Various Birds and Waterfowl ....
    In April 1882 a Chinese "Tiger Cat" had been added ...
    By May 1882 12 New Aviaries had been added ...
    No further mentions of the Zoological Gardens are made apart from in 1885 Young Deer , American Opposum , Coati Mundi and a Jackal were added ....
    Mr Harman was an Auctioneer and held many auctions from the Vauxhall Inn including selling new properties that were being built around Barton Street would appear that he was no longer the Proprietor of the Zoo or perhaps the Vauxhall Inn after 1886/7 ... Perhaps the land that the Zoological Gardens were on had been sold for further housing by this time
    1st Image shows the Vauxhall Inn in probably 1960's and the 2nd image is a map of 1876 showing the Vauxhall Inn and land adjoining ....
    The Vauxhall Inn building still stands and was and possibly still is a Supermarket
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