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Victoria Falls Snake Park

Discussion in 'Zimbabwe' started by MRJ, 18 Mar 2018.

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    29 Jan 2008
    This facility is located in the centre of Victoria Falls, on the main road opposite the railway station, and shares a fenced compound with the popular Three Monkeys restaurant. It consists of a single U-shaped brick building.

    There are 7 enclosures about 1.8m square lining each side of the U and a larger enclosure at each end. The enclosures have full sized glass windows and each exhibit has a large, informative sign. Roofed, paved walkways run down either side while in the middle is a grassed area with a large fish pond containing koi and a local species of bream. At the far end is a small alcove containing a number of small enclosures built into shelves and holding small snakes and invertebrates. Most stakes are local, however there are three species of non-African snakes on display. Everything is clean and well maintained with appropriate furnishings in enclosures.

    Admission is US$6 per adult, however if you look young enough and wear a school uniform, you can get in for US$1. Advertising indicated snake holding and guided tours were available, but I was offered neither. By the way, if coming to Zimbabwe, make sure to bring plenty of US$ to spend on small items, as this is the local currency and notes are in short supply with all the ATM's in town empty. Most establishments of any size do accept credit cards, however.

    Species list:

    Gaboon viper
    Green mamba
    Rufous beaked snake
    Common boomslang
    Mozambique spitting cobra
    Common vine snake
    Eggeater snake
    King snake
    Brown house snake
    Southern African python (rock python)
    Puff adder
    Variegated bush snake
    Olive whip snake
    Eastern forest cobra
    Snouted cobra
    Black mamba

    Non-African snakes:

    Carpet Python
    Corn snake
    Children’s python


    Baboon spider
    Parabuthus scorpion
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