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Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park Visit to Combe Martin Wildlife/Dino Park

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Drago, 26 Oct 2014.

  1. Drago

    Drago Well-Known Member

    25 May 2013
    Visited for the first time today.

    First impressions is the place is very steep, especially when getting into the car park. The park itself is on a valley, so it is very steep in many places.

    Animal wise there is the African Lions, Sea Lions, Grey European & Hudson Bay Wolves, Alpaca, Meerkats, Crested Porcupine and more. One species I was actually surprised to see was Common Genet.

    The enclosures were adequate for the animals, not to small but not massive either.

    There is several talks and activities throughout the day. Which were quite informative. The Sea Lion show was quite good. The Sea Lions clearly enjoyed performing. I've never seen a Sea Lion show before and was not sure wherever I'd enjoy it or not, but I did.

    Non animal wise. There are of course dinosaur models throughout the park. The animatronic were quite good and convincing. However some of the static ones weren't to convincing and/or were tatty.

    The Dino Express train ride was not bad for a £1. Takes you before a canyon/gorge were they talk about the Dinosaurs extinction before releasing a large amount of water towards the train and you do get wet!

    The tomb of the pharaohs is a quite good, short but it is dark and convincing. Does feel like your walking through a Pharaohs tomb. Exits in the gift shop which itself is small. Also there is a small Dinosaur museum with fossils.

    Now some criticisms - Railings were peeling paint and rusty in places. Could do with a paint. Some signposts missing letters, walls were cracked/missing chunks in places. Signs were damaged/missing in places.

    Park entrance is a bit odd. The disabled car park comes directly into the park, off the main entrance (for cars). Anybody could just walk right into the park without paying from here!

    Overall I enjoyed my visit and would recommend a visit.