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Volunteering in UK Zoos

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by CDavies98, 6 Nov 2018.

  1. CDavies98

    CDavies98 Well-Known Member

    27 Jul 2018
    I was wondering to what extent most zoos in the UK use volunteers in their day-to-day running and which programmes seem to be the best in terms of volunteer experience?

    I'm not looking for myself, I'm just genuinely curious - I volunteer as a ranger at Bristol Zoo, talking to guests some days and as a keeper some weekends. Personally I was surprised by how much I get involved with the animals during a keeper shift and I haven't heard this about many other collections. So I was just wondering what the experiences on offer are at other zoos.

    What are other volunteer experiences like - in learning ranger roles and keeper roles - at other zoos? Where in other zoos do learning ranger volunteers hang around, where are they used?