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We are the 99%- A Unique Fantasy Zoo

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by cloudedleopard, 19 Feb 2015.

  1. cloudedleopard

    cloudedleopard Well-Known Member

    13 Jul 2014
    Land of Liberty
    This fantasy zoo is unique. Visitors can work to get in. Adults (13-59) would cost $5, seniors (60+) $4, children (3-12) $3, and infants (0-2) 1 penny. Suppose 1 adult and 1 child were visiting the zoo. If the adult did not wish to pay $8, the adult could work to pay off the costs. Visitors would enter and see a chalkboard with a sign listing "chores" to do, for example,
    "Children's Zoo, Muck Out 1 Horse Stall, $1.00
    African Plain, Giraffe Feeding, $1.50
    Australian Reservation, Help Feed Koalas, $2.00
    Elephant Forest, Bathe Elephants, $3.00"
    The choreboard would change seasonally. For example, the zoo would have camel rides from April to September. In June, "African Plain, Camel Ride Assistant, $1.50" would be on the board, but in November it would not be.
    The first exhibit would be African Plain. Visitors would turn left from the entrance and see an arch decorated with earthy colors. A smaller choreboard would list the day's chores. The first exhibit would be a 5-acre plain for gemsbok, giraffes and gerenuks, with acacia trees for the latter two. Lettuce leaves (3/$2) would be sold at a small stand. The sweeping acacia savanna would continue past a large exhibit with heated rocks, dens, waterfalls, pools, trees, hills, varied terrain and more, for spotted and striped hyenas. A kopje would be home to klipspringer, meerkats and rock hyrax (surrounded by a moat). Visitors would then see the farm- with camel rides and a petting corral with pygmy goats, Watusi cattle, Cameroon sheep and sulcata tortoises. A tortoise pen (for radiated and sulcatas) would be nearby. The camel rides ($4) would take visitors around the entire African Plain! The next exhibit would be a small cave exhibit for servals. It would be outdoor and grassy with a viewing cave decorated with African motifs/patterns. A rocky lion exhibit would have 2 acres of space, enrichment, carcass feeding/bones, varying terrain, heated dens/rocks, and other enriching features, so to speak. A large, arcing waterhole would be the basis of the 25-acre savannah for ostrich, impala, wildebeest, zebra, Baringo giraffes (the other savanna would have only retics and Masai) kudu, Kori bustard, cranes, white rhino, and a herd of elephants! There would be African and Asian elephants (retired/rescued circus and zoo elephants for the Asians). Visitors would pass through a cave with invert exhibits- such as grasshoppers and millipedes- on one side, and herps on the other- such as agama lizards, tomato frogs, spider tortoises, chameleons, etc. A plaza with restaurant, ATM, gift shop and restrooms would finish that area. I hope yinz like this fantasy zoo :D.
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  2. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    Can you say the species list for each exhibit but it's still good
  3. cloudedleopard

    cloudedleopard Well-Known Member

    13 Jul 2014
    Land of Liberty
    I have only done African Plain so far.
    African Plain-
    Acacia Savanna-
    Reticulated Giraffe
    Masai Giraffe
    Hyena Dens-
    Spotted Hyena
    Striped Hyena
    Rock Hyrax
    African Plain Farm-
    Watusi Cow
    Cameroon Sheep
    Pygmy Goat
    Sulcata Tortoise
    Radiated Tortoise
    Dromedary Camel
    Carnivore Caves-
    Waterhole Arc Savanna/Elephant Forest-
    Grevy's and Grant's Zebra
    Whitetailed gnu
    Crowned crane
    Kori bustard
    Southern white rhino
    Northern white rhino
    Black rhino
    Asian Elephant
    African Elephant
    (note: the elephants would have another 5-acre yard offshow, and the elephants would be encouraged to stay in a "forest" part of the savanna at the north end, 6-8 acres).