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Wellcome Collection - Making Nature: How We See Animals

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Crowthorne, 23 Feb 2017.

  1. Crowthorne

    Crowthorne Moderator Staff Member

    13 Jan 2014
    Somehow this new temporary exhibit passed me by until I heard about it today

    Making Nature: How we see animals

    It's not a typical natural history exhibition, but an exhibition about how humans see the natural world. Interestingly, in the gallery guide, one section named 'Observing' focusses on the history of zoos


    I've not visited yet, but hope to soon. The exhibit opened on the 1st December 2016 and runs to the 21st May 2017
  2. Tim May

    Tim May Well-Known Member Premium Member

    16 Nov 2008
    London, England
    Thanks for bringing this exhibition to my attention; I visited it this afternoon and enjoyed it.

    I wouldn't recommend anybody making a very long journey especially to see it but, if you're in London, it is certainly well worth a visit. (Incidentally, the Wellcome Collection is only a few minutes walk from University College's Grant Museum of Zoology so it could easily be combined with a visit there.)

    I especially liked the film from 1936 showing Lubetkin's Penguin Pool and Gorilla House at London Zoo and Lubetkin's Elephant House at Whipsnade.

    I also liked the London Underground poster, from 1930, advertising London Zoo; this picture had people on display in the exhibits with the animals wandering round the zoo watching the people.

    (I've seen many of these vintage London Underground zoo posters but don't recall ever seeing this particular one previously.)
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  3. Pacu

    Pacu Well-Known Member

    8 Mar 2009
    'The naturalistic style of early zoo design'... depends what you mean by naturalistic, I suppose.