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What could Monterey Bay Aquarium's new exhibit be

Discussion in 'Speculative Zoo Design and Planning' started by Northwest_FIsh_Keeping, 9 Aug 2022.

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    17 Feb 2021
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    So with the recent news of Tentacles coming to end after 8 years on September 5th, that means its time for a new special exhibition at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Special Exhibitions are usually based on a geological area or animal group. Some past examples include Many Jelly Exhibits, Seahorses and Sea Dragon's, Sharks and Ray's, the Baja, Venomus animals, River Otters and Freshwater Fish, Cephalopods, and the newest being the Deep-Sea being "Into the Deep: Discovering Our Undiscovered Ocean".

    These exhibits are meant to last a few years, many being from 4 to 8 years. What do you think the newest special exhibition is MBA will put on? And what animals do you think would be displayed? It's not limited to just aquatic animals as well, since they did the River Otters and featured quite a few land animals such as Tortoise, Iguanas, Milk Snake, Scorpion, etc in "Viva Baja"

    A few people in the MBA discord server have mentioned the possibility of an Arctic focused exhibit, as MBARI (their sister institute) is working in parts of the Arctic this year and 2023 (iirc)
    This opens up the possibilities of things like different Ptereopods, Ctenophores, Basket Starfish, GPO, Rat Fish, Cod, and much more