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What makes a zoo the best?

Discussion in 'United States' started by ZooElephantsMan, 1 Jun 2015.

  1. ZooElephantsMan

    ZooElephantsMan Well-Known Member

    19 Apr 2015
    So I was thinking about making a list of my top 20 zoos in the US, which I probably would never actually share out loud in order, but this is a list of them in a RANDOM order:

    San Diego Zoo
    San Diego Zoo Safari Park
    Saint Louis Zoo
    Henry Doorly Zoo
    Columbus Zoo
    The National Zoo
    Cincinnati Zoo
    Bronx Zoo
    Fort Worth Zoo
    Tampa Lowry Park Zoo
    Oklahoma City Zoo
    Woodland Park Zoo
    Denver Zoo
    Houston Zoo
    Zoo Miami

    I wanted to include Philadelphia zoo also but there was minimal room.

    I know that whenever people make a list of their top favorite zoos in order, that it always inspires a lot of hatred and dismay and controversy, so instead of making a list that I would show you guys the order, I want you guys to tell me what you think makes a zoo "the best zoo" or qualities about zoos you think are the most important.

    If there is a zoo that you guys think is good and isn't on the list, don't hesitate to mention it.
  2. Chimpangeek

    Chimpangeek Well-Known Member

    6 Mar 2014
    San Francisco, CA, 94117
    1. Exhibits a large collection of species from all over the world
    2. Exhibits animals in an enriching and naturalistic environment
    3. Participates in the breeding of threatened and endangered species and/or reintroduction programs
    4. Engages and educates the public
    5. Provides excellent veterinary care (especially geriatric)
  3. Kwambeze

    Kwambeze Well-Known Member

    20 Dec 2007
    Kolmården, Sweden
    1. Animal Welfare (Including enclosure planning, animal condition...)
    2. Goals for the collection (breeding, research, education...)
    3. Aesthetic environment
    4. Shows, displays, guides and other guest services
    5. Range of species

    Some of the things I look for in a good zoo
    An aesthetic, naturalistic looking enclosure might just be the worst for the animal etc.