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National Aquarium in Baltimore What should be done with the marine mammal pavilion?

Discussion in 'United States' started by The_UltimateBea, 21 Nov 2017.

  1. The_UltimateBea

    The_UltimateBea Well-Known Member

    16 Oct 2016
    San Diego, CA, USA
    Within the next few years, the aquarium's dolphins will move to a seaside sanctuary. This will leave a pretty sizeable space left to be repurposed. What should be done with this? Should the entire area be gutted and rebuilt or simply have the tank redone to suit new animals? What animals could go in that space?
  2. Coelacanth18

    Coelacanth18 Well-Known Member

    23 Feb 2015
    United States
    I was thinking it could be a great Mekong exhibit, since it’s large enough to hold many of the severely endangered Mekong fishes. That would carry a strong conservation message that would more in line with today’s zoological institutions than show-performing dolphins would be.
  3. NAIB Volunteer

    NAIB Volunteer Well-Known Member

    25 Dec 2009
    PA, USA
    National Aquarium Strategic Master Plan

    The entire Pier 4 will turn into a Chesapeake Bay themed exhibit. The large tank will be broken up with a large demonstration deck to nail home the Aquarium's conservation mission. Obviously things will change, but the general idea is to turn it into something entirely different. The Aquarium will no longer house any sort of marine mammal - pinniped or otherwise, and will exclusively focus more on fishes exhibits based on conservation messaging. Overall, the Aquarium's goal is for guests to experience something they've never seen or, more importantly, learned about at any other institution. Preparing for the future.
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