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White Lions

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Jarkari, 8 Sep 2006.

  1. patrick

    patrick Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2004
    melbourne, victoria, australia
    personally, i think interacting with big cats, particuarly lions and tigers is just downright dangerous. i was having a similar conversation with a zookeeper at melbourne the other day - i expessed my supprise that zoos in australia were even allowed to let potentially dangerous animals like elephants and tigers have unprotected contact with not only zoostaff, but the general public as well.

    its not that i don't believe the animals benefit from it, the do greatly - its just that i think its an accident waiting to happen for the humans.

    there are other ways you can encourage activity amongst your charges without having to be inside the enclosure...
  2. ZooPro

    ZooPro Well-Known Member

    9 Mar 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    I would have to agree with Patrick about interacting with big cats, and also add that it sounds like Jarkari is focussed very much on his own interactions with the cats - to me this is the wrong reason for wanting to house cats in captivity. Assisting with the conservation of the species should be the primary focus, and not your own need to interact with them.

    Jarkari are you planning on joining ARAZPA? Certainly if you are trying to import African elephants, lions and cheetah from overseas, regardless if they are related to the existing stock in the region, DEH will usually only consider these types of imports if they are recommended in ARAZPA's breeding programs.