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Discussion in 'United States' started by Yi Qi, 11 Jan 2019.

  1. Yi Qi

    Yi Qi Well-Known Member

    24 Feb 2018
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    This theme park in Georgia home to several animal displays has been listed on IDA's Worst Zoos for Elephants list for the fact it keeps Shirley, its single asian elephant (the oldest in the world at 75!) alone. Worth mentioning the park did keep two other elephants with her before they passed away.

    Wild Adventures named on worst zoo list for elephants
  2. Elephantelephant

    Elephantelephant Well-Known Member

    4 Jun 2019
    Shirley, beloved old lady, died at 77 years old. She was oldest elephant in America and one of the oldest in the world.
    She was born in 1944 in the wild, to America she was imported in 1946.
    1947 to 1948 - Bailey Bros. Circus
    1949 - Robbins Bros. Circus
    1950 to 1951 - King Bros. Circus
    1952 to 1953 - King Bros. Cristiani Circus
    1954 to 1955 - Bailey Cristiani Circus
    1956 to 1959 - Cristiani Bros. Circus
    1960 - RBBB South America tour
    1961 - Tony Diano farm
    1962 to 1963 - Cristiani Wallace Circus
    1964 to 1966 - Rudy Bros. Circus
    1967 to 1995 - Oscar and Carin Cristiani elephant act
    1995 to 2021 - retired at Wild Adventures Animal Park in Valdosta, Ga.

    Rest in peace beloved Shirley. :(
  3. Smaggledagle

    Smaggledagle Well-Known Member

    25 May 2020
    Rhode Island
    On February 18th, it was reported that the theme park will be getting an expanded petting zoo, with a newly added silo detailing the place's history, and will have an area dedicated for guests to purchase food for the animals. There will also be "new" animals in the expanded petting zoo, though the article didn't go into detail. The petting zoo will open in early April.

    Wild Adventures expands petting zoo: Liberty Farms origin honored