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Wild cetacean news

Discussion in 'Wildlife & Nature Conservation' started by TheMightyOrca, 4 Dec 2014.

  1. TheMightyOrca

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    28 Jan 2014
    League City, Texas
    Since many species of cetacean are elusive or poorly studied, I figured having one big thread dedicated to wild cetacean news would be a good thing.

    The vaquita population has dropped below 100 this year, making it the most endangered cetacean in the world. Drastic population declines have been credited to illegal fishing of totoaba. Vaquitas drown in the nets. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is starting to promote vaquita conservation, and I really hope they succeed in getting the word out.

    The Taiji drive hunt is underway, and most species have been in short supply so far. Most slaughters and captures have been of the Risso's dolphin. (interestingly, two white Risso's have been captured. How weird is that?) Many people are trying to speculate why the other species aren't showing up. Source

    A few months ago, a rare spectacled porpoise washed up on a New Zealand beach. With so few specimens ever being available for observation, it's an exciting opportunity to study the animal.