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Wild Georgia Animal Park

Discussion in 'United States' started by Alex Roman, 2 Nov 2020.

  1. Alex Roman

    Alex Roman Well-Known Member

    23 Dec 2019
    Georgia, US
    This is a small zoo situated by a Chevron gas station located off Interstate 16 off Exit 98 and GA SR 57 in Georgia.

    Petting Zoo:
    The petting zoo is a yard surrounded by fencing and contains an aviary*, and inside the fencing and not in the yard in which people walk are two llamas, a large trip of goats, three cows, three ducks (two domestic mallard and one wild female mallard), two emus, a small gaggle of greylag x swan hybrid-derived domestic geese, a small flock of four domestic guineafowl, a large flock of rock pigeons, and inside the people area is the aviary and a sulcata tortoise named Filburt.

    The aviary is a shed with a hallway and divided into parts. One quarter houses three chukar partridge, another houses a smaller flock of the aformentioned rock pigeon, and another quarter houses four parrots; an Alexandrine, a yellow-headed amazon, a blue-and-gold macaw, and a scarlet macaw. Two bird cages are in the hallway and one houses two umbrella cockatoos named Max and Pebbles.

    Another side of the aviary houses a pair of Indian peafowl and a flock of domestic chickens.

    It is viewable uphill in the distance, but in order to see these animals up close, one must pay $10 per person to ride a special bus.

    One part includes two baby nilgai, two red kangaroos, some young aoudad, a cow calf, and a desert painted sheep.

    Another field includes a Clydesdale horse, a handful of donkeys, a pair of ostriches, a larger flock of guinea fowl, and within another caged up area, is a cage with a rhesus macaque monkey named Walter.

    Another field houses more aoudad, two dromedary camels, three zebras, and a pair and a baby of blackbuck.

    The last two fields house a few Barbado blackbelly sheep, two kunekune pigs, a large herd of water buffalo, a mixed herd of Texas longhorn, Watusi, and zebu cattle, a third ostrich, two ponies, a Paint horse, and more donkeys.

    Formerly held animals (some of which they may get again) include American bison, an alpaca, an oryx, and a black swan.

    Personally, I really love that place to the point where I went over 10 times in 2020 alone, but I do think that place can use improvements, like separating the Alexandrine and Amazon from the macaws and both a mate and a larger living quarter for the monkey.

    I know the people who work there and their next big thing is giraffes, but I requested them into getting capybaras, which they are also interested in doing the latter.
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