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Wildpark Eekholt / Wildlife Park Eekholt

Discussion in 'Germany' started by Batto, 7 Sep 2015.

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    3 Sep 2013
    Baltic Sea
    Dear international ZooChat members,

    based on a private visit last Saturday, I can strongly recommend a visit of a hitherto wrongfully neglected German zoo: the Wildlife Park Eekholt.

    In my opinion, it's one of the finest European wildlife institutions I've been to (including Innsbruck Alpenzoo, Bern-Dählihölz, Chomutov, Nationalpark Bayrischer Wald Wildgatter etc.) within mainland Europe.

    Of the six institutions (two zoos, one avian park, said wildlife park and two aquaria) I visited this weekend while in this part of Schleswig-Holstein, this wildlife park easily became my favourite due to excelling at

    - modern, naturalistic and aesthetically charming animal husbandry and presentation, including pine martens and peculiar red deer colour morphs such as "Blaze" and "White St. Hubertus deer".
    - a coherent, comprehensive and smart visitor education and presentation system (that can be contributed to its late founder, Dr. Hans-Heinrich Hatlapa).
    - a very pleasant naturalistic setting (including free-ranging sea eagles) and good customer service.

    Its major drawback, however, is the lack of available public transport options, most of them only operating during the summer time.
    Naturerlebnisstätte Wildpark Eekholt - Mobil ohne Auto

    However, this shouldn't deter you from visiting if you happen to come across.
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