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Winged World,Heysham Head further information.

Discussion in 'Zoo Memorabilia' started by john thorpe, 16 Nov 2019.

  1. john thorpe

    john thorpe Member

    20 Oct 2019
    Hello there,
    I have spoken to one of my old colleagues from my days at Winged World as a keeper ,and have asked him for some more information regarding stock lists.He's got a far better memory than I,and will ,in due course let me have as extensive list of species as he can recall.This may take a little time but the wheels are in motion so to speak! He's also done a very detailed scale drawing of the layout of the building,showing everything in terms of enclosures,rooms and in very fine detail.we hope to be able to find a way of posting this in due course,and of course I would love to hear from anyone who has any photos,recolllections,memorabilia etc to do with Winged World and the Childrens Zoo.Many thanks.
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  2. FBBird

    FBBird Well-Known Member

    15 Oct 2010
    Dorset, UK
    Looking forward to this. I never visited, but have read breeding reports in the Avicultural Magazine. They did some good stuff.