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United Kingdom "Wonders of the Jungle" (Skegness Zoo ) , North Parade , Skegness , Lincolnshire (1926 - 1929)

Discussion in 'Zoo History' started by zoowhosewho, 26 Jan 2020.

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    22 Mar 2019

    The reports that I have read indicate that this Establishment was set up by a Mr J Lewis in 1926 .... It was commonly known as Skegness Zoo but its actual given title was Wonders of The Jungle ...When it opened the collection consisted of 2 Crocodiles , Mongoose , 3 Monkeys and Birds
    By May 1927 it was reported that Mr Lewis had visited Liverpool and in particular Mr H E Rogers ( an animal Dealer ... later to 0pen Liverpool Zoo Park ) to purchase the following for his Skegness establishment ... Black Squirrels , American Opossum , Dwarf Kangaroos (?) , Agoutis , Baboon , Coati Mundi and Praire Dogs
    By April 1928 it was reported that there was a partner "a Mr Fisher" and a Chimpanzee had been added to the collection ... Mr Fishers daughter Elsie had married Mr Lewis ' son Edwin in 1927
    By July 1928 is was reported that Elsie Lewis had died tragically just 10 months after her wedding ... she was only 24 years old
    By September 1929 it was reported that a Monkey called Peter escaped from the Zoo and was at large for a day ... there was also reports of Rosie the Elephant
    On the 26th October 1929 there was an Auction and the following was listed for sale ... A Sectional Shed 26 ft x 15 ft x 10ft and Wood floor previously known as Skegness Zoo ... and the Zoo was no more
    It seems strange to think that the Establishment was so small ....
    The image shows Skegness North Parade in 1928
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