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Wood Rail (bird)

Discussion in 'Private Collections & Pets' started by Smilo, 24 Sep 2015.

  1. Smilo

    Smilo New Member

    24 Sep 2015
    Southen CA
    Hello, I recently acquired a giant wood rail. The guy who had it was going to cull it because it has some messed up toes. He let me have it instead so I could give it a home. I'm actually taking it to the vet today to get it sexed and an evaluation to see if its feet can be helped. But my main reason for joining this chat was to see if anyone can recommend a better diet for it.

    The guy was feeding it what he called turkey crumbles for his game birds that he raises. But since learning that its main diet is crabs I'd like to get it some better nutrition. I was looking into the Mazuri diets but couldn't decide which was best. Anyone already have some of these birds or maybe can recommend what to feed this lil guy that's better than the game bird feed?

  2. animal_expert01

    animal_expert01 Well-Known Member

    13 Sep 2015
    QLD Australia
    I just done some research and I found a website saying you should feed them horse meat (don't know where you are going to get from ), mealworms,assorted chopped up vegetables ( it doesn't say which ones),shrimp and chopped up fish.
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  3. leigh catherick

    leigh catherick Well-Known Member

    1 May 2010
    canterbury kent uk
    hi kept them a few year ago mine loved charnwood sea duck pellets and whiskers cat food the salmon one also veg,meal worm and poultry layers pellets,