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Your ideal wildlife documentary

Discussion in 'TV, Movies, Books about Zoos & Wildlife' started by DesertRhino150, 9 Oct 2016.

  1. DesertRhino150

    DesertRhino150 Well-Known Member

    15 Jul 2010
    I've been meaning to make this thread for a while, and watching the new trailer for Planet Earth II* reminded me of it.

    I'm sure many of us have watched a wildlife documentary we really liked, or one we didn't like at all, and then thought about what you would include if you were creating a programme of your own.

    Personally, I have a very broad taste in wildlife documentaries. I have thoroughly enjoyed the BBC's bigger series such as Planet Earth, The Hunt and the 'Continents' strand of shows but I also very much enjoy some of the older-style evolution programmes such as Life on Earth and the Velvet Claw. In fact, I make a habit of seeing almost any wildlife documentary at least once, and there have been very few that I haven't derived some enjoyment from.

    As such, I have several ideas that I may flesh out in later posts, depending on interest. These ideas are as follows:

    - Wild Europe - An eight-part series that explores the different habitats of the European continent
    - Tooth and Claw - A ten-part remake of the Velvet Claw, looking at the evolution of the Carnivora
    - Life on the Hoof - A ten-part sequel to the abovementioned series, concerning the evolution of the Cetartiodactyla
    - One thing about The Hunt I found slightly lacking was that it made no mention to the importance of top predators, something I would like to rectify, possibly in a wider series on ecology

    So, what would your idea of an ideal wildlife documentary be? Looking forward to seeing some good programme ideas. Alternatively, if you don't have any ideas for a full documentary, then you can write down what sequences you would want to see filmed - I'll include some of those in a future post too, interest pending.

    * Here it is, if anybody is interested:
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  2. Nikola Chavkosk

    Nikola Chavkosk Well-Known Member

    17 Feb 2016
    Prilep, R. Macedonia
    Some ideas:

    - ''The last West African giraffes in Niger'' or the ''the Future of the ''White'' giraffes''.
    - ''Links between crocodiles and birds''.
    - ''Relationship of lions, leopards and jaguars to other big cats like tigers and snow leopards''.
    - ''Reptile diversity of Balkan Peninsula - European hot spot for native reptile species in Europe'' : .
    - ''In search of closest living terestrial relatives of hippos''.
    - ''How topical contact with soil makes humans and animals happy''.
    - ''What animals lives in the tropical north of Australia, just under Indonesia''.

    Any thoughts? :)
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  3. TheMightyOrca

    TheMightyOrca Well-Known Member

    28 Jan 2014
    League City, Texas
    Cetacean Nation. It would be a documentary series about wild cetaceans. Some episodes would focus on a specific group (like porpoises, or river dolphins) for general info while others would pick a topic like diet or social life and show how it's different for different species. There would be a lot of emphasis on getting footage of species that haven't been recorded much and aren't often featured in documentaries.
  4. kiang

    kiang Well-Known Member

    12 Aug 2007
    I would like to see a documentary focusing on the wildlife of the rainforests of central and western Africa, featuring extended pieces on okapi and pygmy hippo in the wild.