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Your Private Zoo Fencing and/or Barriers

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by animalszoos, 28 Dec 2016.

  1. animalszoos

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    29 Feb 2016
    What fencing or barriers would you use for your private zoo if it contained all the mammal species.
    It is purely based on a private zoo because then you may not need safety barriers or other barriers that are based on protecting the public from the animal.
    I have chosen that the zoo contains all the mammal species because this is not a thread where you choose your animals you want in your zoo, it is where you choose with fencing would be suitable for which species.
    Please note, I am not expecting a reply with fencing for each and every mammal species, the 'all the mammal species' is just a guideline so you do not choose your own, but you can suggest fencing and barriers for any mammals.
    It does not matter where the zoo is. Also take into consideration the cost, will ha-has be more expensive than wire fencing for example. Although you are not on a budget for this, I would appreciate if you could explain which fencing and barriers are more expensive than others.

    An example of my fencing and barriers:
    I would not have any safety barriers.


    No fencing is required. Possibly glass barriers for underwater viewing.

    Big Cats
    Big cats such as lions will have twelve feet tall, six gauge chain welded cattle panels with diagonal panels at the top.
    For more arboreal big cats such as tigers and leopards, it would just be metal aviary chain mesh around the whole enclosure and the top..

    Smaller Cats
    Aviary-style fencing and/or glass viewing where possible.

    Either aviary-style fencing or moats.


    Giraffes, Rhinos, Some Antelope (ones which do not jump very far), Equids and Elephants
    Dry moats and ha-ha's

    Regular fencing (no taller or lower than sheep fencing).

    Meerkats, Mongooses, Armadillos
    Walled barriers as they would probably be walled enclosures.

    Civets and Binturongs
    Aviary-style fencing or moats.

    Deer and Patagonian Cavies
    At least six-foot high metal fencing (for Patagonian Cavies) and wooden fencing (for deer).

    Old World Porcupines
    Possibly walled enclosure or maybe even dense shrubs along the outside of the enclosure.

    New World Porcupines

    Moats may be more expensive as they need to be dug out and water needs to be filled with water quite often, however I am unsure of the overall price of a moat compared to wire link fencing.