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Zoo and Widlife Books and Zoo Guides for sale!

Discussion in 'Zoo Memorabilia' started by choloepus, 5 Jan 2012.

  1. choloepus

    choloepus Member

    22 Dec 2007
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to downsize my collection and was wondering if anyone was interested in any of the following items? If so please send me a private message with what you'd like and what you're willing to pay for them - my main thing is getting rid of them so just make me an offer! Thanks very much! The AZA and AAZK magazines are free to whoever wants them, if you could pay shipping for them I'd appreciate it though.

    Zoo Books
    In My Zoo – Paul Eipper 1932
    Animals are Quite Different – Hans Bauer 1957
    My Life With Animals – Sir Garrard Tyrwhitt- Drake 1939
    Memoirs of a Coarse Zookeeper – George Jacobs 1982
    You Belong In A Zoo! – Peter Brazaitis 2003
    Lions on the Lawn – Mary Chipperfied 1971
    My Wild Life – Jimmy Chipperfield 1976
    My Friends The Animals – Dick Chipperfield (signed) 1963
    The Zoo Was My World – Wesley A Young 1969
    Berggren’s Beasts – Sigvard Berggren 1969
    A Pelican Swallowed My Head – Edward R. Ricciuti 2002

    Wildlife/Animal Books
    Zoo Quest to Guiana – David Attenborough (signed) 1956
    The World’s Cats Vols 1 & 2 – Randall Eaton (Eds) 1970s
    Portraits in the Wild: Behavior Studies of East African Mammals – Cynthia Moss 1975
    Tropical Wildlife of British Guiana – William Beebe 1917
    Jungle Days – William Beebe 1925
    Edge of the Jungle – William Beebe 1927
    The White Lions of Timbavati – Chris McBride 1977

    Fiction Books
    The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise – Julia Stuart 2010
    Julie’s Secret Sloth – Jacqueline Jackson 1953

    AZA Communique/Connect Magazine
    2002 - March to June, August to December
    2003 - January to December
    2004 - January to March, August to December
    2005 - February and March
    2006 - March, July to October
    2007 - February and March

    Issues of AAZK Animal Keeper's Forum:
    1990 - June
    2004 - January to April, June to December
    2005 - January

    Guides, Maps, Pamphlets:
    Zoo Schwerin - guidebook, yearbook for 1997 and 5 brochures

    Toronto Zoo - visitors guide from 2006

    Singapore Zoo - ZooEd newsletter from November 1996, September

    Toledo Zoo - Safari newsletter from 1999

    Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens - two newsletters and a pamphlet
    from 1999

    Rotterdam Zoo - english guidebook from 1996, map from 1996,
    pamphlet from 1996, two postcards (elephants and polar bears)

    Zoo de Mulhouse - ZOOMulhouse 1997 no. 27

    Zoo Kobenhaven - English summary of annual report 1996, two
    issues of Zoo Nyt from the same time

    Krefeld Zoo - Regenwaldhaus, Zoofuhrer, two english pamphlets,
    and a postcard of a sloth

    Faszination Tier - Tiergarten und Zoos in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    Dublin Zoo - two pullout double sided posters, one pamphlet, 1 folder

    Hamerton Zoological Park guide (white tiger front)
    Howletts guide - A John Aspinall Zoo Park 1988 (photo of Aspinall with Silverback Gorilla)

    Howletts guide - Wild Animal Park mid 1990s (gorilla baby in flowers on cover)