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Zoo/animal career advice ?

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Magick, 22 Mar 2017.

  1. Magick

    Magick Member

    11 Nov 2016
    Hey everyone :)

    I'm currently on a fd degree in animal management which i plan to top up to full a degree (unsure which top up yet) and then possibly a masters after that.

    I am still so unsure on what career with animals I would like though! All I'm certain of is that I do not want to be a zookeeper, however I would be happy working in a zoo as something else eg behaviourist, education etc.

    I would absolutely love to travel a lot and through researching job sites I have seen many short contracted jobs for zoologists (eg 6 months research on a certain project) , is it possible to build a career on many short contract jobs or is that a complete no go ?

    I am researching online but would love to have some input/advice/ideas by people who are currently working in the field or who know people who do :) google just gives me generic career profiles!!

    TIA :D