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Zoo animal theft

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by Mr. Zootycoon, 21 Apr 2016.

  1. Mr. Zootycoon

    Mr. Zootycoon Well-Known Member

    3 Jun 2015
    probably in a zoo
    Last years a lot of animals got stolen from Dutch zoos.
    Stealing animals isn't completely new, but the scale is.

    Januari 2015: 5 golden lion tamarins were stolen from
    Apenheul. The monkeys were never found back

    Throughout 2015: several zoos including Arcen lost their
    squirrel monkeys. In that specific incident, only one monkey was found,
    it had probably gone unnoticed and escaped.

    September 2015: 34 birds were stolen from Avifauna, many
    of which extremely rare and endangered, including hornbills,
    Hill myna, macaw and turaco. Someone them were breeding.
    Luckely , most endagered hornbills were found back, but in horrible
    condition, and atleast one of them, and a great blue turaco, died after
    being found.

    Januari 2016: the complete colony of bee-eaters was stolen from
    BestZoo. The birds were found back but they were starving.

    Marth 2016: a pair of black-throated magpie-jays were stolen from the
    same zoo.

    April 2016: 30 amazon parrots and two male hyacint macaws were stolen
    from Zoo Veldhoven.

    So you can see it is a real problem and mostly, small monkeys and
    birds are victim. What can or should zoos do about this?
  2. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    11 Feb 2008
    Czech republic
    In Czechs zoos, theft of animals used to be quite common, you would hear about it 1-2 times per year. Mostly tortoises and parrots. But over time, it got better. I can remmember only 1 animal theft within last 4 years here.

    What can be done? Security measures. Cameras, movement sensors, trained dogs, night watch.