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Zoo Books for Sale

Discussion in 'Zoo Memorabilia' started by Baldur, 28 Feb 2012.

  1. Baldur

    Baldur Well-Known Member

    6 Feb 2008
    I explained recently that I left Zoochat mainly because my interest in zoos has disappeared in the past year, as my postgraduate education has seen me becoming more interested in the wild than in zoos. For those who missed the threat and might still be wondering why I left Zoochat:

    Two years ago I sold my entire zoo guidebook collection (which contained many gems) and now I would like to sell the books. I was never what you might call a massive book collector, so the lot I'm selling now is a modest one and not containing many gems, even if some may be hard to get.

    However, what makes my books perhaps more interesting than otherwise might be the case is the condition. All are in remarkably good condition for their age. All have a dust jacket (apart from paperbacks of course) and in almost all cases both it and the book look almost mint. Indeed, as I look at them now on my bookshelf, the lot looks truly excellent to the eye. I was serious about book conditions when I was a collector, so if they satisfied me, they will satisfy you if you have the same preference.

    All questions are most welcome, be they on condition, edition, binding or anything else.

    I can mail the books to anywhere in the world, provided that you pay for all postage and packing charges, ideally using Paypal.

    I'd like to use the same system as I used when I sold my guidebooks. Just tell me what books you're interested in and your offer for each one. Then the highest bidder in one week's time from this post (i.e. March 6th) wins the book. Make me an offer in whatever currency suits you best. You can PM or e-mail me if you know my e-mail address (many of you will) but I would rather not post it here due to spam robots.

    In case you're wondering: I like to buy on eBay but not to sell there due to the fees and formalities. Hence I would like to do it here if possible. I had no complaints when I sold my guides and my aim is to have it the same way this time.

    I have sorted the books according to geographic region and applied the Harvard System of Reference. If you require any further information (e.g. number of pages) feel free to ask me via PM or e-mail.


    Some of the Australian books do not relate greatly to zoos but all do in at least some way

    Baker, T., 2006. Steve Irwin: A Tribute in Words and Pictures. Camberwell, Victoria: Penguin Viking.

    De Courcy, C., 1994. Zoos in Australia. Canberra: Australia Post.

    Edwards, H., 1998. Crocodile Attack in Australia. Marleston, South Australia: JB Books.


    Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens, 1995. Zoos allover China. Beijing: Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens.


    Klös, H. and Klös, U., 1990. Der Berliner Zoo im Spiegel seiner Bauten 1841-1989. Berlin: Zoologischer Garten Berlin.

    Scherpner, C., 1983. Von Bürgern für Bürger: 125 Jahre Zoologischer Garten Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt: Zoologischer Garten Frankfurt am Main.


    Röthlin, O. and Müller, K., 2000. Zoo Zürich: Chronik eines Tiergartens. Zürich: NZZ Verlag.

    Schnieper, C. and Schwendimann, F., 2001. Schweizer Tierparks: Tiere, Menschen, Visionen. Vevey: Mondo-Verlag.

    United Kingdom

    Automobile Association, 1976. Wildlife in Britain: Comprehensive Guide to Natural Habitats, Safari Parks and Zoos. Hampshire: The Automobile Association (zoo entries written by Geoffrey Schomberg)

    Armytage, A., 1964. The Story of Bristol Zoo. Bristol: J.W. Arrowsmith.

    Ashby, A., 2009. We Went to the Zoo Today: The Golden Age of Zoo Postcards. Todmorden: The Independent Zoo Enthusiasts Society.

    Aspinall, J., 1976. The Best of Friends. London: Macmillan.

    Blunt, W., 1976. The Ark in the Park: The Zoo in the Nineteenth Century. London: Hamish Hamilton.

    Brown, T., 2009. The IZES Guide to British Zoos. Todmorden: The Independent Zoo Enthusiast Society.

    Brown, T., Ashby, A., and Schwitzer, C., 2011. An Illustrated History of Bristol Zoo Gardens. Todmorden: The Independent Zoo Enthusiasts Society.

    Chambers, P., 2007. Jumbo: The Greatest Elephant in the World. London: André Deutch.

    Chipperfield, J., 1969. The Lions of Longleat. London: Cassell.

    Edwards, J., 1996. London Zoo from Old Photographs 1852-1914. London: John Edwards.

    Guillery, P., 1993. The Buildings of London Zoo. London: RCHM England.

    Huxley, E., 1981. Whipsnade: Captive Breeding for Survival. London: Collins.

    Knowles, J., 2009. My Marwellous Life in Zoos and Conservation. Sussex: Book Guild Publishing.

    Nicholls, R., 1989. Looking back at Belle Vue Manchester. Cheshire: Willow Publishing.

    Schomberg, G., 1957. British Zoos: A Study of Animals in Captivity. London: Allan Wingate.

    Schomberg, G., 1970. The Penguin Guide to British Zoos. Middlesex: Penguin Books.

    Smith, A. 1977. 1977. Animals on View: A Comprehensive Guide to the Zoos and Wildlife Collections of Britain. London: Book Club Associates (Hardcover edition).

    Smith, A., 1979. Animals on View: A Comprehensive Guide to the Zoos and Wildlife Collections of Britain. St. Albans: Granada (Softcover edition).

    Vevers, G., 1976. London's Zoo: An Antology to Celebrate 150 Years of the Zoological Society of London. London: The Bodley Head.

    Zoological Society of London, 1976. Golden Days: Historic Photographs of the London Zoo. London: Duckworth.

    United States

    Chilton, C., 2007. The History of Gladys Porter Zoo. Brownsville, Texas: Valley Zoological Society.

    Kawata, K., 2003. New York's Biggest Little Zoo. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt.

    Nyhuis, A., 1994. The Zoo Book: A Guide to America's Best. Albany, CA: Carousel Press.

    Nyhuis, A. and Wassner, J., 2008. America's Best Zoos: A Travel Guide for Fans and Families. Branford, CT: The Intrepid Traveler.

    Stephens, A., 2006. Oklahoma City Zoo 1902-1959. Chicago: Arcadia.


    Heiss, L., 1970. Askania-Nova: Animal Paradise in Russia. London: The Bodley Head.

    Zoos in General

    Cherfas, J., 1984. Zoo 2000: A Look beyond the Bars. London: British Broadcasting Corporation.

    Crandall, L., 1964. The Management of Wild Mammals in Captivity. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

    Croke, V., 1997. The Modern Ark: The Story of Zoos, Past, Present and Future. New York: Scribner.

    Crowcroft, P., 1978. The Zoo. Ultimo, NSW, Australia: Mathews/Hutchinson.

    Fisher, J., 1967. Zoos of the World: The Story of Animals in Captivity. New York: The Natural History Press.

    Hahn, E., 1967. Animal Gardens or Zoos around the World. New York: Begos & Rosenberg.

    Kirchshofer, R., 1968. The World of Zoos. London: Batsford.

    Lane, F., 1977. Zoo Animals. Surrey: Colour Library International.
  2. snowleopard

    snowleopard Well-Known Member

    1 Dec 2007
    Abbotsford, B.C., Canada
    Baldur, I believe that you still owe me a novel-length email from the one that I sent you a couple of months ago.:) Once every few months we exchange correspondence but when we do the emails are massive and I look forward to reading an update from you.

    In regards to your books I am definitely interested in a few of them, but I'm a little worrried about the cost of shipping them from Iceland to Canada. I'm especially intrigued by:

    "Zoos of Australia" - is this a substantive piece of literature?
    "Zoos all over China"
    "New York's Biggest Little Zoo"