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Zoo delle Maitine News

Discussion in 'Italy' started by Luca Bronzi, 17 Apr 2019 at 3:35 PM.

  1. Luca Bronzi

    Luca Bronzi Well-Known Member

    12 Mar 2019
    This is a new thread about developments and news of a very nice zoo which here in Zoochat doesn't have the attention it deserves:I'm talking of Zoo delle Maitine,near Benevento,one of the few European zoos which has Plains viscachas (and some rarities in Italy,like Wild turkeys and Cape hyraxes)

    Recently,Egyptian bats have left the collection;their area will be used to expand the exhibit for the two Nile crocodiles (young exemplaries).

    Also,they are looking for a partner for their Brazilian tapir and some exhibits (like the former African aviary) are empty (I don't know what species will go there)