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Zoo Guidebook Storage

Discussion in 'Zoo Memorabilia' started by Designaka, 16 Nov 2017.

  1. Designaka

    Designaka Well-Known Member

    29 Sep 2007
    Dorset, UK
    I've just moved house. Previously I stored my zoo guidebook collection in alphabetical order on shelves. But my new house has no built-in shelves and now I'd like to store them less visibly, and alphabetically, in files or boxes. Any suggestions about where to go to buy (UK) inexpensive storage racks or shelves and boxes or files please? And how do you store your guides? Thanks.
  2. Crowthorne

    Crowthorne Moderator Staff Member

    13 Jan 2014
    Bedfordshire, UK
    I store mine in some little plastic storage boxes I bought at Wilkos/Wilkinsons. They're just the right size for smaller guidebooks but A4 sized ones don't fit. Wilkos have a pretty wide range of inexpensive storage boxes and box-shelving units, they might have something to suit your requirements :)
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  3. Shorts

    Shorts Well-Known Member

    29 Apr 2009
    Behind You! (to the left)
    I find Ikea's Billy bookcases, with doors to suit personal tastes, filled with magazine box files works quite well (except for those few guides bigger than A4). The box files are easy to (re)move and label and you can leave a little expansion space for the future to avoid having to shuffle everything forward every time you add a few extra guides. The only problem is that multiples of even cheap magazine files can add up to a significant amount in total.