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Zoo de Lagos Zoo news

Discussion in 'Portugal' started by kiang, 17 Sep 2014.

  1. kiang

    kiang Well-Known Member Premium Member

    12 Aug 2007
  2. longleat diego

    longleat diego Well-Known Member

    25 Sep 2012
    Is this zoo any good? Ill be visiting the algarve in summer
  3. NigeW

    NigeW Well-Known Member

    20 Jan 2011
    not far from Chester
    Resurrecting an old thread, and answering Diego's question well over a year after it was asked, but yes, Zoo de Lagos is well worth a visit.

    It is small, but within the limitation of its area it's deeply planted, and is a very pleasant environment. A very good bird collection is spread around the site, it seems there is a particular hornbill specialism, and primates too are exhibited very well. Photographic opportunities in general are very good. I did just the one circuit as it was a family visit, but could see the potential.

    Mammals are a bit more limited, but what they have is done well; pygmy hippos and Lyle's Flying Foxes being the highlights in nice exhibits.

    There is a brand new penguin exhibit, containing 20 Africans, just opened, with the pool being back to back with a swimming pool for humans, with underwater viewing between the two.

    All in all a charming little zoo, well worth a trip if you're in the area.

    The only slight criticism, and this is a personal one; there is quite a bit of area taken up by a farmyard full of domestics. I guess some people may be interested in the local varieties of cattle and sheep, as I say, its personal preference.

    I've put a small selection of photos in the gallery, to share a flavour of the place. Recommended.