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Zoo park help.

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by Davdhole, 6 May 2019.

  1. Davdhole

    Davdhole Member

    13 Jun 2018
    Dallas, Georgia
    Okay, this may seem far-fetched, but for years, I've wanted to own not just a zoo, but an animal theme park. A place where people can observe animals, learn, and ride awesome rides. I know it won't start off as Disney's Animal Kingdom or Busch Gardens, but I hope it will become one of those one day. How do you fellow ZooChatters feel about this new park idea? Would you support it? Also, still trying to figure out how to get the money for this park, lol.

    Also, I really want this to be a park rather than just a zoo, but with many animal exhibits. So education on wildlife, thrills, and less intense rides and shows. So, would it make more sense to spend on rides first, save up, then build exhibits and get animals, or should the wildlife come first then the rides? I've looked up just how much one roller coaster can cost... and it's a huge amount.
  2. Ursus

    Ursus Well-Known Member

    25 Mar 2018
    Honestly? I'm not a big fan of those ''animal amusement parks'' to call them like that. I think that animals living next to rollercoasters is a bit ... bad.. Since they basically will have to deal with all the loud noises from the coaster + the screaming. And you really can't control the latter one. Now since you would be a starting park a roller coaster is off the table. Now I don't know how this goes for the US, but I imagine starting a theme park will require a ton of money, meaning you will need good investors who believe in your product (being your park). This is why I will 100% advice to start out as a zoo. Then invest possibly into a large playing ground or a carousel, and from there on you should think of other rides. But even then you'd be talking of several years of hard work and ... luck. Starting a zoo is definitely more realistic than a theme park I'd say. So if you truly want to make at least a part of this dream come true, commit to the zoo aspect.