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Zoo Related Magazines/Guidebooks

Discussion in 'Zoo Memorabilia' started by choloepus, 5 Jul 2009.

  1. choloepus

    choloepus Member

    22 Dec 2007
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to make some room so am clearing out some old zoo/zoo related magazines and was wondering if anyone is interested in any of them?
    I have:
    AZA Communique/Connect Magazine
    2002 - March through December
    2003 - Every issue except April
    2004 - Every issue except April and July
    2005 - February and March only
    2006 - March and October only
    2007 - February and March only

    Waters - Vancouver Aquarium Magazine
    1998 - Spring/Summer, Autumn
    1999 - Spring, Autumn, Winter
    2000 - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
    2001 - Spring, Summer, Autumn
    2003 - Winter 2002/2003 (two copies), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
    Also have a 1997 Guidebook with one of the Orca's jumping out of the pool on the cover, the first page inside is loose

    Howletts Guide Book 1988 – John Aspinall in with Silverback Gorilla
    Lowry Park Zoo – Zoo Chatter June-August 2001, Visitors Guide (Green background, tiger, mandrill, manatee on cover),
    Columbus Zoo Guide Book – 1997
    Dublin Zoo Folder – includes: pamphlet, tapir and lion postcards, pamphlet about endangered animals, poster “Red is for Danger” with corncrake, Victoria crowned pigeon, European otter, Asian short clawed otter, lesser horseshoe bat, rodrigues fruit bat, and leopard poster advertising the opening of “African Plains – Summer 2000”. Everything is gaelic and English
    Krefeld Zoo – 1999 Pamphlet, postcard of a sloth, and guidebook to the Regenwaldhaus
    Zoo de Mulhouse Folder – 1999 two pamphlet/fold out maps, postcard of a sloth, ZOOM Mulhouse La Revue de la Societe des amis du Zoo de Mulhouse 1997 no.27, and 4 letter page sized postcard/pictures of : Siberian Tiger, Polar Bear, Molucan Cockatoo, Amur Leopard
    Point Defiance and Northwest Trek pamphlets – 2001
    Potawatomi Zoo pamphlet/fold out map (red and zebra stripe pattern)
    Jardin Zoologique du Quebec/Aquarium du Quebec pamphlet – post new zoo construction/pre zoo closure
    Assinaboine Park Zoo pamphlet and separate map undated
    Burgers Zoo fold out map/pamphlet undated but pelicans, rhino and people looking over an exhibit are on the cover
    Paignton Zoo pamphlet and education centre pamphlet – 2001
    John Ball Zoo pamphlet – probably 2001
    Zoological Garten Nuremburg English guide/fold out map – late 90’s or early 00’s
    Lincoln Park Zoo – visitor’s guide 1999, booklet “Creatures of Habitat – Small Mammals and Reptiles Return to Lincoln Park Zoo” 1997, Lincoln Park Zoo 2000 Family Album Calendar.
    Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo – two pamphlets 2001, one page with a drawing of the rainforest exhibit on one side and a description of the “must see animals” in the exhibit on the back, 3 large postcards: false gavial, drawing of the rainforest exhibit with animals and people wandering through, multi-image one including: the rainforest building, iguana, several snakes, margay and the inside of the tropical rainforest hall
    Zoo Praha – Orientation Map and two postcards (one giraffes, the other a lion and tiger) – late 90’s or early 00’s
    Hogle Zoo – pamphlet/fold out map, and “The Safari” newsletter May 2001, Volume 4, Number 3
    Parque Chico Mendes/ RioZoo – 3 pamphlets/posters about the zoo and protected park within Rio de Janiero, fold out map of the zoo, 2 postcards of chimpanzees
    Santa Barbara Zoo – 3 different pamphlets/ fold out maps from the late 90’s, “Zoo News” newsletter Volume 28, No 3 1999
    Zoo Kobenhaven – English Summary of 1996 Annual Report, “Zoo Nyt” newsletter 98.2. Forar

    I also have 3 large binders full of Animals magazines published I believe by the World Wildlife Fund in the early 1960s

    If anyone is interested in any of this stuff please send me a message with an offer for them etc

    Thanks, :)
  2. twycrosszoo

    twycrosszoo Well-Known Member

    4 Apr 2007
    cambridge UK
    I would be interested in the postcards, leaflets and any guide books please.
    if you want to send me a private email we can sort things out.
  3. lamol

    lamol Member

    4 Oct 2008
    Orlando, Florida, USA
    Interest in Guides

    I am very, very interested in your Lowry Park and Lincoln Park guides. Please contact me to work out the details. If you ahve not already sold them.
  4. cyrildacat

    cyrildacat Member

    5 Feb 2011
    I am very much interested in the howletts one however can i have a few pages scanned through to me by eMail so I can have a preview first.