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Discussion in 'Slovakia' started by Jungle Man, 25 Jul 2020.

  1. Jungle Man

    Jungle Man Well-Known Member

    24 Jan 2020
    The first news to start this thread:

    New species for the zoo in July include Little Egret and African Spurred Tortoise.

    Also, as mentioned in Plzen Zoo News thread, they have received a female Chapman's zebra named Zaira. They intend to breed her with their current male.

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  2. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    11 Feb 2008
    Czech republic
    This zoo got 1,1 Himalayan brown bears from zoo Ohrada in July this year.

    New species shows this year are also - serval, snapping turtle, glossy ibis.

    Eurasian eagle owls have 3 chicks.

    Expected is arrival of red kangaroos from zoo Bratislava.

    This small zoo (116.000 attendance, 8 ha, 500 animals in 130 species) has a new zoo director who started on April 2021. Karol Dzurik (ca 30 years old) who is son of recently retired director Dzuriková.
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