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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Mark Becking, 11 Dec 2018.

  1. Mark Becking

    Mark Becking New Member

    11 Dec 2018
    Mississippi, USA
    Hi everyone
    My company is looking at launching an interactive app designed for museums and zoo's across the world. The app works kind of like a walking tour, using the visitors phone to bring them active content about each of the exhibits as they stop to enjoy it or simply walk past it . Zoo owners can use the statistics about exhibit visits, people direction, etc. to enhance the zoo layout and exhibits.

    Also of interest is to us is security at the zoos. Is technology used at your zoo to safeguard visitors. If so, how? If not, how would you like to see this?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of technologies are used at their Zoos? Does your zoo currently have an app and does it work for you?

    thanks guys! - looking forward to seeing what's out there in the Zoos of the world.
  2. Jurek7

    Jurek7 Well-Known Member 15+ year member

    19 Dec 2007
    Everywhere at once
    I think you may develop an app scanning QR codes on exhibits, and downloading films or pictoral information about the animals.

    I know that zoos are usually obsessed with making exhibits which make visitors stay, and making visitors learn, but are very poor in predicting outcome. As exemplified by several expensive exhibits which did not increase sales of tickets. Maybe you can help here - but pehaps more by scanning peoples mobile signals, rather than an app?

    I guess an app identifying animals from the photo (e.g. tropical fish in an aquarium) may be beyond abilities of the current technology. Possibly it will make laugh of a zoo, if e.g. a beach umbrella is identified as a giraffe.
  3. birdsandbats

    birdsandbats Well-Known Member 5+ year member

    17 Sep 2017
    Actually, a computer IDing an animal from a photograph is very possible.

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  4. TheGerenuk

    TheGerenuk Well-Known Member 5+ year member

    8 Sep 2017
    Brampton, Ontario, Canada
    Welcome to ZooChat!
  5. Daktari JG

    Daktari JG Well-Known Member 10+ year member

    27 Jan 2014
    Las Vegas United States
    How is your app going?
    One thing that I think might be extremely beneficial is if the app could bar code the exhibit with additional information that a traditional signage would do, but also translate it into multiple languages. So for example while the signage might be in English -German, French, Japanese etc speakers would get the app in their language