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Zoo Webs -- Wild Animal Conservation for Kiddos! On Kickstarter

Discussion in 'Games, Simulators, Quizzes & Competitions' started by ZooWebs, 14 Mar 2015.

  1. ZooWebs

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    14 Mar 2015
    Columbus, OH
    Peace all,

    Our family has created a card game to introduce Wildlife Conservation to kiddos. With the encouragement of friends and family we have posted to Kickstarter.

    My own kids have greatly benefited from the game and while it will always exist and grow in our house, we'd like it to reach similar-minded people who may really enjoy it -- and at a price anyone can afford.

    You can read about our journey at an article we've written on the Dodo:

    With gratitude,

    Clint, MacKenzie, Zoo Boy and Zoo Girl
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