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ZooChat Cup Match #20: Dvur Kralove vs Poznan

Discussion in 'ZooChat Cup' started by CGSwans, 20 Mar 2018.


Hoofstock: Dvur Kralove or Poznan?

Poll closed 24 Mar 2018.
  1. Dvur Kralove

  2. Poznan

  1. Vision

    Vision Well-Known Member

    29 Aug 2015
    Antwerp, Belgium
    I agree, Poznan is definitely wonderful as well, and truly a wonderful zoo. On my visit in 2016 I felt like their mixed South American tapir exhibit was one of the best of their kind I'd ever seen, and the new elephant house is very beautiful and wins against Dvur's for sure. My vote's staying with Dvur for the other exhibits and species, though.

    I wasn't lucky enough to see any hoopoes and sousliks there, though, even though I did visit in summer! (except the sousliks in the exhibit near the elephants and bison). I did see three wild cranes, a tundra bean goose and a sand lizard on the zoo grounds, so regardless it was a very good day for wildlife :p
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