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Discussion in 'Australia' started by jay, 23 Jan 2010.

  1. jay

    jay Well-Known Member

    8 Jan 2004
    brisbane, qld, australia
    During a week long visit to Tasmania the only wildlife place I visited was ZooDoo. So I thought I would write a review of the place.
    It is about half an hour outside of Hobart. Heading north you turn left just before you enter the town of Richmond.
    It is a typical native animal place with the large dusty paddocks with a few kangaroos.wallabies, emus being chased by kids holding out handfuls of bought food for them. There are aviaries of mostly Aust.p parrots, the typical enclosure of grass, tree stumps and hollow logs with a sign that says 'wombat' echindna' 'tassie devil' Then you look in vain for the species mentioned until you see its bum down a hollow in a log.
    There are aviary type structures that are similar to the wombat enclosure, with signs that say golden brushtail possum, spotted quoll etc. The only difference being that the hollow log is up against the viewing glass so that you can see up close the bum of the quoll. All in all very similar to dozens of native animal parks around Australia.
    There was also a petting zoo where kids could see piglets, guinea pigs, chickens and the usual sorts of farm animals.
    They did have an enjoyable keeper talk while feeding the devils. And they have a few exotics.
    There are paddocks with deer, buffalow, llamas and then there are the primates and big cats.
    There are three species of primates. Black capped capuchins, common marmosets and macaques (crab eating I think). They are housed in your typical monkey style cage, not aesetically pleasing but suitable for the monkeys. Plenty of growing and cut vegetation for them.
    There are also two big cats, the white lions and two bengal tigers. While a little bare I thought there enclosures were more than adequate. Bigger than Tarongas, climbing poles, shade and sunny bits, water to lounge in for the tigers etc. Nothing spectacular but ok for the animals. Two of the white lions will be going to another zoo (Mogo?).

    It was suprisingly popular, lots of people speaking LOTE, presumambly there for the natives, bus loads of kids from day care centers and lots of families, probably from Hobart.
    Walking around was easy, suitable for most people with disablities. We spent about an hour there. I have some pictures which I will post later.
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  2. MARK

    MARK Well-Known Member

    7 May 2005
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    Thanks for the review Jay