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Zoologikia: Wiki on Korean Animal Exhibition Facilities and their Animal Species

Discussion in 'Websites about Zoos & Animal Conservation' started by dt644, 26 Jul 2020.

  1. dt644

    dt644 Well-Known Member

    20 Dec 2019
    Jinju-si, South korea
    As we can see from the thread "List of zoos and aquariums at South korea today", the questions that RatioTile asked me, and as it was revealed one after another that Korean zoos did not know their species properly, I felt the need to focus accurate information on the animals in Korean zoos in one place.

    So, I made a wiki about Korean zoos, aquariums and animals, named "Zoologikia". Although the amount of information is insufficient because it hasn't been long since it was created, I informing here to find out if it is easy for foreigners to read.

    The following three documents are almost complete now, so please review them after reading them. Especially when it's hard to read. This wiki service is based on used by Koreans, so I think it might be uncomfortable for foreigners to read it. I will try to improve the inconvenience, so please let me know.

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