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Zoos you feel need a revamp.

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Luke da Zoo nerd, 2 Dec 2019.

  1. Westcoastperson

    Westcoastperson Active Member

    24 Mar 2020
    it is a massive reworking of every exhibit but the Rainforests of the Americas, LAIR, and elephants of Asia. Here is a link to the website LA Zoo Vision Plan EIR
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  2. Yoshistar888

    Yoshistar888 Well-Known Member

    11 Aug 2019
    Phillip Island Wildlife Park needs a desperate revamp. Firstly the place, with the exception of Tasmanian Devils does not have species of an IUCN rating of Endangered or Critically Endangered meaning they do barely any conservation. Secondly their enclosures with the exception of a couple are appalling particularly their Owls and bird of prey enclosures which are way too small and have no enrichment at all. A large amount of the land is wasted on pointless kilometre walkthroughs with kangaroos. Free roaming wallabies is not a good idea, I commonly see Wallabies in other exhibits pestering animals such as Echidnas and turtles. Their flying fox enclosure is appalling l, about 50 just crammed into a single room with nothing in it. Their sugar glider enclosure is so hidden that I didn’t know it existed til the SEVENTH time I visited the park, it was also absent and there was a cat on top of the roof of the building. I’m pretty sure their sugar glider would have been eaten.

    It’s also impossible to tell what birds are wild and what are captive, some of their birds are pinioned (which is completely unethical and disgusting) but the enclosures are so bad that they still escape.

    Speaking of hidden enclosures I found a decrepit enclosure with no signage and had Nankeen Night Herons and cormorants in it. Did I mention it was a good 300 metres off the track?

    The red kangaroo walkthrough is distastrous it is literally just a field of grass but the bad part is the mobs of aggressive emus which swarm around anyone that has kangaroo food which is included on entry.

    Their safety for the visitors is also not important to them, I could easily climb into the cassowary enclosure (it’s like 1.5 metres tall) and you can feed the cassowarys through the mesh, let that sink in, you can feed CASSOWARYS.

    With the exception of turquoise parrot and Black Striped Wallaby as well as the birds of prey and owls which are suffering in those poor enclosures their collection is vast but poor.

    Signage is outdated to the point where animals that were in the exhibit passed away over five years ago and sometimes completely wrong, it lists the Spotted Pythons range map as all of Australia, what kind of idiot makes that large of a mistake.

    What id do to change it?, I honestly don’t know, it’s so bad it needs to be revamped from the ground up.
  3. Luke da Zoo nerd

    Luke da Zoo nerd Well-Known Member

    29 Oct 2019