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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by adrian1963, 13 Oct 2014.

  1. adrian1963

    adrian1963 Well-Known Member

    18 Jul 2009
    As someone who likes to have an idea of what collections hold what species Zootierliste is a great companion to have but unfortunately over the last few months I have visited the website and looked at some collections lists and found them to be out dated (through no fault of the organisers of the website) so here I would like to start to see which collections hold which species and to see if anyone from Zootierliste or has access to the site would like to update the information of the UK collections.

    As a community of zoo lovers I think this would be great to help others with a complete updated list of is held by which collection

    First port of call will be the Small collection at the formally known collection Birmingham Nature Centre here follows the current list of species held by the collection according to Zootierliste

    If anyone can help by pointing out which species have left the collection and if there are any additions this may help other people in the future.

    Will be updating this thread every week with a new collection or two if they are small collections
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  2. TeaLovingDave

    TeaLovingDave Moderator Staff Member

    16 May 2010
    Wilds of Northumberland
    This list is accurate and is one of a number of collections for which I actively maintain the listings to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date :)
  3. zoogiraffe

    zoogiraffe Well-Known Member

    12 Sep 2007
    Middlewich,Cheshire U.K
    That is correct apart from the Paulson's Pacific Boa and Tasmanian Red-necked Wallaby,the Boa is now at Dudley Zoo!
  4. TeaLovingDave

    TeaLovingDave Moderator Staff Member

    16 May 2010
    Wilds of Northumberland
    Removed the Boa earlier tonight - Adrian must have copied the list prior to the edit. Have edited his list to keep it accurate.

    Will do the same for the pure wallaby listing once I have made the edit to ZTL.
  5. lintworm

    lintworm Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    27 Oct 2008
    could someone change the title to zootierliste ;) all my german blood is really annoyed by the spelling mistake :p.
  6. TeaLovingDave

    TeaLovingDave Moderator Staff Member

    16 May 2010
    Wilds of Northumberland
    Done and done :p
  7. adrian1963

    adrian1963 Well-Known Member

    18 Jul 2009
    Are the Common Barn Owls off show along with the European Barn Owls and the Ring tailed Coati's as I was under the impression they where to leave the collection earlier this year or it could have been me misunderstanding something said.
  8. adrian1963

    adrian1963 Well-Known Member

    18 Jul 2009
    If anyone wants a collection put on here first then let me know and I will try and get answers for you or why not copy and paste from the zootierliste webpage

    Sorry for the miss spelling Lintworm
  9. zoogiraffe

    zoogiraffe Well-Known Member

    12 Sep 2007
    Middlewich,Cheshire U.K
    They only have Common Barn Owls,its another case of people guessing at what a place has,and the same species being added twice!

    The Barn Owls where on-show a couple of weeks ago!

    Come to think a bout it I think the Coati have left the collection,they certainly aren't off-show,and I cannot remember seeing them on-show!
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  10. adrian1963

    adrian1963 Well-Known Member

    18 Jul 2009
    This week’s zootierliste will be Alfriston (Drusillas Zoo Park) & Allerford (Exmoor Falconry & Animal Farm


    American beaver (North American beaver) (Canadian beaver)
    Asian small-clawed otter (Oriental small-clawed otter)
    Azara's agouti
    Barbary striped grass mouse (Zebra mouse) (no subspecies-status)
    Bearded emperor tamarin
    Bernier's teal (Madagascar teal)
    Black and white ruffed lemur
    Black lemur
    Black-capped capuchin (Tufted capuchin) (no subspecies-status)
    Black-cheeked lovebird
    Black-tailed prairie dog
    Bolivian squirrel monkey
    Burmese rock python
    Callimico (Goeldi's monkey) (Goeldi's marmoset)
    Chilean flamingo
    Common carp
    Common green iguana (No Subspecific status)
    Cotton-top tamarin (White-plumed tamarin) (Pinche)
    Crested black macaque (Sulawesi black macaque)
    Dark cusimanse (Common Cusimanse)
    Desert hamster
    Dwarf mongoose (No Subspecific status)
    Egyptian gerbil (Lesser Egyptian gerbil)
    Eurasian Great Grey Owl
    European Eagle-owl
    Fennec fox
    Geoffroy's marmoset (Geoffroy's tufted-ear marmoset)
    Golden lion tamarin
    Golden-handed tamarin (Midas tamarin) (Lacepede's tamarin)
    Humboldt penguin
    Indochinese binturong*
    Kune-Kune (Maori-Native)
    Lar (White-handed gibbon) (no subspecies-status)
    Laysan duck
    Linnaeus' two-toed sloth
    Little corella (no subspecies status)
    Long-nosed potoroo*
    Long-tailed chinchilla (Chilean chinchilla)
    Luzon bleeding-heart (Bleeding-heart pigeon)
    Mediterranean miniature donkey
    Mongolian gerbil (Mongolian jird)
    Nepalese red panda
    Northern Raccoon (Common Raccoon)
    Patagonian Cavy (Mara)
    Peach-faced lovebird (No Subspecific status)
    Pygmy marmoset (no subspecies-status)
    Red ruffed lemur
    Red-bellied lemur
    Red-billed quelea
    Red-necked wallaby (No Subspecific status)
    Red-rumped parrot
    Rhinoceros iguana
    Ring-tailed lemur
    Rodriguez flying fox
    Roof rat (House rat) (Black rat)
    Russian dwarf hamster
    Sacred ibis
    Scarlet-fronted conure
    Serval (no subspecies-status)
    Shetland pony
    Siberian chipmunk (No Subspecific status)
    Silvery marmoset
    Snowy Owl
    South American coati (Brown-nosed coati) (Ring-tailed coati) (No Subspecific status)
    Southern African porcupine
    Standard Rex*
    Tristan da Cunha rockhopper penguin (Northern rockhopper penguin)
    Village weaver (No Subspecific status)
    Violet plantain-eater (Violet turaco)
    Western cattle egret (Buff-backed heron)
    Western Guereza (Congo Guereza) (Magistrate Colobus)*
    White tufted-ear marmoset (Common marmoset)
    White-faced saki
    Yellow mongoose


    African Spotted Eagle-owl
    Boobook Owl (No Subspecific status)
    Common buzzard (no subspecific status)
    Eurasian Great Grey Owl
    Eurasian Tawny Owl (No Subspecific status)
    European Barn Owl (White-breasted Barn Owl)
    European Eagle-owl
    Exmoor pony
    Ferruginous hawk (Ferruginous roughleg)
    Harris' hawk (Bay-winged hawk) (no subspecific status)
    Indian Eagle-owl
    Laughing Kookaburra
    Palm-nut vulture (Vulturine fish-eagle)
    Saker falcon (No Subspecific status)
    Snowy Owl
    Tawny eagle (no subspecific status)

    Again any help would be gracefully recieved
  11. adrian1963

    adrian1963 Well-Known Member

    18 Jul 2009
    Unfortunately no takers on the Drusillas park zoo & Exmoor Falconry & animal farm lists so I take it no one goes there then.
  12. adrian1963

    adrian1963 Well-Known Member

    18 Jul 2009
    I haven’t been on here to update this thread for a couple of weeks due to illness but all being well I am back to try and get a few more results for the Zootierliste lovers on here this week’s list is for LONDON ZOO so here goes this is the list currently on Zootierliste which species have left the collection and gone where and what needs to be added to the list

    Abdim's Stork
    Acigöl killifish*
    African bullfrog
    African dwarf goat (Cameroon dwarf goat)
    African gray-headed gull
    African harrier hawk (Banded harrier-hawk)*
    African jacana (Greater African jacana)
    African knifefish
    African pygmy goose
    African wild dog (No Subspecific status)
    Alligator snapping turtle
    American black vulture
    Annam leaf turtle
    Arabian angelfish
    Arabian toothcarp (Arabian killifish)*
    Armoured bichir
    Armoured catfish
    Arrau river turtle
    Asian bonytongue
    Asian small-clawed otter (Oriental small-clawed otter)
    Asian woolly-necked stork
    Asiatic lion (Indian lion)
    Atlantic blue tang surgeonfish (Atlantic blue tang)
    Australian green Tree Frog
    Australian lungfish
    Azraq killifish*
    Bactrian camel (Two-humped camel)
    Baikal teal
    Bali mynah (Rothschild's mynah)
    Balsas splitfin*
    Banded allotoca*
    Banded Leporinus (Black-banded Leporinus)
    Banded pipefish (Ringed pipefish)
    Banded rainbowfish
    Banded Spiny-tailed Lizard*
    Banggai cardinalfish
    Bannertail catfish
    Barred angelfish*
    Barred spinefoot*
    Bearded Barbet
    Bearded emperor tamarin
    Beautiful fruit-dove
    Bernier's teal (Madagascar teal)
    Bicolored poison dart frog
    Big hairy armadillo
    Bignose unicornfish
    Black Acara*
    Black anemonefish (Fire clownfish) (Dusky anemonefish)
    Black arowana
    Black band myleus (Black barred characin) (Disk tetra)
    Black ghost
    Black hornbill
    Black mamba
    Black spider monkey (Red-faced spider monkey)*
    Black-backed rajah shelduck (Moluccan rajah shelduck)
    Blackbelly tilapia (Unga barombi mbo cichlid)*
    Black-cheeked lovebird
    Black-chested buzzard-eagle (Grey buzzard-eagle) (Chilean blue eagle)
    Black-faced ibis
    Blackfin pupfish*
    Blackline penguinfish
    Black-naped fruit-dove
    Black-necked stilt
    Black-necked weaver
    Blackstripe rasbora*
    Blacktail humbug
    Black-tailed prairie dog
    Bleher's Rainbowfish*
    Blind cave tetra
    Blue devilfish (Blue assessor basslet)*
    Blue green damselfish
    Blue poison dart frog
    Blue spiny lizard
    Blue streak hap
    Blue-bellied roller
    Blue-crowned Lory
    Blue-eared pheasant
    Bluegray mbuna
    Blue-red colombian tetra (Colombian tetra)
    Bluespine unicornfish
    Blue-spotted spinefoot
    Blue-spotted tree monitor
    Bluestreak cleaner wrasse
    Bluestriped angelfish*
    Blue-tailed goodeid
    Boelen's python*
    Bolivian squirrel monkey
    Bornean bearded pig
    Brazilian tanager
    Brevis shelldweller
    Broadbarred firefish
    Brolga (Australian crane)
    Bronze corydoras
    Brown pencilfish
    Bucktooth tetra*
    Buff-banded rail (No Subspecific status)*
    Burchell's zebra (Damara zebra)
    Burmese rock python
    Burrowing Owl (No Subspecific status)
    Burrowing parrot (Patagonian conure) (No Subspecific status)
    Butterfly goodeid (Butterfly splitfin)
    Caiman lizard
    Callimico (Goeldi's monkey) (Goeldi's marmoset)
    Cave beauty snake (Cave dwelling ratsnake)
    Cayenne caecilian
    Chapman's zebra
    Chapultepec splitfin
    Charco Palma pupfish*
    Checkered pupfish*
    Chevron tang
    Chinese zebra goby
    Cigar wrasse (Sharp-nosed rainbowfish)*
    Clown anemonefish
    Clown knifefish
    Clown loach
    Clown surgeonfish
    Common anaconda (Green anaconda)
    Common Barn Owl (No Subspecific status)
    Common black kite
    Common bream
    Common buzzard (Nominate subspecies)
    Common carp
    Common dace
    Common green iguana (No Subspecific status)
    Common midwife toad
    Common warthog (no subspecies-status)*
    Common water-rat (Australian water rat)
    Congo blackfin
    Congo Caecilian*
    Congo Peafowl
    Congo tetra
    Convict julie
    Copperband butterflyfish
    Corn snake
    Cotton-top tamarin (White-plumed tamarin) (Pinche)
    Crested black macaque (Sulawesi black macaque)
    Crested wood partridge (Crested Partridge) (Roul-roul)
    Darter characin (Banded characidium)
    Dead Sea toothcarp (Israeli killifish)*
    Demason's cichlid
    Demon eartheater
    Desjardin's Sailfin Tang (Indian sailfin tang)
    Diadem dottyback
    Diamond tetra
    Diana monkey
    Discus tetra
    Domestic donkey (Standard donkey)
    Domestic ferret
    Domestic rat (Fancy rat)
    Domestic Reindeer
    Duckbill catfish
    Dumeril's boa
    Dusky narrow hatchetfish*
    Dwarf hawkfish
    Dyeing dart frog
    Eastern mosquitofish (Holbrook`s gambusia)*
    Edwards's pheasant
    Egyptian tortoise
    Electric blue hap
    Elliot's cichlid
    Ember tetra*
    Emerald catfish (Emerald brochis)
    Emerald dove (Green-winged pigeon) (No Subspecific status)
    Emerald hummingbird
    Emerald tree boa (no species and subspecific status)
    Emperor angelfish
    Emperor tetra
    Eurasian northern hawk-owl
    Eurasian Tawny Owl (No Subspecific status)
    European chub
    European Eagle-owl
    European eel
    European kestrel (Eurasian kestrel)
    European legless lizard
    Eyespot rasbora
    False water cobra
    Fiji banded iguana
    Firehead tetra
    Fischer's turaco
    Fiveband barb
    Flag tetra*
    Flagtail butterfly tetra*
    Flagtail catfish
    Foxface (Common foxface)
    Francois' leaf monkey (White-sideburned black leaf monkey)*
    Freshwater angelfish (inkl. "Peruvian Altum")
    Freshwater butterflyfish
    Gaboon Caecilian*
    Galapagos giant tortoise (no subspecific status)
    Garnet tetra
    Geoffroy's marmoset (Geoffroy's tufted-ear marmoset)
    Giant anteater
    Giant Asian pond turtle
    Giant gourami
    Giant hatchetfish
    Giant Raphael Catfish
    Gidgee skink
    Gila monster
    Giraffe (no subspecies-status)
    Glowlight rasbora
    Gold tetra*
    Goldbreast splitfin (Limones splitfin)
    Golden damselfish*
    Golden lion tamarin
    Golden mantella
    Golden otocinclus
    Golden saw-finned goodeid (Golden Skiffia)*
    Golden-headed lion tamarin (Gold-and-black lion tamarin)
    Gold-ringed cat snake (Mangrove snake) (No Subspecific status)
    Goldsinny wrasse
    Goldstripe headstander
    Goldtail demoiselle
    Great white pelican (Eastern white pelican)
    Greater flamingo
    Greater pipefish
    Green military macaw (No Subspecific status)
    Green neon tetra
    Green tree monitor
    Green woodhoopoe (No Subspecific status)
    Green-winged macaw (Red-and-green macaw)
    Greyface moray
    Hamerkop (Hammerhead)
    Harris' hawk (Bay-winged hawk) (no subspecific status)
    Hartlaub's turaco
    Hart's glass lizard*
    Hawaiian squirrelfish*
    Hermann’s tortoise (No Subspecific status)
    Hottentot teal
    Humboldt penguin
    Humphead glassfish
    Hyacinth macaw
    Inland taipan (Fierce Snake)
    Iris glossy-starling (Emerald starling)
    Jackson's chameleon
    Jamaican boa
    Javanese Green Peafowl
    Jewelled blenny
    Johnstone's lorikeet (Mt. Apo lorikeet)
    Jungle carpet python
    Kaup’s Caecilian (Cecilia De Rio)*
    Kikuyu Guereza (Mt Kenya Guereza)
    Kilimanjaro White-eye
    King cobra (Hamadryad)
    King vulture
    Kinkajou (Honey bear)
    Komodo dragon (Komodo monitor)
    Kotsovato cichlid
    Kune-Kune (Maori-Native)
    La Palma pupfish*
    Lac Alaotra bamboo lemur (Alaotran Gentle Lemur)*
    Lake Oku Clawed Frog (Savannah Clawed Frog)
    Latticed butterflyfish (Raffle's butterflyfish)
    Leka Keppe barombi mbo cichlid*
    Lemon cichlid
    Lemon tetra
    Lilac-breasted roller
    Linnaeus' two-toed sloth
    Lipstick leporinus
    Little Egret
    Lobetoothed piranha (Penticuspid piranha)
    Longfin tetra (African long-finned tetra)
    Longhorn boxfish
    Long-snouted seahorse
    Long-tailed chinchilla (Chilean chinchilla)
    Majorcan midwife toad*
    Malagasy jumping rat
    Malayan tapir
    Mandarin duck
    Maned wood duck (Australian wood duck)
    Mangrove rivulus*
    Mangshan pitviper (Mang Mountain pit viper)
    Marbled headstander
    Marbled teal
    March's palm pit viper*
    Masked corydoras
    McCord's snakeneck turtle (Roti snakeneck turtle)
    Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise (Nominate subspecies)
    Middle Eastern spur-thighed tortoise
    Midget chromis*
    Midnight angelfish*
    Mimic surgeonfish (Chocolate surgeonfish)
    Mindanao bleeding-heart
    Mindanao water monitor
    Moholi bushbaby (Southern lesser bushbaby)*
    Monterrey platyfish*
    Montserrat oriole
    Mountain chicken (Giant ditch frog)
    Naked mole-rat
    Nicobar pigeon
    Niger tetra (Redeye tetra)
    Norman\'s lampeye
    Northern dry zone slender loris
    Northern Helmeted curassow
    Northern White-cheeked Gibbon
    Northern white-faced scops-owl
    Nose-horned viper (Nominate subspecies)
    Ocellate river stingray
    Okinawa goby
    Old glory
    Old World comb duck
    Oneline pencilfish*
    Orange-headed ground-thrush (subspecies: melli)
    Orangespot surgeonfish
    Orchid dottyback
    Ornate pim catfish*
    Oxford down sheep*
    Pacific sail-fin surgeonfish (Pacific sailfin tang) (Sail-fin tang)
    Pajama cardinalfish
    Palawan Peacock-Pheasant
    Palette surgeonfish
    Panay bushy-tailed cloud rat*
    Parkinson's rainbowfish
    Parson’s chameleon*
    Pastel-green wrasse (Black-blotched wrasse)
    Pearl cichlid (Pearlscale eartheater)
    Pearl gourami
    Pearlscale angelfish
    Peking robin (Red-billed leiothrix)
    Pennant coralfish
    Peters elephantnose fish
    Philippine crocodile
    Pictus cat
    Pied avocet
    Pied tamarin
    Pig-nosed turtle (Fly River turtle)
    Pink corydoras (Axelrod`s corydoras)*
    Pinstripe damba
    Plumed whistling duck
    Polka-dot lyretail pleco (Adonis catfish)
    Polka-dot splitfin*
    Porcupine river stingray
    Porthole catfish
    Potosi pupfish (Perrito De Potosi)*
    Potto (Bosman's Potto)
    Powder blue cichlid (Pindani)
    Powder-blue panchax
    Powderblue surgeonfish (Powder-blue tang)
    Pueblan milk Snake
    Puff adder
    Purple club-nosed wrasse (Bird wrasse)
    Purple glossy-starling
    Purple-spotted gudgeon*
    Radiated tortoise
    Rainbow goodeid (Rainbow characodon)*
    Rainbow shiner
    Red bishop (Northern red bishop)
    Red Blood Python (Malaysian blood python)
    Red kangaroo
    Red Madagascar Panchax
    Red phantom tetra
    Red Piranha (Red-bellied piranha)
    Red ruffed lemur
    Red titi (Coopery titi)
    Red zebra cichlid
    Red-and-yellow barbet
    Red-billed hornbill (no subspecific status)
    Red-cowled cardinal
    Red-crested turaco
    Redface mac cichlid*
    Red-footed tortoise
    Redhead goby*
    Red-legged honeycreeper
    Red-legged seriema (Crested seriema)
    Red-necked wallaby (No Subspecific status)
    Red-spotted dwarfgoby*
    Red-tailed black cockatoo (Banksian Black-cockatoo)
    Red-tailed ratsnake
    Red-toothed triggerfish
    Red-whiskered bulbul (No Subspecific status)
    Regal angelfish
    Rhino catfish (Rhino pleco)*
    Rhinoceros iguana
    Rhinoceros snake (Rhino rat snake)
    Rhinoceros viper (Riverjack)
    Ring-tailed lemur
    Rio Fuerte beaded lizard
    Ripsaw catfish
    River hatchetfish (Common hatchetfish) (spec: sternicla)
    Roberta's toothcarp*
    Rodriguez flying fox
    Rosy tetra*
    Rosy-scales fairy wrasse*
    Rothschild's giraffe
    Royal Panaque
    Royal python (Ball python)
    Royal tetra
    Rubber eel
    Rueppell's griffon vulture (Nominate subspecies)
    Rummy-nose tetra
    Sacred ibis
    Sailfin tetra*
    Sajica Cichlid (Costa Rican Blue-eyed Cichlid)
    Salt and Pepper catfish (Rio Salinas catfish)*
    Sapphire devil
    Sardine Cichlid
    Sardinian Brook Salamander*
    Scarlet ibis
    Scarlet-chested sunbird*
    Sea goldie
    Seba's short-tailed bat
    Serval (no subspecies-status)
    Short-snouted Seahorse
    Sidewinder (No Subspecific status)
    Silkie Bantam (No Breed-status)
    Silver dollar (Schreitmuller`s silver dollar)
    Silver dollar*
    Silver mylossoma
    Silver prochilodus
    Six-eyed tetra*
    Sixline wrasse
    Smooth-back river stingray
    Smudge spot cory*
    Snake pipefish
    Socorro dove
    Somalian cavefish*
    South American coati (Brown-nosed coati) (Ring-tailed coati) (No Subspecific status)
    South American lungfish
    Southern African porcupine
    Southern tamandua (Nominate subspecies)*
    Southseas devil*
    Spectacled Owl (No Subspecific status)
    Spinecheek anemonefish
    Spiny chromis
    Spiny hill turtle
    Splendid sunbird*
    Spotbreast angelfish
    Spotfin hatchetfish
    Spotted ctenopoma (Spotted climbing perch)
    Spotted sharpnose
    Spotted surgeonfish
    Spotted tetra (Plain copella)*
    Springer's demoiselle
    Staghorn damselfish*
    Standard Rex*
    Standing's day gecko
    Sterba\'s corydoras
    Stoplight tetra
    Strawberry poison frog
    Striated caracara (Forster's caracara)
    Striped Barombi Mbo cichlid*
    Sultan fish (Mad barb)
    Sumatran tiger
    Sunda Hooded pitta
    Superb fruit-dove
    Superb starling
    Surinam toad
    Swinhoe's striped squirrel
    Tawny frogmouth (Freckled frogmouth)
    Tequila splitfin
    Thicklip pupfish*
    Threespot eartheater*
    Threespot leporinus*
    Tiger anole
    Tinfoil Barb
    Tiny cayenne caecilian*
    Toco toucan (No Subspecific status)
    Tokay gecko
    Tomato clownfish
    Tompot blenny
    Tonkin bug-eyed frog
    Tree runner
    Tricolor sharkminnow (Silver Shark)
    Triplespot wrasse*
    Tristan da Cunha rockhopper penguin (Northern rockhopper penguin)
    Two-lined caecilian (Two banded caecilia)*
    Twotone tang
    Ultramarine grosbeak
    Utila spinytail iguana
    Vermiculate wrasse (Rare wrasse)
    Victoria crowned-pigeon
    Violet-backed starling (Amethyst starling)
    Von der Decken's hornbill
    Waldrapp (Northern bald ibis)
    Waxy monkey leaf frog
    Western cattle egret (Buff-backed heron)
    Western diamondback rattlesnake
    Western lowland gorilla (Western Gorilla)
    Western pygmy hippopotamus
    White-blotched river stingray
    Whitecheek surgeonfish (White-faced surgeonfish)
    White-crowned robin-chat
    White-faced whistling duck
    White-naped mangabey (White-crowned mangabey)
    White-rumped Shama (No Subspecific status)
    Whitetail damselfish (Three-striped damselfish (Humbug damselfish)
    White-throated toucan (White-breasted toucan) (No Subspecific status)
    White-winged Duck (White-winged Wood Duck)
    Wrestling Halfbeak
    Y-bar Leporinus*
    Yellow devilfish (Yellow assessor basslet)*
    Yellow Marbled squeaker (Marbled squeaker) (Vermiculated squeaker)
    Yellow mongoose
    Yellow tang
    Yellow-banded poison dart frog
    Yellow-colored dwarf flagcichlid*
    Yellow-tail acei*
    Yellowtail clownfish
    Yellowtail tang
    Zebra Shovelnose*
  13. pipaluk

    pipaluk Well-Known Member

    10 Feb 2012
    Serval went to Marwell a couple of months ago. The primates held on the old cat terraces are all due to leave soon, if not already.
    One of the problems with zootierliste is that it lists what a place holds, not what a visitor can see. Several on this list are offshow, the most obvious to me being the Aye Aye & gentle lemurs, anyone expecting to see them in the last few years would be disappointed!
  14. Maguari

    Maguari Never could get the hang of Thursdays. Premium Member

    12 Oct 2007
    Chesterfield, Derbyshire
    ...though anything offshow is usually noted as such (albeit in German, which is a complicating factor - 'Hinter den Kulissen' are the words of doom to look for!).
  15. dublinlion

    dublinlion Well-Known Member

    2 Nov 2011
    Dublin, Ireland
    @adrian, Your list is much easier to read and follow than the zootierlist one, as it is alphabetical.
    Well done with this and glad to hear your feeling better. Did you type all these names out, as this would be a gargantuan task.

    Although Zootierlist is a great asset/benefit, the bigger zoo collection lists are hard to follow, as they are neither alphabetically done or separated into mammal, bird etc. and have huge numbers of (Petshop type) tropical fish such as tetras and corydoras.
    Also, based on the Dublin zoo listing there are major inaccuracies such as,
    Pygmy Hippo (never held.)
    Jaguar. (gone 10 years at least)
    African Lion. ( long gone)
    Arctic fox. (long gone)
  16. Tim May

    Tim May Well-Known Member Premium Member

    16 Nov 2008
    London, England
    Actually Dublin Zoo was the first zoo in the world to have a pygmy hippo back in 1873.

    The animal only lived a short while but Zootierliste is perfectly accurate to show that there was a pygmy hippo at Dublin; it is also correctly listed under former holding, not current holding.
  17. Maguari

    Maguari Never could get the hang of Thursdays. Premium Member

    12 Oct 2007
    Chesterfield, Derbyshire
    In fact, all those species are listed as former holdings.
  18. TeaLovingDave

    TeaLovingDave Moderator Staff Member

    16 May 2010
    Wilds of Northumberland
    It *is* the ZTL list, as zootierliste does list species alphabetically!
  19. Chlidonias

    Chlidonias Moderator Staff Member

    13 Jun 2007
    could I ask just to put a link to the Zootierliste list, instead of cutting and pasting the entire thing into a ridiculously long post? It would make much more sense.
  20. adrian1963

    adrian1963 Well-Known Member

    18 Jul 2009
    will do in future and I have to copy & paste the list and then put it in to alphabetical order as the zootierliste is not in alphabetical order well the UK part isn't